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  1. Seems perfectly reasonable, and sealing and insulating the shed wouldn't be an issue. But from looking at product images it looks like the cyclone itself, taking into account the motor mounting assembly and the collection bin (whatever form that happens to be) is still considerably taller than the filter stack, so my first instinct is to say I don't know how much help that would be. Putting the filters in the shop itself as part of the return might be an option though. I'll have to take some measurements once I get numbers to work with.
  2. Very good points there. I did neglect to mention one potentially critical detail earlier, the cyclone would be placed in a shed outside the shop since my ceilings are only 7.5ft tall and I don't believe that's enough clearance (unless I'm mistaken). Now if I got the filter stack version, placed that in the shed outside, and put, let's say, a 10-inch vent from the shed leading back into the shop, would that be enough or should I go with dual 8- or 10-in returns?
  3. Hi everyone, I just moved to a new place which has a great space for setting up a shop, and I've been eyeing the Clear Vue CV1800 pretty much since I started watching TWW back in 2013. Since moving I've been doing some more research on the unit and I wanted to ask this question to Marc and others who have set up their cyclones to vent outside the shop - if you vent outside, have you had any problems with the cyclone pulling air and fumes from HVAC ducts? The room that I want to transform into my shop has a single heating vent duct that has a flap that can be manually closed from the furnace room, but of course that isn't airtight. If I were to set up a CV1800 so that it vents outside, which would pull a decent amount of air out of my shop, is it possible that it might suck air and possibly fumes from the heating vent? If this is something I need to think about, what would be a solution? Air returns from outside on the other side of the shop? Many thanks.