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  1. A couple of shop improvements

    Looks great! I first saw the flip top over on Fix This Build That. It used to be a free plan, but now it's a paid plan. But if you see the write up you can figure out how it all fits together and such.
  2. Chairs for beginners

    Something as a confidence builder I'd say possibly something that is mission styled, mostly straight lines, pretty simple. Browse the following link for ideas and inspiration. Google Search for mission style chair
  3. Supermax conveyor stopped

    Been following this thread because I have a few Laguna tools on my wishlist, guess I'll be revising it then. Customer service is a paramount and usually, in this day and age, a deciding factor on a lot of purchases. For me a least. If I'm giving a company hundreds of my hard earned dollars, I would like at the very least a straight answer, and for them to stand behind their product. I hope you get everything back up and running in the near future, and I hope they actually overnighted the whole bed assembly (with motor included). IF they overnighted it Tuesday, it should arrive today. *Fingers half-lapped*
  4. Edge treatment suggestions.

    My preference would be a small roundover, or a slight chamfer. Just something to break the edge.
  5. Garage shop process

    I would start working on a project, takes notes on what works and what doesn't, and make those changes when you finish. You won't really know the best layout until you get a few projects done and then you can move things around and make changes accordingly. In my basement it's a constantly evolving design. Mostly because I am finicky and a tad obsessive about the way I do things.
  6. Performax/Supermax 37x2 Drum Sander

    Very nice write up and review. I would throw in a bulleted list to make it a bit easier on the eyes to read and pull out all the relevant information, but overall that is a great write up based on years of experience.
  7. They did have a round shank. Good to know. Oh I will... I will...
  8. Believe me, my initial reaction was fury and rage. I'm 100% Sicilian(Not Italian) and luckily his work area is on the other side of the 100,000 sq. ft. building so I had time to cool off before I confronted him. Just bought the set with the countersink bits and pilot bits. Many thanks for the recommendation! Rockler set was on sale... Will definitely keep the Vix ones in mind for the future. Unfortunately as they were my dad's bits, bought probably 2 decades ago, and not having the slightest idea who the manufacturer is, I'm going to purchase the Rockler set, wait for it to go off sale, and handing him the printout of the page and citing the cost to replace while also having my direct boss and the owner of the business right there. He's been talked to numerous times about taking other peoples tools from their areas, and I can only hope this time, if he is coerced to pay, he may finally learn his lesson. Thanks again!
  9. Hi all, so here's the deal. I am in need of a new set of self centering pilot hole drill bits, as well as bits to countersink for screws. Any recommendations? I bought a cheap set from Amazon because I was in a pinch and needed to complete a work project, and the bits were atrocious to say the least. I had brought in my bits that I inherited from my dad many years ago, and left them overnight in my work area. Come to find out next morning they were gone! After a bit of searching I found them on the welders workbench and they were destroyed as he used them for drilling out some 1/4" mild steel... Unfortunately I can't have him replace my personal tools, because he is a massive 43 year old crybaby. I'm just going to go ahead and replace them myself, and make his life hell whenever he needs me to cut anything on the waterjet for him. So in summation: I would love recommendations for self centering pilot hole drill bits as well as countersink bit(s). Many thanks in advance!
  10. Why I dont show my work

    I thought I did too, but apparently I was too high by .125." Normally I cut all my dados at once, when I have the fence set right and just go to town on it. Unfortunately I was working in their basement, with some of their tools, while having to contend with a giant husky and a chocolate lab barking and howling at me from upstairs everytime I started a tool... And since I'm doing this on the side in the evenings, I can't work too late because their neighbors and kind of buttheads. Ah well, live and learn!
  11. Why I dont show my work

    Dude! That's great! Those look awesome! I'm in the process of making some cabinets for a friend of mine's basement and they are nowhere near your build quality. Mine turned out ok so far and I have to redo the two end uprights because I set my fence to the wrong measurement for the dados and the shelves don't slide in.... At all. But your work looks great!
  12. Marc’s new book

    According to the Pew Research Center, the individuals born between the years 1928-1945, are referred to as "The Silent Generation," and that baby boomers start in the year 1946. However being that these dates are not set in stone, it is all subjective.
  13. Saw blades

    That dado stack has replaceable insert knives. I want.
  14. Marc’s new book

    I just for haha's looked up the date of birth range for millennials... I'm a millennial! And here I thought I was a grumpy old man stuck in a early 30 year old persons body...
  15. Cutting Longworth chuck discs

    Looks great!