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  1. Thank you all for the advice. I appreciate it, certainly still learning a ton. Glad I joined here and this weekend. Will research here and I"m sure I'll learn much from all of your experience/wisdom. At my last "swap out" I went for the Ryobi corded, which was same cost. I've been using it for a week and the cord drives me bananas. I had thought of creating a dedicated shop hose and electrical taping a cord to it, handing it down from the rafters, for sanding. I'll try that, see if it makes a difference. This week, while the cord has been a hastle, it has been ni
  2. Thank you both for your reply and insight. I"m sorry I did not specify more on hours/use. Yes, I do work professionally, building custom projects for clients + items for sale within our consignment/antique store booth. I have a full-time day job. I woodwork in the evenings/early-mornings/weekends, daily. Daily use is about 3 hours per day, on average. So, I would certainly not consider this full-time professional woodworking. Perhaps semi-pro is a better term. Agreed on Ryobi being a hobbyist line, and I do understand I"m using the tools beyond their intended intensity/frequency. Couple
  3. Hello all, my first posting here. I started woodworking professionally, part-time, about 9 months ago. Originally a hobby, I started with my business from an existing Ryobi tool collection, developing along that collection as I have gone along, to stay in the same series/batteries. I'm also a bit partial to the brand, as I have always had a good experience with them, and prefer their design/egornomics over other big-box lines. I currently use their RO sander, with their largest 4AH battery. It's a powerful combo, and sanding time is about 15-20 minutes on the one 4AH battery. I then have anoth