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  1. Robby, I will be starting that today! I will let you know how it goes.
  2. After a lot of fiddling and fussing the 24" face vise is completed. We are in the home stretch now, the sliding tail vise is the last phase........ No racking at all in this vise and it is a smooth operator, I am definitely going to be spoiled with this!
  3. Thank you all for your kind words. Mark J I gave the Rigid to my friend who is starting a woodshop as he is the one that went with me to get the Clayton. Thanks Coop! Do you ride as well?
  4. gee-dub, I think you have EVERY possible sanding scenario covered Great organization by the way!
  5. Hi All, I hope you are having a great day in the Shop! Most of us are looking to improve our techniques and work efficiency so that we are capable of producing the best finished project possible. Some of the tings that help or hurt us in the shop are our tools. Using a tool not suited for a task can be dangerous and not very productive, while the right tools can make each step in the process a real joy. I know "The Tools do not a Craftsman Make" but let's face it they are fun to have I am always searching to upgrade when I can and I have been looking for a Clayton OSS for a very long time and have not been able to run one down that I could afford. I was looking for a bench top model and I found this on Facebook Marketplace. These models are usually found in production shops and are usually beat to death by time they are put up for sale. This one has spent it's entire life in a Hobby Shop. It has a baldor motor and it came with not one but two big boxes of sanding sleeves in all the sizes 30 bags of the sleeves have never been opened and each bag contains all the sleeves for the different sized drums. I paid less for this than I would have paid for a good used bench top model and with all the accessories and paper it was a steal of a deal. It has all the different sized drums and the plate covers for each size neatly stored and organized behind the front access door. This will replace my Rigid OSS/Oscillating belt sander unit.
  6. Czeck Edge ruler stop and it came in handy today......
  7. Installed the face vise hardware....... I have a couple of minor adjustment to make before I drill and tap to secure the vise hardware. You can see that it is a little low on the left, I need to take just a little bit of material off the bottom of the bench in the hardware pocket and it should sit flush.
  8. I am going to tackle that last I will let you know how it goes.
  9. Worked on the Face Vise yesterday. And got it glued up. Made sure to highlight my vise hardware parameters Usually I am not an Instruction guy but this is an exception, I find their instructions in dept and easy to follow Used a router plane and chisel for these and the power router for the larger section material excavation Marked the waste just so I don't get confused and take the wrong material out Glued up. Now I have to clean it up drill the prescribed hardware holes and install, then I will tackle the tail vise.
  10. I did check out their nearest competitor and they had it. Thanks guys!
  11. Interesting, I will check again with my local store!
  12. Anyone know when we might be able to get 3/4" baltic Birch plywood again? My local hardwood dealer can't get any.
  13. I have used both the miter express and the 5000 and I prefer the 5000 as it has more overall uses in the shop!
  14. curlyoak. I used a DeWalt Track Saw, cut half way through, flip, and repeat. Then I belt sanded the end grain. It came out better than I was expecting. Thanks to all for your kind comments
  15. Then the base was started These are the sugar maple They stretchers are ash Dry assembly to check mortise and tenon alignment Jig for top of the legs Tops of the legs that will NEVER been seen again Base assembly all done with the bench bolts added Face vise under bench work Face vise hardware test fit install Hard maple is fun to chisel - NOT
  16. I am currently in the process of building a new LONG AWATED workbench for the Shop. I have been working on and IKEA slab bench and it has served me well, but I went to a Hand Tool Event at Lie Nielsen toolworks and used their benches and that was all she wrote. Couldn't buy one of theirs at the time, but I purchased their vises and the Hard Maple was given to me as a gift. Didn't have enough to do the base also so it is Sugar Maple, hard maple, and ash combined. The base is really heavy and sturdy. The bench top is 4" solid slab of hard maple. Here are some pics of the progress: Bringing the lumber home Rough layout before final milling Laid out in sections - to accomadate my 8" jointer Sections set for glue up
  17. I have to stay off of Facebook Marketplace as I keep finding things "I have to have...." Spotted this at less than have the price of retail and it included a mobil base and loads of sanding discs and sanding sleeves. I have been using the Ridgid Oscillating belt and spindle sander so this is a slight upgrade. Got it into the shop last night now I have to finish my new work bench and get reorganized.
  18. Derek, That is an impressive shooting board, thank you for the post! John
  19. If you have the funds, the Lie Nielsen Bench in my humble opinion would be the best store bought option. I couldn't afford to buy one of theirs so I am currently in the process of building one.