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  1. Thank you for those suggestions! I like the suggestion of mounting of the clamps to the end of upper cabinets, Great Idea!!!! I meant to add that I build some pulpits so the additional fence width on the table saw is useful for those pieces.
  2. Is this layout better, do you see any disadvantages to it? My hand tool cabinet would move to the 11'3" wall and the banks of drawers would move there too. The workbench is turned and the assembly table is turned and the clamp rack would be moved over next the the clamp rack. The table saw and outfield table would be moved to the middle of the shop.
  3. Thanks for those suggestions! I am sure if I did a detailed inventory I could find a bunch of items in the drawers that could be sold off or given away. I know I have to eliminate some of the benches. Thanks John
  4. This is the ugly truth, I have way too many benches and cabinets and I need to reorganize the shop so that I have more room to move projects around. I should add that I am not a fan of mobile bases so I like the machines to be stationary. There is a lumber rack on the left wall where it measures 13'3" Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks John
  5. Belle City WW


    I am sure you will be able to find a few projects they will work on. Great Find!!!
  6. Yes sir, a bunch of donated cabinets
  7. Kev, excellent build and documentary!
  8. Sir, that is exquisite craftsmanship. Your work is impeccable, you can hardly be called a wood butcher You did a fantastic job on this piece! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Awesome job! And the Chicken looks like it was delicious!
  10. Derek, Thank you for the detailed post, and for the tape tip that will be very useful.
  11. Excellent video! Could you please share some info about your Vacuum Cart? Coop, You ain't the only one AND I Ain't kidding
  12. Great Video Kev. I see that you are a Seahawks fan Nice view out your shop window too!
  13. I am not quite sure. The specs should be online somewhere. Sorry I don't know
  14. First I have to figure out exactly how to use it I will get acquainted with it, use it on a few projects, and then submit a review.
  15. I have been using a bench top drill press for the past decade and I wanted to upgrade to a floor model drill press and the Nova Voyager DVR caught my eye and I was not sure I wanted to dump that kind of money into a drill press, but when I looked one over and saw how stout they are built and researched all that they are capable of doing, I decided to invest in one for the shop. The old drill press: The New One: I have never heard a smoother running drill press. So far I am very impressed with this. John
  16. I am not sure about the adjustable arm, it was the only one I saw when I was shopping for it. John
  17. She was dolled up for a photo shoot
  18. Yes I have, that is a great place to do business. They flattened a bench top for me once also in their 36" drum sander.
  19. Chestnut, Well, I received my first ever Japanese Chisel today. This is what I have been looking for, it is light, takes a wicked mean edge, and it finds the baseline with relative ease, they are also a joy to pair with. They are not cheap for the good ones, but now I see what all the fuss was about. I will add pics of the sharpening system I use, and the Barr Chisel of the same size for comparison; Hope that helps, John
  20. Thank you for the organizational ideas! Very nicely done! John
  21. Thank you! The shop is 46’ long and 18’ at it widest point.