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  1. Thanks guys! I'm thinking the 2X2 furring strips, rigid foam insulation and OSB sheeting. That would pinch about 5 inches of width across the shop, and a little less than 3 inches in depth...not a huge loss and the big gain would be a more comfortable shop with flexibility to hang things anywhere I want. I may have to do it in phases. It'll be a fair bit of work and the day job is pretty hoppin'! Dave, I like the idea of renting the nailer. Is that the one that takes the .22 shells? Steve, the Red Blue Chairs are bundled up and ready for sanding and assembly...then paint. Just
  2. Thanks guys! I'll have to check out those Tapcons. I'm torn between laying out what I want hang directly onto the CB walls, or installing furring strips and sheeting whole walls with OSB. I've always like the freedom I've had in other spaces to just hang anything, anywhere. Need to keep resale in mind too...most folks are silly enough to think cars go in garages!
  3. Hey gang, It's been a long road with tools in storage and no workspace...until today! We closed on the purchase of our home here in Florida today. I've fired up the blog again to share and track my progress in building up another workshop. The new garage is all concrete block construction, so I'd love to hear any tips on fastening storage racks and shelving. This will be my first run in a CB building.
  4. We haven't had dogs for some time now, but we used to have two Akitas. They're great hangout dogs since they're a bit aloof. Those thick coats are great for collecting dust and shavings and then depositing them all over the house though!
  5. Very nice story, and you don't need a shop-full of tools to enjoy those memories. It is nice to have a couple of things to lay your hands on though. He must have instilled a love of woodworking if you did so much sanding, and still like woodworking!
  6. I've got four of these boxes in the works, so box #3 has been pressed into service for testing! Here's my rip down to 3 and 3/8 inches. Final height will be three inches once I route the lift lid with a 3/8 inch straight bit. I'm liking the look of this a lot better already.
  7. I applied it to two of the dimensions for the box (top/lid and the front measurements) and I don't like it at all. The box looks way too tall. Thoughts? Fortunately this is just a dry fit of the sides with blue tape, so I'll go back and reduce the height dimension.
  8. Great feedback and insight guys! Over the past couple years, the day-job seems to get busier and busier but just doesn't feed the need for creativity. Don't get me today's economy, I'm extremely grateful to have a job that I do actually enjoy, that pays the bills and allows us to set a little aside. I'm just wanting more, and spreadsheets and resource plans that don't last much longer than six months, before the business changes again, just aren't as satisfying anymore. Very interesting to hear so many perspectives. Folks who found this passion early on and threw themselves
  9. I couldn't find it with a search on our cable box, but you can access some clips and episodes on the PBS site. Thanks for the heads-up on the show!
  10. I’m enjoying a couple extra days off…use’em or lose’em! I was thinking on another comment by James Krenov and it got me to thinking about doing what you love, pursing your passion, etc… – Krenov Comments For those of you (like me some days!) who dream of leaving the security of a full-time job to pursue the life of an artist/designer/craftsman…what does that dream look like for you? Is it the “find a need and fill it” philosophy (often what pays the bills) or is it a dream of letting your creative nature flow unchecked? It seems like most of the greats j
  11. It’s almost here! It’s like waiting for Christmas…kinda…without the reindeer and the snickerdoodles. Anyone going to the Denver show? Have you gone to any of the earlier shows…Dallas, Portland, CA? The last show was the best I’d been too in the last few years. How’re they looking this year?
  12. Dang! I need to get online more often. All these great responses! Thanks for the video link Chop! I completely forgot that marc had demo'ed this a while back. I usually go with Danish Oil finish for boxes. Since the epoxy won't absorb the oil, I'm thinking about a wiping varnish. Any ideas to keep a consistent look to the finish once the holes are filled?
  13. Hey guys, I'm looking to include some knots/inclusions in some box lid panels. Does a clear epoxy leave a nice clean look in a knot that you want to highlight? I've not used epoxy as a filler before. These will be lid panels that include some of my Dad's old squadron coins (523rd Crusaders) Thanks!
  14. Thinking about it...missed WIA...just too busy and spent to much on the house projects this year.