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  1. I just finished a 5 day course at Yestermorrow Design and Build School in Vermont. Had a great time and the instruction was fantastic. Built 9 boxes and learned a lot. The course was taught by Ken Burton. Would go again in a heartbeat. Glen
  2. Speaking as one of the "Recently Ancient" did you ask if they had a price list at the counter? Frequently the price of wood changes enough that it may not be practical to put a price on the racks. Never hurts to ask and my just show them that you are enthusiastic enough to get involved and get to know the people behind the counter. Also, take a tape measure with you and do some of the math for yourself. Once you know how to measure board feet you can make sure that the wood you are buying is the same as the wood you are paying for. I have found several places here in the bay area that are sketchie at best when it comes to selling wood. I use McBeath's for almost all of my wood purchases. Great selection, and they haven't been off on measurements once. Glen
  3. And yet in several states they sell caskets at Costco. There is something truly wrong with some systems... Just sayin' Glen
  4. I am also a member there. I have posted a few projects and I always enjoy looking at what everyone else is doing. Glen
  5. Hello All, My name is Glen Simpson. I am an aspiring box maker and woodworker. I really enjoy making boxes and experimenting with different woods. My shop is a two car garage, not that I have ever seen a car in there. I have a decent collection of tools, both power and hand varieties. and I am also lucky enough to have several sources of hardwood within reasonable driving distance. I have an exceptionally forgiving wife that puts up with my "hobbies" and allows me to buy wood. Of course it did take me over 20 years to convince her that every job requires a bit, blade or tool. I am really looking forward to spending time and learning from everyone here. Glen