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  1. That is great to know, I am currently using the Harbor Freight Shop Mats and it is not so easy to roll machinery around on it!
  2. Can you roll machinery around on this flooring? Looks great! John
  3. Chet, that is absolutely gorgeous! You did a fantastic job on that piece! John
  4. Great job on the Case on a stand!!!!
  5. That name fits it! Awesome set up!!!
  6. Bill, Those Turbo II's are a great vacuum and I think they get overlooked with all the love for things made in green Nice set up! John
  7. Mick, it says right on the manufacturer plate that it was made is Switzerland. John
  8. While I was at a woodworking class I checked out the Inca Bandsaw the teacher had. Man those are some smooth running bandsaws! I wonder why they stopped making them? Anyway I digress... I have a Big Bandsaw for resewing and I have been looking for a smaller bandsaw for curve work and smaller work and this saw fits the ticket. i found this on the web and went to pick it up yesterday.... I purchased this from the original owner who took really good care of it. The marks on the face of the cover are sticker residue which will come off. I came with the stand, fence, 4 blades, owners manual, and all the parts and brochures that came with the machine. If you are looking for a small direct drive saw, look for one of these they are very well made! John
  9. That is going to be a big sideboard! Great job!!