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  1. So, today i started over 3 legs (i had two other with minor crack), took about an hour and a half. I will probably play with the epoxy after the project, so i can stay concentrated on the important project. But, this morning i did look a bit better at the leg i showed. I'm able to close the gap with my hand and when i'm in the dark, we can see a tiny bit of light through the leg, so i'm glad i didn't went with simple wood filler
  2. I tought it was a nice occasion to test some repair, but it seem like no body would want to sit on it after the repair, so i will keep it to test my tool's setup. I bought some extra wood in case i mess up something, I know what i'm doing tonight! Thanks
  3. I'm currently building dining chair's from marc guild with some red oak. I've found some crack in one of the leg when i cut those. I can't see through the wood, but there's a crack on both side of the leg and i'm worried about the structural ability of the leg. I'm not willing to spend a huge amount to get some west system epoxy for such a small need, it would not make any sens. I'm not quite sure if the epoxy from, let's say west system, is the same as those you can find in small syringe (to be extra specific, Lepage Speed set Epoxy). I'm not sure if it would be to thick or gel-like to get in