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  1. That light is a fantastic addition to a great saw! I love it because it puts out a good amount of light and is easily adjustable.
  2. Yes, a Rockwell/Delta.
  3. Belle City WW

    My shop

    Some pics of my Basement Shop. John
  4. Great looking shop! Very nicely equipped and laid out!
  5. Marples Blue Chip Chisels, They are now sold under the Irwin name. I started with them, and I still have and use them.
  6. Hockey Taped Handle, someone has been hanging out with Rob Cosman
  7. Excellent job on the shed Chestnut!!!
  8. Chestnut, I am going through the same thing you are, trying to decide which direction to go. I ordered one Japanese Chisel and I am going to look at the LN chisels at their open house in a few weeks. I have a great set of chisels (Barr Cabinet Chisels) they were all gifted to me over a few years, the problem is when I chop and pair dovetails with them, they are very thick and bulky for such at times is a very delicate and precise task. I too want to get better at this, so I opted to try the Japanese first. I see Chris Becksvoort and others use the LN chisels, so I will give them a look and try as well. Happy Shopping! John
  9. That piece is awesome! great work!!! john
  10. I built this table out of ash. My wife wanted a place to store her crocheting stuff. It has yet to be finished because she can't make up her mind what finish she wants Thanks for looking! John
  11. Where does one post projects on here? John
  12. Hi, I am John and I am from Racine, WI. I enjoy shop time and I love making shaker Furniture. I would like to learn how to make period furniture and other styles. I basically build whatever someone wants or asks for. This forum looks like it has a lot to offer in way of information. I look forward to interacting with the members, some of whom I already know. John A recent shop pic.......