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  1. Derek, I just wanted to say two things. #1 I love what your plan looks like so far. And #2, I love Perth!!! I was there in 2015 for deployment and did not want to get back on the ship! Idk if we crossed paths but for what's its worth, thanks to your town and city for the hospitality!! CHEERS MATE
  2. Yeah man. Even though I'm still beginning, I feel like I am starting to drift away from his videos. Just feel like I understand bigger and more complex concepts and I'm ready to just start trying, vice working way up. I mean, what faster way to learn how to swim if you don't jump in? I have seen a bunch of zero clearance plates. Will probably make on soon for projects coming up.
  3. Hey yall. Been a hot second si de o here last but just thought I'd give an update. First of all, I now know exactly what people mean and why they dont settle below a certain price poi t for table saws. That being said, for what I. Doing now as wood worker, and the price I paid, this saw has kicked some major butt! Took a sec to get dialed in andsquare, but haven't lost it yet., put a 60 tooth (overkill I know) from an old RAS saw, and it got even better. Dust is issue, but, just had birthday gift of dewalt shop vac and that is life safe for my half of garage space. Over all I think it's a good value. The fence is a bit dodgy but, mostly I just square it flush with blade, and try to stay within that rip capacity, and it's been just fine. Haven't really done miters on it yet but waiting to get digital r reader first. Miter gague has some play, but easily fixed with different things, ie. Upgrade, tape, etc. But nbn I haven't had a need, again, I only starting to branch out from small stuff. The throat plate is the most annoying thing to me. Not all the other things people bring up. It just doesnt sit flush, there's always a tad proud or less than table top but again, haven't noticed major result except on 1 board, and it really just got burned up. So, I. closing, yes, could be made better and yes, better saws are definitely out there. But, for less than 175 bucks and a he portability , I really am happy with it.
  4. Gee-dub, right now it's just a dewalt shop vac. And I'm set up in garage. I hear that bosch has some better collection than most brands at box stores...
  5. Ok so, I've been diy'ing for a little bit, have built a bench, some little things for house and wife. I know what I need more now as far as power tools go but, I'm trying, really trying not to get hung up on being a "brand snob". So, asking for thoughts. What I'm looking for now is a corded jigsaw to replace a ryobi cordless, a router with a plunge kit if possible(never owned router) and a new random orbital sander (have a black n decker square but it's time to upgrade before craps bed). I've been lookin g.d at and I'm partial to(idk why just am) to porter cable, that seems to be best deal for quality, and over all price. I have a hard time not always wanting dewalt, but at same time, bosch and makita are always off to the side winking at me! Like I said, any brands or particular experiences with tha th make yall want or not want? And any recommendations? Do I have to stay with same for all 3, no. And I know that. But, it's more uniformity than just loyalty. Thanks yall!
  6. ☝️☝️this is exactly who I was going to recommend as well. Steve has some beautiful projects with mom minimal spending in mind. I even signed up for his weekend course. I understand as well. It's hard not to get hung up on feeling like you need all of these tools for you to get started but, I felt the same way. Over the past 3 years though, I have gotten to a good "hyvrid" position as a diy/woodworker.... but honestly, if you get two good metal speed squares, a good hand saw(& mthan iter box) and a good plane, you'd be surprised at how versatile those tools could be. Keep onmind, people built entire house and 2 story barns with the same or less ,back in the day. Keep your head up, and dont ost the "shiny consumer" industry make you think you cant be or get creative!! Best ofluck, and cheers,
  7. Thanks yall... I actually ended up going with the 10" kobalt mobile jobsite saw from lowes. On sale for 161$$ ( with military discount) so, could not really pass that up.. plus, already has mobility I was looking for and needed. Now just trying to get it dialed in to 90 degrees... thanks for input and advice!
  8. We might have same junky porter cable circ saw! Lol. Thanks for input man.
  9. Nothing larger really than a 4x8' plywood sheet. Most projects I'm doing now are of DIY nature. The biggest one I have planned is dining table but think that would get it done. What's difference between cabinet and contractor? Examples?
  10. So 8ve been looking at getting a small but effective table saw. If $ was not an object, I would probably just get a Bosch or like a legit JET badA*# but, $ and space are limiting factors. I am a fan, for whatever reason I cannot help, of porter cable. But I was curious if anyone has ever used any of their miter or table saws on here? Less than $200 , seems good enough for what I need to do and first table saw, and like I said, there's just something about that black, red ,n grey. Thanks.
  11. Thanks yall f ok r the input. I have been considering just trying to sell it or turn it in.... I've had it almost a year and haven't made one cut with it. Sooooo know it works but, just never got jazzed u look to use it I suppose. Perhaps it should just yet the $100 and call it a day....(?). Anyway, if Hanks again yall! Have a safe memorial day weekend.
  12. Hey everyone. Been a while since posted but, just got back from a long deployment and I'm ready to get back to it. Sooooo... I have a c re afstman radial arm saw 10" . And no "real" idea on where to start building tree he stand. I was wondering if anyone had any easy DIY type level of plans to help get this classic working for me. It is li tree really just like he square me tree al frame. It was free so, xant really complain there but, ang and all help in where to start and how to set up would begreat! Thanks! !