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  1. So I got it all together. It isn’t the prettiest but I think it will do for me. I didn’t end up glueing the top on but think it will stay just fine. I did the pipe clamp vise for now. Any tips on finishes? I have some danish oil on hand.
  2. I planned on doing the pipe clamp vise that Jay has for but was looking to get another one in awhile.
  3. Any advice on a decent quick release vise that doesn’t break the bank? Don’t need top of the line.
  4. Yeah I only mean on the ends. I planned on the legs being flush with the front and back of the top.
  5. So I still haven’t decided on how I will attach it but am leaning toward just doing a mortise and tenon, mostly for practice and then if I mess up it will be only seen from the bottom and no one looks there except me. But now I am thinking about leg spacing. Will an 18” and 24” over hang from edge to leg be ok?
  6. So I am in process of building my first woodworking bench. I decided on building Jay Bates design using Southern Yellow Pine. My laminated bench top is in clamps, and looks pretty decent for me. It is 91”x22”x4.25” and heavy. The design calls for the base to be through wedged mortise and tenon. This is where I am nervous about screwing up the mortises and ruining my benchtop. The wood isn’t expensive but also not cheap. So is there any other options instead of cutting the through tenons? Or should I suck it up and just jump in and go for what the design calls for?
  7. Thanks I will probably go this route
  8. Did you use the pipe you linked? If so do you like it?
  9. I was thinking this https://www.menards.com/main/plumbing/rough-plumbing/pipe-tubing-hoses-fittings-accessories/pipe/sewer-drain-pvc-pipe/solid-pvc-sewer-and-drain-pipe-astm-d3034/sm060040600/p-1444438060879-c-8572.htm?tid=-5819840334269182232&ipos=1 that Jay Bates used in his video near as I can tell. i don’t have any local stores that sell this stuff for dust collection. I was hoping I could avoid taking a piece of each pipe if possible so I can make the least amount of trips/orders. The DC I bought came with 4”metal ducting/fittings and blast gates. But the metal seems tough to work with to me
  10. So I bought a DC at an auction so now I need to plumb in the pipe. I have decided on 4” PVC Sewer pipe as the base runs with 4” flex hose as the last bit to all the tools in case I need to move the tools a bit. But my question is about the fittings. I can purchase the PVC wyes and elbows at the big box but need to find the connectors that would work to go from PVC to flex hose?
  11. This is a little late but what is the best way to attach turned feet like this to a plywood carcass?
  12. So I just finished my first project. Media console Baltic birch plywood case and walnut top. Made lots of mistakes, least of which was dropping the cabinet when I was getting into the house. This thing is pretty massive/heavy, pictures don’t do it justice. It is 7ft longx22inchs deep. But good news is it held together except for one of the doors cracked along the rails/stile. I tried to fix with some super glue for now until it fully cracks and I will make a new door. I just wanted to thank everyone here for the posts and I have learned a lot and look forward to learning and doing more.
  13. I just ordered a new set of blades off Woodworker tool works and they say the blades are 1 1/2” and mine are 1 1/4” only. I am guessing the new knives will engage with the shorter jack screws we will see. I am still going to use the other knives and just have this extra set on hand.
  14. There are 2 per knife, total 6. Only 2 of the 6 screws are long. When I received the jointer the 2 long screws were on the same blade which made setting the height of that blade pretty easy.