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  1. Free to the first taker a small pile of 6/4 and 5/4 rough poplar scrap. Average length is about 30"-36" long. Contact to set up a time text 602-705-8419 or email ron(at)rjoneswoodworks(dot)com I am located in N Scottsdale on the east side of the airpark.
  2. I will probably try and keep it to maybe 5-6 people or so... I figure maybe we'll go over my mistakes on my first purchase, maybe cut a cabinet go over software and cut some other cool gadgets:)
  3. LOL... don't cut them anymore though
  4. Just seeing if there is any interest with Phoenix area woodworkers to spend a couple hours on a Saturday in maybe mid October to talk about CNC technology? If you are thinking about getting into the CNC game and had questions maybe I could help? I would host this at my shop where we could play with one??? I offer this because recently I searched CNC on this forum and was surprised at the number of posts. I was also surprised to the number of new machines I saw at AWFS this year so it must be more hobbyist are looking or are getting into it?
  5. Trying to clean out the shop a bit and just trying to give away some sheet good scraps and hardware. Here's some of what I have. Prefinished 1/2" maple ply a piece up to 14x96 1" mdf 36x36 Slick plane a couple of casters small bag of euro hinges A little tool holder thingy misc other scrap mostly sheet goods nearly a full 48x96 sheet that I had laminated with a curly maple lam on one side. All the sheet goods if not gone by the end of the week i will toss in the dumpster:( My shop is on the east side of the Scottsdale Airpark. Email ron@rjoneswoodworks.com if you are interested
  6. I have had one for a year or so and well IMHO it's a waste of money! Works fine for chips but any dust, it will get covered and not work!
  7. Brand new still in the box Grizzly cabinet makers front vise $30 http://www.grizzly.c...er-s-Vise/H7788 For local pick up in the Phoenix, area only PM me if you are interested:)
  8. 1 1/2" x 20" x 48" Oak Slab $30 for local pick up in the Phoenix, AZ area only. contact me if you are interested six0two-seven zero five-eight 4 one 9 Thank you, Ron
  9. Jay, Thank you for noticing that!! you are correct,"Master Chief" Duh on my part. I will pass that along! So far she hasn't seen it so I will get the report on Monday from her husband who actually commissioned the piece to see how it went:)
  10. Duckkisser, Yes, bought the model and carved it in there just prior to assembly. Originally they wanted some phrase engraved but I thought with the dark stain it would just get lost.... so the larger carving worked out much better:) It's also great because everyone is drawn to it and not my mistakes, LOL
  11. Commemorative Chest commissioned for a retiring Navy Master Sergent with 30 years service. It was constructed from Alder and stained to match existing decor. The outside was a Java General Finishes Gel Stain coated with a precat satin lacquer. The inside, just a clear water based ML Campbell Satin lacquer. Both the box and tray feature dovetail joints. The tray and lid feature a matching blue velvet. The only thing I can’t take credit for is the layout and placement of the medals and ribbons for the display in the lid.
  12. R Jones

    Wood in AZ

    If you are looking for domestics and quality at a great price Superior Hardwoods is tough to beat! Arizona Hardwoods I think went out of business. American Hardwoods was bought out by McKillican? Spellman's will have a great selection of domestics and some exotics but it takes a while to get in and out of sometimes you even get a free attitude:( If you are in need of something let me know. I am in North Phoenix as well and I am in Superior probably at least once a week. RJ
  13. I am currently looking for a Woodtek flap sander owner to test a product I recently invented and currently have a patent pending on to align the brushes and flaps prior to reassembly of the flap sander head. It was built and designed for the Grizzly model and the Woodtek model looks nearly identical however I wanted to make sure. PM me if you are interested. Thanks, Ron