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  1. Do you have build plans for that cabinet? That is awesome! And your new shop space is a dream shop! Congratulations!
  2. I love it! For the way I work it is perfect!
  3. Finally Finished the Bench!!!! Now a three part finish of equal parts of spar varnish, thinner, and Boiled Linseed Oil. First project from the bench will be a new tool cabinet to fill the space in front of the bench so that my most used tools are right there at the bench at the ready! Just about burnt up this poor drill - drilling 24 holes through 4" hard maple
  4. I like the Senco Nailers! I have a dealer within walking distance from my shop and I like to support local business. However, I have heard that the Grex Nailers are the cat's meow. I have never tried one but they get great reviews.
  5. I have been looking at the Bora Portamate router, they sell it as a motor only at Woodcraft and it is on sale right now for $219.00. Bora Portamate
  6. The Urban Wood Lab (195 27th St, Caledonia, WI 53108) is also a great place (Used to be Kettle Moraine Hardwoods) new owners are fantastic to work with.
  7. Hey guys here is a shot in the dark and maybe someone has a Lie Nielsen No 7 sitting around collecting dust that you are not using. If that describes you hit me up. I am not desperate for one so I will not be paying the inflated eBay prices Just hoping I can find a guy willing to part with one at a fair price. Thank you!
  8. I look forward to seeing your project! Word of advice, get help for the top glueup if you are going to make it 4" thick like I did
  9. Well, this has been one long (time wise) and very heavy project All that is left to be done is drill the 3/4" dog holes and put some finish on it. The Bench it replaced...... This vise is awesome to use..... I even got the grain to match up on the sliding tail vise which simply means I lucked out
  10. The tail vise is being a bit more difficult than I had anticipated, but I should have it figured out soon and the final reveal pics will be posted
  11. I wear socks with them. But I have never been a "Style Guy"
  12. In my basement shop, I have the Harbor Freight Mats and I wear Crocs. I have worn all kinds of different footwear in the shop and have found the Crocs to be the best for all day comfort! It's like you are walking on a pillow. I have always dismissed Crocs because I have always thought that they are the ugliest footwear out there, but for me in the shop they work!
  13. Mine has been sitting on the shelf for two years, maybe it's time to put it up
  14. You are doing a great job on the Chest of Drawers! Don't be so hard on yourself, a little bit of sawdust, (which it looks from the pics that you may have a little of that around ) and some ca glue, and you are in business! You have done a much better job than I could do at this point! Keep up the good work!
  15. I have the 18BX Bandsaw and it is the best bandsaw I have ever had. I also have their 3hp cyclone Dust collector and it is also a winner. I have been looking at their lathes at Woodcraft but I don't do enough turning to justify the purchase.
  16. Started on the sliding tail vise hardware installation yesterday. Had to mill out a 7/16" deep mortise for the main body of the internal slider to fit in. I used the LN Router plane and it worked great. This top is REALLY heavy Testing the fit to make sure the jaw will slide freely Now I have to hog out a 2" wide by 9" long by 3/4" deep dado on the bottom of the bench so that once installed the vise can be adjusted.
  17. Mark, Lie-Nielsen has been making these for years now and I have never heard of dust being a problem with their chain drive mechanism. If I encounter any problem like that, I will just blow out the cavity with compressed air re-oil the chain and make a removable cover for it.