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  1. While I was at a woodworking class I checked out the Inca Bandsaw the teacher had. Man those are some smooth running bandsaws! I wonder why they stopped making them? Anyway I digress... I have a Big Bandsaw for resewing and I have been looking for a smaller bandsaw for curve work and smaller work and this saw fits the ticket. i found this on the web and went to pick it up yesterday.... I purchased this from the original owner who took really good care of it. The marks on the face of the cover are sticker residue which will come off. I came with the stand, fence, 4 blades, owners manual, and all the parts and brochures that came with the machine. If you are looking for a small direct drive saw, look for one of these they are very well made! John
  2. That is going to be a big sideboard! Great job!!
  3. Chet, Your project looks great! You are doing a fantastic job, thanks for sharing the build!
  4. I agree, Great picture Ronn. And thanks to all for your insight and advice. I really appreciate it. John
  5. Here is a pic of the Legs for the table top: Close to 4" Square.....
  6. I was thinking 8-10" for the breadboards but I wanted to check to make sure before I go cutting this up
  7. This is the top which I am still working on. And as you can see each plank is a little different in size necessitated by the fact that I only had enough recycled barn lumber to make the top this way.
  8. I am currently building a 9' x 45" Farm table. My question is, what is the rule of thumb for the breadboard end? If the finished table size is 9', what portion of that should be the breadboard end? Thanks a bunch! John
  9. Chet, Great write up and a very nice job on the table! Thanks for sharing. John
  10. Gorgeous Piece! Excellent Craftsmanship! John
  11. I recently attended a Bow Front Table Class and learned how to do bent laminations, I wanted to be able to do this in my shop, so I needed to come up with the equipment on a budget. After a little bit of research it seemed that everyone was pointing to as the go to guy for everything veneer. ( Thanks Marc!) I purchased the rebuilt Thomas 3.15 CFM pump and the EVS kit from his website and spent yesterday putting it together. The instructions are very simple to follow and everything works as it should. Here is what you get....... Note: you have to supply the PVC, electrical box and a couple of other items you can get at your home center or the hardware store. The cost for these items was minimal. The instructions are pretty much a small manual: You build the manifold first - Just make it look like the picture: Then the MAC Valve Assembly: Next you build the carrier and mount everything: You can take liberties with this part. Add the electrical box and wire it up: And test it to see if it holds vacuum which it does: I was a bit intimidated when I started as I don't mess with electrical stuff, but Joe's instructions makes this build a simple process.The build cost under $300.00.I thought I would share this in case anyone was on the fence about building or just buying one.John
  12. That is OUTSTANDING!!! Very well done! John
  13. The table is complete before you head home minus the finish which they give you to take with you
  14. I know I have a lot to learn and I am working to fill in the gaps of my Woodworking Knowledge and Education. I just finished a Bow Front Table Class in NH with Tom McLaughlin and I brought this home with me..... The table is made out of Cherry. Tom is a great teacher and a very nice guy! John
  15. Great job on the stand! And Mike's tip for getting straight grain on all the faces of the legs is a great tip!
  16. I know this is a huge shot in the dark, but does anyone have a Delta Unifence that they would like to get rid of? Thanks John
  17. That is a beautiful Bench!!!! I love it!!!