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  1. Yes, with them being so similar I don't see a real difference. Really curious if two of those is going to be better than one of the bigger ones if one isn't enough.
  2. I have been looking for an air filter for my shop. The Rikon is on sale now, but the Wen is still less money. My thoughts are to get one of those units, and if it doesn't suck enough then I'll return and get a bigger one.. or, just add another small one to a different area in the shop. Thoughts on this plan? Is there a HUGE difference in being able to filter the air every 5 minutes vs 8 minutes?
  3. Sorry... This is not the way a frame and panel door is constructed under any circumstance. No pre-judgements... Using a Kreg jig on a door frame is not the way to go about this. As for advice, this was given to you by Krtwood. Your husband needs to use proper construction methods for making a frame and panel door in order to have any chance of success. Methods that have been around for at least the three generations you mention in your rude/defensive post. Again, sorry for being direct. Getting good advice then getting defensive won't get the job done.
  4. Never saw that movie? Oh well..
  5. It's the one that happened to land in my cart when I bought it
  6. It's a nice thing. I use it all the time.. Get the set with the 90 degree thingy.
  7. Love rustic charm! Makes working on a budget easier!
  8. Are you married to Josey Wales?
  9. Thanks for the clarification. The post made is seem as though your were sanding globs!
  10. Sure, but scrapers happen too?
  11. Why are you sanding glue/epoxy?