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  1. This is a sturdy machine with well-machined tables. The gap between the disc sander and the table is excessive at 3/8 inch with table perpendicular to disc. This can't be made closer without some modification.
  2. It is a very old post. But I want to share the best belt/disc sander combo in 2018. My point of view Wen is the best combo sander. price is reasonable and easy to assemble/use.
  3. For safety, you should wear a dust mask.
  4. Delta 18'' is a very accurate drill press. Wide range. Great torque. It gets the job done for both metal and lumber. The price point for what it does is great. Yoy will be getting your money's worth.
  5. I really missed the chance. I love Rikon combo belt and disc sander. It's easy to use. Great machine.