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  1. Hi, There's one listed on craigslist near me for little money and I just determined I need a finish nailer. I already have Porter Cables at the opposite ends of the spectrum: framing and 18g brad nailer. thanks, Jab
  2. Hi, Shaker style closet type door to close up the closet/chase I just put around my stink pipe. So need 1/4" slots in the rails and "stopped" slots in the stiles (don't want to see 'em). I know lots of youtubers use their table saws. Others use their router table with a slot cutter. I'd like to try the latter. So yes to your question about router table. It will be done in MDF. Just when I look on Amazon or Rockler I see some individual slot cutters. And then I see arbors, blades and bearing being sold separately. I'm afraid I wouldn't get the right matching sets doing the latter, but is it better in the long wrong so should I go that route? Guess that's the real question. Not how to cut slots; but how to spend my Christmas money wisely.
  3. Hi, I'm a woodworking neophyte. A project I'm thinking of working on requires me to make a door, cutting a slot for a panel. Figured to try the router way of doing it. I currently have just a beginner set of MLCS bits, no slot cutters. Don't really know what I'm looking for or trusted brands. Do I want to buy a single bit or put together a kit on my own by trying to figure out the right arbor, cutters, and bearings (saw listed on Rockler)? thanks for the help, Jab
  4. Thanks for the tip. Woodfinder didn't find them. And on their website i found their Oxford store which is 10 miles closer and doesn't involve commuter clogged highways.
  5. Hi, I'm just starting out in this hobby. Everyone talks about Baltic Birch, and hardwood this and that. Where do you get nice stuff like that? I only know of HD and Lowes here in Metro-West of Massachusetts. thanks, Jab