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  1. I tried the merrell reinforced toe and returned them the next day, it may have been a sizing thing but just warning you they did not compare to the jungle moc. for now i will just have to sacrifice a little safety for my own comfort i suppose
  2. I was listening to an episode of wood whisper offcuts and footwear came up. I want to let people know my experience... Merrell Jungle Mocs.... These leather slip ons have been life changing for me. As I have endured back issues, and had back surgery a number of years ago I found one of the biggest hindrances I had with long stretches in the shop would be lower back pain and foot pain. I got a recommendation to try out a pair of jungle mocs, and all i have to say is I will never go back to standard sneakers. If you are looking for a comfortable shoe for in the shop give a pair of jungle mocs a try. I will say i have tried other makes of shoes from merrell similar to the jungle moc that I found to be more aesthetically pleasing and found I was not as satisfied or comfortable as I am in the standard jungle moc. just my two cents!