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  1. Catco

    4 Axis CNC?

    3D Cutting We got the FrogMill, the FrogWire, and the FrogSpray, along with the handheld 3D scanner. Needless to say, I've been having fun with it. *Edit* while technically it is a 4 axis machine, it only has the ability to run 3 at once, unlike a 4 independent axis machine which I would drool over.
  2. Catco

    2-sided 3D student project

    Double sided tape on the waste material adhered directly to the bed, Gaffer tape on the sides to hold it down to the bed as well.(A bit overkill) and a scribed line on the bed with a pencil for registration. Being that the media I'm using is foam, it is light, cuts really easily and doesn't need a lot to hold it down. Had a bit of an "oh no" moment when I realized I had my program start zero about an inch too far in for the Y axis and almost had no support material on the top edge.
  3. Catco

    2-sided 3D student project

    Long story short, I've been absent the last 6 months or so. New machine at work, new capabilities, new material to work with, trip to Canada for training, etc. etc. BUT! I have something relevant to this conversation! This is my first attempt at a 2 sided flip cut It is EPS foam, also known as Expanded Polystyrene. Most commonly found as a packing material to secure objects in boxes. I also have the capability to spray it with some really nasty stuff that essentially is a 2 part resin that cures in about 30 seconds... I hit this thing with a hammer and not a scratch, dent, or ding. I'll post some other stuff I've made these last 6-8 months if there's any interest.
  4. Catco

    4 Axis CNC?

    We just received a 4 axis CNC at my work. I can turn up to a 48" diameter and 96" long blank on it..... Granted it is for foam, but I may have used it for a few table legs already... I believe you said a 6"x6" square 4" high with the two face rotated 45 degrees with respect to each other correct?
  5. Catco

    Help with cupping

    Breadboard ends?
  6. Catco

    Making a glue joint.

    Newspaper? What's that? It that like a iPad app?
  7. Catco

    Bench Base

    A nice butt is a nice butt and is appreciated regardless of gender.
  8. Catco

    Bench Base

    Did you use a 1/2" cove to get those recessed details? I really really like that. Looks great! As do I, but my manners, customs and courtesies were drilled into me.
  9. Catco

    Air Compressor

    California Air Tools 5510SE is the way to go in my opinion, I've had it for some time now. Works great, doesn't cycle constantly, pretty portable, a tad heavy with the steel tank that I got, they do have an aluminum tank that is lighter, but when I got mine there was a $80 difference in price. But take it all with a grain of salt as everyone has their own opinions.
  10. Catco

    What Nail Gun??

    I have a Porter Cable framing nailer, a Hitachi 16g finish nailer, Bostich 18g brad nailer, and a Porter Cable 23g pin nailer. I love them all equally.
  11. Catco

    Japanese joinery challenge

    So screws are ok?
  12. Catco

    Water Jet and Wood

    This is the waterjet I run, I've cut plenty of wood on it, mainly to use for fixturing weird parts, making templates, or just messing around. Mostly plywood and OSB. My experience is to not use the abrasive and do a water only cut and it should be fine. Haven't tried dimensioned lumber yet but it should be a similar situation. As for the taper, it depends on the machine. Here we have an extra 2 axes on our Z axis, meaning it can rotate on the Z as well as pivot on the Z. So I can cut bevels, tapers, and all sorts of crazy geometry right from the waterjet. Being that we have this head assembly, there is a function in the software to compensate for the taper to make a perfectly 90 degree cut, provided no common line cutting is performed.
  13. Catco

    Charity Build

    You mean another paddle...
  14. Catco

    Charity Build

    Showed my wife these, and it is now officially on the list of stuff I need to make for her.... The list continues to grow.
  15. Catco

    Charity Build

    Those are f@#$ing gorgeous! I don't get the short redheads comments... My wife is a short redhead. I feel as though I'm missing something obvious...