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  1. All the drawings I have that look like my saw show the pulleys, but no information on the size in diameter I assume the bore is 3/4" and the belt is 1/2". The motor and the Large pulley are keyed 3/4" and the low gear Pulley is smaller bore and no key way just a flat spot for set screw. Assuming the motor came with the unit since it is 1/2 HP and the name plate on it is Delta model T5071 it would be nice to know what the recommended v-belt catalog number is.
  2. I don't have a belt guard. The motor may be the original 1/2 hp 120/240 single phase
  3. Tom. Mine has the lever like yours. There is no serial number or model number can you give me yours as a starting point
  4. Mine has a shift lever. The metal pulley shaft is not knurled but flat surface for set screw. I just need to know the pulley sizes and if the motor pulley is step x 4 I think the two pulleys on the saw are single belt the large one is knurled for key way.
  5. I have and old Delta Wood/Metal band saw with no serial number and need to get the correct pulleys for correct operation. I have used it for years but never shifted gears for metal. I'm sure the pulleys are not correct and have no idea of the two belt sizes. Can anyone tell me the correct pulley sizes, I believe the bore is 3/4 inch . The motor is an original Delta model T5071 1/2 hp 120/240 volt single phase 1725 RPM. Darrell