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  1. About 2 years ago a friend asked if I would move the 1975 chev pickup for him....3 on the tree. He was a little surprised when I came around the corner.
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    Cold weather....

    My wife spare drives school buss, yesterday and this morning at 6 :15am we got an automated call that schools are closed due to cold weather. -38c and --50c with the windchill went down to -40c at 7am.
  3. I am a complete noob to woodworking, amsd have found this thread very imformative. I have only built 1 bench with mortice and tenon joinery. I cut 5/8"thick 2 1/2" high by 2" long tenon on the ends of 1/2" by 3 1/2" strechers and 4by 5 corner posts. I read somewhere that a tenon should be 1/3 the thickness of the main beam and 3 times as long as thick. Is this normal porportions?
  4. I have a 4x torque multiplier and often use it .... very handi tool to have on hand. The torque spec can also be reached with a simple haning spring scale long pipe and simple math.
  5. If heating and cooling costs are the big concern, I would have a heat loss calculation comparison done on the 2 possible. 40 by 18 is 720 ft2 with 116 feet of wall. 40 by 24 is 960 ft2 with 128 feet of wall. Floor space has gone up by 33% and wall surface area 10%. The extra square footage construction and heating cost may very cost effective.
  6. This was also my first thought, second thought who should I give a bearing.
  7. Thanks everyone, some great sugestions here. Dylder thank you for the info on Tower Point Rv park I had not found it in my park search. Yesterday we visited 3 parks in Yuma Az that have woodworking shops on their website. DelPueblo rv park has a woodcarving shop. Country Roads rv village was our second shop and see met the shop monitor and had a tour.... mostly delta equipment well equipped. While there there was a " class" on making a segmented bowl. Looked to me to be great shop/club to spend a couple of winter months at. Our 3rd stop was Sun Vista rv park and the wood shop had already closed for the day, however a quick look though the window..... several lathes a couple of cabinet saws planer joiner sanders etc.
  8. Hi I am a canadian snowbird in the yuma az area for 2 months this winter. I am not a golfer and am having troube finding things to do, that I am interested in. Has anyone here gone to a snowbird rv park that had a woodworking shop? If so what type of equipment, projects, costs etc. We would be lookingg for next winter and prefer dryer climates but would consider Texas Arizona or California. I have thought that it would be a great way to introduce myself to furniture making, and would be willing to pay for the use of the equipment and instruction if available.