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  1. Adding a UniFence to SawStop

    I hear a lot of people regret getting rid of their unifence. I'm glad that I found one and for such a good deal.
  2. Adding a UniFence to SawStop

    I do love them! I learned on a unifence and we had one at the cabinet shop that I worked on for years. I'm really excited to have time to put it on. I would love to get a nice sliding table saw. Maybe next time.
  3. Adding a UniFence to SawStop

    Ha! Well that is one reason I guess. I actually think they are quite sexy. but again different strokes I guess.
  4. Adding a UniFence to SawStop

    I love them for a few reasons, the cursor for one has a much finer line that lends itself to more accurate measurements. Two the fence can be adjusted backward for much safer ripping, and can be pulled back for a more accurate cross cutting stop. The fence can be flipped to make a low profile, that comes in handy for narrower rips. It is also dead flat which is nice. The only thing I don't like about it is there is no where to store your push sticks. It is much more like the sliding table saw fences which I also like. It is also the type of fence that I learned on so there is also that.
  5. Adding a UniFence to SawStop

    I have been looking for a good deal on a Unifence for years and today I finally got one ($50 for a saw with rails and two fence heads). I want to replace the t-square fence on my SawStop (I have always hated those style fences). I know there are a few people who have done this and was wondering if you could give me some pointers. Thanks!!