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  1. Couldn't hold the board straight making crosscuts with the miter gauge or fence that came with the saw...isn't this why people have a fence on their miter gauges...
  2. tks for the reply...hopefully I'll stick with it whenever I get started on a few simple things...but I do have the want's even tho I 'm seriously doubting I have the know-how. I did buy a gripper for my safety and a freud diablo 60t blade and a jigsaw. I have a shopping list of 3 or 4 more items I think I need like a circular saw, an incra miter gauge w/fence, a router and a small cheaper bit set. I really need the outfeed table but there is no way I could build one at this time. I need to figure out an alternative I could use for this purpose until and if I ever progress to being able to build one.
  3. Opinion on Incra 1000se Miter gauge combo pack. I made a few cut's the other day and I really suck...is this something I desperately need at my limited skill level
  4. As of yet I haven’t even turned it on. I’m concerned that the blade etc needs to be properly aligned. I’ve watched some vids on this but I have little to no equipment I’ve seen used to do alignment. Any setup/alignment suggestions? And since I’ll be doing rough novice projects any blade recommendations rather than just the stock blade that came on it. I don’t need anything extravagant
  5. I'm thinking safety first above all else. Thinking bout just going on and getting the GR200, ain't that much more, rather have too much than not enough ouch
  6. Well I didn't run off ha, just been out of pocket but interesting personal perspectives here and there. And there I was having buyer's remorse buying a table saw knowing absolutely nothing. I probably needed to start with a good handsaw at my level lol. I definitely don't foresee advancing to the point of needing a jointer/planer. I would like to have an outfeed table and a table saw sled but both are way way pass my ability at this time. I'm just a simpleton so my next purchase will be a gripper...I really need all my fingers! I personally had a few little personal projects around the house I wanted to do, mainly a few gardening builds, like the trellis I posted. I need to build several more smaller rose/climbing vine trellis's, a few plant container's and such. I have no aspiration in trying to be a master woodworker building and designing interior furniture, cabinet's etc...just some simple rustic projects. Thanks for the advice, it's really helping me put things in perspective for my level but I truly admire some of the work you guy's do...a big thumb's up!
  7. kyokahn, I've read a little bout the dadoes, gotta study up on their functions and how to use.
  8. It's all fine, just didn't want to make a bad first impression coming off as a complainer...you guys have already been a tremendous help and inspiration to move forward.
  9. I didn't intend to rant or cry, I thought I was merely stating the fact that since I was totally new to wood working I probably should have started off with some basic handheld tools as opposed to jumping right into a table saw. But then I guess to the more experienced woodworkers my post would be annoying.
  10. Just saw the introduction portion. Brand new here and I can see there's boo-coodles to read and learn. Glad I stumbled in here, I'll try my best not to be a bothersome greenhorn
  11. I live in a little "Mayberry-like" town here in Ms, going to the library today to see if they have any books on woodworking. Can anyone suggest the most simple of woodworking project books that would be of help. I've looked at used books on amazon but really don't know how informative they'd be.
  12. jazzed

    Push blocks

    Being brand new to woodworks I'm very concerned with safety especially since I've played guitar for over 50 years and continue to do so and I don't intend on losing any fingers...my music is the only thing that keeps me somewhat sane and my bestest friend
  13. Tks guy's I'm already feeling somewhat better. Just got to feeling overwhelmed that I was trying to run and I'm barely crawling. This is all I have so far, no extension table for saw, no work table...nothing...here's my first little simple trellis I attempted.
  14. My first post here after realization of my mistake. To refer to myself as a beginner might be a slight exaggeration. I've always been an admirer of woodworkers. Leading up to my recent purchase the only thing I've attempted to make is a 10x5 ft wooden rose trellis. I used an old Craftsman saw a friend had to cut everything out. Needless to say I was struck by the bug and decided I needed to purchase my own equipment. There's a reason old sayings hold so much truth as "live and learn"... So I went to researching woodworking sites and equipment reviews. I haphazardly decided I really needed a table saw so I went out and bought a new Ridgid R4512 and assembled it myself. After assembly which took me all day and standing back admiring my assembly it dawned on me...now what? I went to thinking, what am I gonna try to build with absolutely no knowledge of woodworking, what else do I need? The only thing I had was a cordless Makita drill. I thought to myself, I might could build a simple birdhouse or more small rose trellis's and small container plant boxes. On hindsight now I could have attempted this with handheld equipment (circular saw, jigsaw, orbital sander, router and maybe a miter saw) as opposed to a table saw I bought on an un-thought-out impulse. I called Home Depot to see if I could return it (I haven't even turned to saw on yet) their answer was NO since I had assembled it and threw the boxing away. Now what was that about "live and learn"