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  1. NGrimberg

    Fanuc PLC processing duration

    What would be the best technique to characterize the CNC control PLC process duration (Mainly Fanuc). Is it said anyplace in control determinations?
  2. My new surface grinder is headed my way shortly. One of my first undertakings after set up is to complete a base for a model motor. The base is done yet I might want to get as great a surface complete as feasible for appearance purpose. Any suggestions for a wheel will be valued. I wouldn't fret spending a minimal expenditure to get a decent wheel. I as of now have a Norton 5SG 46 J on arranging for my essential wheel, was figuring something a little better coarseness would be useful for conclusive completing in milder steels.
  3. NGrimberg

    CNC router Recommendations?

    I'm designing a workshop for myself - well in advance of having the means to afford one - and I'm unfamiliar with which brands generally make good CNC routers. I would use this router to machine plastics and wood. Given what I intend to do with it, do you guys have any tried and true recommendations for CNC routers?
  4. NGrimberg

    CNC Machined Parts

    How To Test The Quality Of The Raw Materials, They Use To Produce CNC Machined Parts?
  5. NGrimberg

    5-axis milling machine

    What is an approximate per hour rate of a 5-axis simultaneous milling machine?
  6. Hello all, We are going to machining big cnc parts , material Inconel 718 150ksi and a lot of 4-40 UNC thread in; normally with small thread size, we use EDM to remove broken tap, it takes a long time to finish. Do we have any better way to do it? And what tool supplier make the best tap for this material? Thank you.
  7. NGrimberg

    How to identify die casting vs CNC?

    Hello! How do you know if a product was made using CNC machining or die casting? For example, a phone back cover. The Google Pixel 2 has an aluminum chassis. How can I tell if that was made using CNC or die casting? Any input would be appreciated!
  8. I have homing switches and I'm unsure if my zero should be right after they are done doing there homing or if the zero is supposed to be the center of my build volume?
  9. Hello everyone, great forums here and your advice has helped a lot in the past! I am a beginner who has made a few small projects and I'm considering buying either a miter saw or portable table saw: I use our woodshop at work to cut a lot of my wood for my projects and would like to be able to do that at home. Been using the chop saw for cutting 1x2s, 2x4s. I have rarely used the table saw and have resorted to my circular saw and straight edge to cut small boards. Anyway, I do have limited space and thought a portable table saw may be more versatile because I can cut flat boards as well as cut 2x4s? Any thoughts are appreciated.
  10. I was just wondering if anyone would mind sharing their online source for aluminum to mill?
  11. NGrimberg

    CNC Offload

    After running a CNC for a couple of years, I can see the benefit of an offload conveyor setup (I don't need the onload feature). I've already talked to my machine company and they cannot retrofit. They said it would be too involved at this point and I don't really want to start over with a new machine as I really like how this one handles. Does anyone have experience or knowledge of a company that could help me do something like this to an existing machine? I would love to integrate vacuum as well but realize I would most likely still have to manually blow the spoil board between cycles. Thanks in advance!
  12. NGrimberg

    fanuc parameter

    hiI have an hwacheon lathe with a fanuc control, the only way to change the chuck grip from internal to external is to change the parameter, I have mistakenly altered a different parameter which causes the coolant pump to stay on can anyone help me with this problem?
  13. NGrimberg

    password protection for Fanuc controls

    I have had a couple of situations that an operator has changed some parameters on Fanuc 18-i series controls. I am looking for a parameter that will not let them turn parameter write on?
  14. NGrimberg

    CNC Lathe

    Are there any tips to Set Up a CNC Lathe Machine?