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  1. This was the winter that I was planning to get started on the rocker. I go too sucked into turning instead. I still want to build the rocker, but it will have to wait for next winter. It will probably be dryer by then anyways. I have updated my lathe recently from the Laguna 1216 to the Laguna 2436. Awesome lathe. Here are a couple bowls from this tree though.
  2. I got the lathe this weekend and it looks awesome. The speed controller isn't working right though and Laguna is sending out a new part. I will probably do a thread about the lathe once I get it fully up and running.
  3. I am planning to buy the new Laguna midi lathe if I can ever get one from a local store before they sell out again. So build a stand out of a couple of the smaller slabs. Nothing under 2” finished dimension. The grain looks really nice so I am looking forward to using it some more in the future. It is still not fully dry, but close enough for a shop stand.
  4. I am trying the cardboard box filled with shavings. I got mold started growing on them within a week. It isn’t exactly dry here in Portland, OR during winter though.
  5. While waiting for the slabs to dry, might as well do some green turning with some of the rest of the tree.
  6. Has anyone seen plans for a diy radio frequency vacuum kiln? That would speed it up. It should be a cheap and easy diy project as well. [emoji6]
  7. It depends on how it looks dried. There is some spalting in the heartwood that could add character. I am pretty novice, especially building with hardwoods, so I don’t know what complications I may be in for. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I had a maple tree in my back yard that has been having some problems with fungus. None of the limbs had died, but about half of the tree would drop leaves by mid July for the last few years. Some of the bark started to fall off this year so it was time to come down. I recently got a guild project for a Friday live question and got the sculpted rocker build. I thought a rocker made from a spalted maple from my yard that I cut and milled with the help of a friend sounds like a good story. So here is the tree work. Stay tuned for the build in about a year and a half. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Thanks for the help guys. I got them finished. I went with the “I” support and used sliding dovetails to connect the legs and aprons. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Great ideas. Thank you. I really like the idea of one support down the center. The bent lamination probably would be the best way to do it, but not at this price.
  11. Family has absolutely no idea how much a woodworking project would cost. I started working on a pair of end tables for My wife’s sister today. Easily $100 worth of wood and I already have about 10 hours of work into it and might be halfway. She asked if $50 would be enough to pay for them. Oh well. The table tops are book matched madrone life edged slabs with maple tapered legs. I would like some feedback. I am doing mortise and tenon aprons into the legs, but the irregular shape of the live edge does not allow for one side to be a straight shot between two legs. Spud I leave that section out of create an angled , multi-segment connection?