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  1. KLR

    Spot repair in finish

    Thanks for everyone's assistance in this. I did have to strip the whole surface, and actually ended up stripping 3/4 of the table. I will post the final rendering when it's complete. Thank you once again Kevin
  2. KLR

    Spot repair in finish

    Thanks, I will try
  3. KLR


    I'm trying a hot iron as well. Thank you for the information
  4. KLR

    Spot repair in finish

    It's a mahogany veneer conference table. I first sanded being careful of how far I was sanding. The first two pannels I stained with two coats of red mahogany. The second two I was in a hurry and only put one coat. To darken the second two I mixed a little in with the urethane top coat that's when I developed a dark spot. I did use a minwax product called refinisher to strip off the dark area to get back down to the veneer. When reapplying the mixture it when I'm having the difficulty in blending
  5. KLR


    Good evening, I'm working on putting new veneer over existing veneer. I put two coats of contact cement on both substrate and new veneer. I used the j roller and it came out great , but after a little while the veneer started to come up (not just bubbling). Does anyone have an idea as to why this happened? Am I using wrong contact cement, is there a better glue product to consider?
  6. KLR

    Spot repair in finish

    Good evening, I refinished a table for a client and a dark spot developed in a section of the surface. I stripped the area to level the color to match the rest of the table. I'm having difficulty in getting the color to level off. Can anyone give me a suggestion on patching and leveling the area?