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  1. applejackson

    White oak curiosity question

    See? I KNEW I'd get an answer! Thanks @Chestnut. Makes perfect sense. Mystery solved.
  2. applejackson

    White oak curiosity question

    I have been woodworking for about 15 years and I work part time in a Rockler store. I've got a question that no one has ever been able to answer to my satisfaction, but I'm guessing that the wise members of this forum can answer it. Here goes. I ONLY ever see white oak for sale that's 1/4 sawn. Does anyone know why this might be? I live in Minnesota so there's not exactly a shortage of oak trees in this region. And at work at Rockler, and in the 3-4 local lumber yards I but from, I can't remember seeing plain sawn white oak, even once. It seems to ALWAYS be 1/4 sawn. I guess it could be that it is out there and I just haven't noticed it (it's not like I'm actively trying to source some) but I started recognizing that I was seeing this lack of anything but QS about a year ago and in that time I've kept an eye out for plain sawn and just haven't ever seen it. Does anyone know if there's something to this observation or is it bullspit and I just haven't noticed other cuts? Just curious. Thanks
  3. applejackson

    Micro bevel on chisels?

    Imo it's all about repeatability. If you can easily recreate your sharpening set up to hit that micro bevel to touch it up, then go for it. I have a micro bevel on my chisels but not on most of my plane irons. Don't know why that is exactly, it just turned out that way.
  4. applejackson

    Okay, what's the next buy?!

    @Cody Bond ArellanollaArellanollaArellanollaArell Sorry about the weird text above. My phone keeps auto inserting it when I try to delete it? Weirdest behavior I've ever seen. Anyway, if you want a suggestion for a great jig saw at a decent price, check out the Triton at Rockler. I don't have experience using it but it's very popular and the design is really ergonomic.
  5. applejackson

    Table Saw! Powermatic vs. SawStop vs. your favorite!

    I rarely buy full sheets of anything any more because I don't have a truck. Rockler and most big box stores sell smaller sheets - 1/2, or 1/4 and those are way easier for me to deal with. At Rockler we also sell Baltic Birch in a sheet that's something close to 5'x3' and that's PERFECT. it's large enough to make a larger project out of but small enough to fit in my small SUV.
  6. applejackson

    Looking for my first router need advice

    I believe it first hit the market in 2010 in very limited supply. All I know is what I am told at the store I work at that sells both packages and t hat was is what I was told - that it's the replacement for the 1617 EVSpk.
  7. applejackson

    Looking for my first router need advice

    Both the routers you have listed are excellent choices. Here are a few things to keep in mind: 1. Porter Cable has easily the most aftermarket accessories available. 2. If you go with the Bosch, know that in order to use the PC style rub collars, you will need this: - or you can buy that item with a number of Bosch rub collars. 3. The Bosch 1617 EVS kit has been replaced in the Bosch line with the far spendier MRC23EVSK. I have not had any experience using this new one, but I don't see enough changes in it to warrant the uptick in price, but maybe there are features I am not aware of. The power is virtually the same. This also means that you can usually get the 1617 EVS pk for a great price as stores sell off their existing inventory. I have the 1617 EVS pk and I really like it.
  8. applejackson

    Table Saw! Powermatic vs. SawStop vs. your favorite!

    Agreed. I went 36" because it seems to me I'd only ever use the 52" for cutting a full sheet of plywood exactly in half. And that's not something I do very often.
  9. applejackson

    Table Saw! Powermatic vs. SawStop vs. your favorite!

    I just got a 3HP SawStop PCS and so far I love it. But here is the one thing that I didnt see coming right away - the safety feature is a blessing and a curse. On my 2nd day after assembling the saw, I picked up a piece of plywood and ran it through. It had wicked up some moisture, apparently, because in a fraction of a second, I was out 1 blade and 1 cartridge (the safety system fired). Now I am a little more careful to evaluate the pieces I put through it. Aside from that I have nothing but positives to say about. Very well made, nice machine.
  10. applejackson

    How could i flatten my table top?

    Perfect opportunity to get your feet wet with hand planes. I'd suggest starting with a jointer plane, or a low angle Jack plane. Make sure the blade is razor sharp. Even with very little planning experience, you can do this!
  11. applejackson

    Where can i learn about wood working hands on?

    Another good resource for education is Half Price Books. You can find good books there, often around the $5-7 range. YouTube is great and all but experience is the best teacher. Start with smaller and simple projects that you're confident you can compete with the tools you have on hand. And remember that the joy is BOTH in completing a project, but also the path along the way. These forums are a wealth of information too. Best of luck! And welcome to the craft!
  12. applejackson

    Shop Tour

    Thank you for sharing, @Kev. It's always fun and inspiring to see another Woodworker's shop. And you are well apportioned in what I've come to learn is one of the greatest, and hardest to come by commodities in a shop: space. After seeing all the abundant space between your machines and work stations, my 2.5 car garage/shop seems all the more cramped. Enjoy your new space, I am sure you'll do great work in there!
  13. applejackson

    So this happened today... New SawStop.

    Yep it's just a glossy finish and night stamped steel. The contractor saw has stamped wings on it, though they have the name or logo worked in. No there isn't an arbor lock. It's still a two wrench procedure to change the blade. The wenches are identical, each has one open end and one closed, but yeah it's not as nice or convenient as a push button lock.
  14. applejackson

    So this happened today... New SawStop.

    @gee-dub - I have seen this criticism from you and several others - that the extension table is not 100% perfectly co-planer with the cast iron table. It got me worried that I was going to have to move heaven and earth to get it aligned properly on my new SS. And then something occurred to me - and I ask this with the utmost respect, and I am honestly wondering: How much does it really matter if the extension table is a few 1/1000" higher or lower than the cast iron table? Obviously, I am not talking about it being so far out of whack that it is immediately noticeable to the naked eye, or so bad that it affects or impedes the fence's ability to slide back and forth, or having a noticeable amount of sag. Instead, I am talking about trying to get it dialed in as perfectly as you would expect to get the cast iron wing to be co-planer to the cast iron table for example. Does the extension table really need to be as accurate and have as little margin for error as the fence-to-miter-slot or miter-slot-to-blade? For those, I would surmise that the answer is YES, that a few thousandths of an inch in either direction really DO matter and can have significant impact on your cut quality. But when I think about the extension table, it doesn't seem to me like it needs to be dialed in nearly as perfectly - I guess mainly because the work piece is resting on the cast iron for the most part. Am I nuts here? thx... PS I am also going to tag @Chestnut here for his opinion. I appreciate everyone in this forum, but you are the two that I have interacted with the most and I value your opinions greatly. Cheers.
  15. applejackson

    Do you need your tools to "match"?

    @Isaac I appreciate your point of view and wasn't trying to snap at you. I just didnt get the carpenter reference I hope you didnt take it that way. Take care, my friend.