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  1. To say that I am jealous would be a gross understatement. Excellent Shop! Congratulations!!
  2. If I had the money, I would have a Saw Stop in my shop! But I don't so I have a Grizzly 5hp that has served me well!
  3. Kev, You have a fantastic Shop Space!
  4. I have NFL Linebacker sized Sons and Son In Laws, makes short work of moving the machines in and out of the Basement. The most difficult Machine to get down there was the Grizzly 20" Planer. Strapped it to an appliance cart, 2 guys at the bottom to guide it, and two guys at the top to keep it from getting away.
  5. Coop, I love it, that looks like a very comfy chair! Great Job!
  6. This is by no means Fine Woodworking, but I think the Young Man that is Battling Leukemia will be happy with it. The project was made from some donated lumber and shop scraps, so I had some contrasts that were unavoidable so I tried to take advantage of that with a slightly darker drawer front. The pull was donated by my wife who works at Hobby Lobby. Delivery to the Hospital in Minnesota tomorrow. If you pray, PLEASE pray for Nathan!
  7. I am finishing up this gun cabinet for a 14 year old who is battling Leukemia.
  8. Looking at the pic of your shop, if you did a more concentrated machine placement in your shop space it would clear up a lot of space. Watch Mike Pekovich's shop tour, he groups several tools around his table saw and he is huge on hand work as well. He actually has two hand tool benches in his shop, and all the machine you are talking about liquidating. Mike's Shop Tour Dimensioning lumber by hand is a great experience but it can be exhausting. And like some of the greats have said, the board doesn't care what you use to make it flat and square All the best to you. John
  9. The Laguna 3hp cyclone is another basement shop option, that is what I use and it works great!
  10. That is great to know, I am currently using the Harbor Freight Shop Mats and it is not so easy to roll machinery around on it!
  11. Can you roll machinery around on this flooring? Looks great! John
  12. Chet, that is absolutely gorgeous! You did a fantastic job on that piece! John
  13. Great job on the Case on a stand!!!!
  14. That name fits it! Awesome set up!!!
  15. Bill, Those Turbo II's are a great vacuum and I think they get overlooked with all the love for things made in green Nice set up! John
  16. Mick, it says right on the manufacturer plate that it was made is Switzerland. John