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  1. Hi Today, I was using my multi-tool after scribing some pressure treated fence boards to cut strips. I was using the tool for maybe 20-30 minutes. I didn't wear a mask but washed my hands afterwards. is 20-30minutes enough to cause problems. I'm a non smoker so I'm just wondering if they have released any working times with this dangerous stuff. What are the symptoms, my mouth seems dry but I'm not feeling sick. I see guys all the time use this stuff and don't have gloves or masks, I know the old green boards was a big problem. thought i would ask the pro's
  2. Wow, thanks for all the replies. I only have internet for so many hours during the day as I live in the country as it's awful here at 5mbps .so I can't reply to everyone instantly. Chet I haven't opened those cheap blades yet and thought for $57 it would work for this little laminate floor install. Minnosta steve that Diablo blade looks perfect, it's $175 here unless I can use a shipping hub And buy from Home Depot. I haven't cleaned my Dewalt blade yet and will post some pictures of the teeth, they look good with a little grove on each tooth. About my mask and smelling this awful product, I will admit I had already cut some pieces before going and buying a mask, so the mdf dust was already on my hands and face I bet.
  3. Really I thought with my CT26 I would have zero issues with dust, I know when I did all my finish trim work cutting MDF everything was perfect. When someone hands you $1450 cash and you only spent $1050 USD and they want $1900+ here I jumped. I'm just kicking myself now as I have three 100 Sq ft rooms with laminate. Really an 84 tooth blade, I'm using a 12" saw right now as it's a cheap Craftman's with aperture problems. So that 10" blade won't work unless I buy my Makita or Bosch. What if I cut the material from the backside, would it wear the teeth out less. I already bought these today Also here's the laminate 12mm+2mm backing Thank you everyone for your suggestions and help
  4. Chestnut what are some good brand blades? I don't usually do laminate floor installs and mostly install real hardwood floors. This is a rental house so laminate is best. I need to also make sure these companies that sharpen blades will work with a Canadian customer. There's many things I want but they don't ship here like it's Russia or Africa. I want to buy this tilesize and even the company won't ship here
  5. Hi Kegggers, how do you tell if the teeth are dirty? Chet, I never knew they made blades just for laminate I thought a 80 tooth was my best bet. I know the dust is awful and the smell, even wearing a mask I can feel it on my mouth and throat. awful stuff Just wish I never sold my Kapex saw
  6. Hi, I'm currently doing a Laminate floor project in our house and before spending $70 on two New 80 tooth blade's I wanted to ask for help. I'm currently using this 12" Dewalt 80 tooth blade I've only done a few rows but now the saw struggles to even cut the 12mm Laminate, I need to make two passes now and I still have resists when cutting the piece. I've seen a little burning but the plastic/wood veneer is still clean with zero chipping. The saw has been dying for years and I know I've used this blade for cutting some MDF trim and 2x4's and the teeth still look okay. I thought I would ask for advice before buying some more blades. thank you