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  1. Matching end tables for sister-in-law

    Great ideas. Thank you. I really like the idea of one support down the center. The bent lamination probably would be the best way to do it, but not at this price.
  2. Family has absolutely no idea how much a woodworking project would cost. I started working on a pair of end tables for My wife’s sister today. Easily $100 worth of wood and I already have about 10 hours of work into it and might be halfway. She asked if $50 would be enough to pay for them. Oh well. The table tops are book matched madrone life edged slabs with maple tapered legs. I would like some feedback. I am doing mortise and tenon aprons into the legs, but the irregular shape of the live edge does not allow for one side to be a straight shot between two legs. Spud I leave that section out of create an angled , multi-segment connection?