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  1. applejackson

    Dewalt 735 helical cutter

    @Chestnut what brand did you go with? Byrd?
  2. applejackson

    DW 735 Problem

    The price has come down on these where if you wait for a sale, you can get the unit, in/outfeed tables, the mobile case/cart and an extra set of blades for around $650. If it were me, I'd hold onto the old one for spare parts. Good luck.
  3. applejackson

    DW735 Advanced Tune Up, anyone?

    @DerekMPBS thanks! That sounds like just the ticket!
  4. applejackson

    DW735 On Board Dust Collection

    Here's s little experiment that has worked out really well. I'm tired of connecting and disconnecting dust collection fittings so I thought I'd take more advantage of the chip blower on this planer and fashioned a simple box to receive the saw dust. I put in a "window" of pillow case (don't tell the missus) and window screen to allow pressure to escape and used two PVC flanges to mount 4" hose through the wall of the cart. I just planed a significant amount of of some 10/4 basswood and it works better than I expected. Not a speck of dust anywhere. Anyway, just passing on an idea that's working really well so far.
  5. I'm looking for a reliable source of plans. I'm willing to pay for them. Specifically, I'm looking for a floating panel blanket chest that I'm going to build as a wedding present. Either a raised panel or flat. I often get my plans from Rockler, though I'm not in love with their chest plans. I also sometimes get them from wood magazine. But outside of these obvious sources I'm kind of at a loss. Web searches are a crap shoot. I can probably design this one myself but I like to at least be able to reference a plan, more for the proportion of sizes of pieces than anything else. So I'm just looking for recommendations for sources of free, or paid, plans. Thanks in advance
  6. applejackson

    My crappy little shop

    You know, it's ok to be proud of your shop. You put this nice tour together and then said something negative at almost every stop! Give yourself a break man!
  7. applejackson

    Looking for task light

    I'm a little late to this party but we sell this one at Rockler. I use it at home on my bench and it works well.
  8. applejackson

    DW735 Advanced Tune Up, anyone?

    Thanks all, very much. @Just Bob thank you for your detailed response. Since I thought up this scheme last night, with the benefit of a night's sleep and all your replies, I'm kind of inclined to agree with @Chris208. If only someone would be selling a used DW 735 with a helical head already installed (*cough* @Chestnut) i think I'll poke around in there real soon, and tighten what I can tighten, lubricate what I can lubricate and do what I can to tune it up without investing in replacement parts. Then I'll either hold out for a quality used machine or buy brand new. The cost has come down so much on this machine, we often sell them at the store, with the stand, in/out feed tables and an extra set of blades for a little over $650. (I think. Might even be closer to$600). anyway, thanks again everyone who took the time to respond here. And @Chestnut, give me a shout if/when you decide you want to do that. take care all.
  9. applejackson

    DW735 Advanced Tune Up, anyone?

    I have a DW735 that's about 13 years old and in that time I've run A LOT of board feet through it. It's starting to show it's age. Nothing really specific that I can point to, but it doesn't feed very smoothly any more. The cutterhead lock doesn't seem to work and on a few occasions I noticed that it didn't change speeds when I flipped the lever to go to the slower finishing speed. So, I'm getting the feeling that it needs a good tune up. And I'm wondering if anyone has done this? Let me be clear: I am NOT talking about waxing the tables, cleaning the rollers, changing the blades or resetting the preset turret stops. This is all basic planer maintenance and I've done this religiously. I'm taking about: (possibly) 1. re lubricating and possibly retensioning the drive chain. 2. Replacing the rubber on the rollers, or failing that, replacing the rollers altogether. 3. Looking at the mechanism that allows you to change speeds (never looked at this before. No idea how it works. Clutch and gears? I honestly have no idea). 4. hopefully fixing the cutterhead lock. (Not a big deal that this doesn't work but I like all my stuff to work at full potential) 5. Install a helical cutterhead. 6. Anything else I can find. Has anyone done any work on the DW735 above and beyond normal maintenance? If so, any advice, recommendations or 'gotchas' along the way? I love this machine and think I can probably get another 13 years out of it if I give it a serious tune-up now. My only complaint (and this goes for any planer with straight knives) is the noise, and I know the helical cutterhead cuts the noise down considerably. Thanks in advance
  10. applejackson

    Bandsaw blade issue

    @Mark J @Chet @wtnhighlander Thanks all. Yep there was a knob I just thought it was for something else. Easy fix. I used the knob to moved the wheel back toward the rear of the cabinet and it's tracking well now with the gullets resting on the raised center of the wheel. Thanks!
  11. applejackson

    Bandsaw blade issue

    @Chet there's no know that I know of except the knob to tension the blade. Having said that I do remember adjusting the camber once or twice in the past. I'll have to play with it a bit to rediscover how that happens. Anyway, thanks for the responses.
  12. applejackson

    Bandsaw blade issue

    Ok thanks @Chet I was thinking that's probably camber. Do you know which way to move the blade back? I'd assume tilt the top wheel back to bring the blade back?
  13. applejackson

    Bandsaw blade issue

    I've never been a huge bandsaw user. I have a 14" Delta and it's just never been a huge part of my wood working life. Until now I've kept thin blades on it and used it to cut curves and not much else. Well that all changed once I put a resaw blade on there and now I'm finally starting to understand the enormous potential of this machine. Anyway, I'll cut to the chase. I installed a 5/8" resaw blade and I can't seem to keep it centered on the wheels. As soon as I turn it on, the blade moves to the front of the wheel as shown. -- I don't think it's the tires, they're less than 1 year old. -- the tension is correct for the blade size, at least according to the gauge on the saw. My method for setting the blade is to de-tension, and use a scrap to push the blade to the middle of the wheel while I manually rotate the wheels. Once I have it centered on both wheels, I reset the tension. Then, as soon as I turn it on, the blade comes to the front. I have ceramic guide blocks and they're set correctly, both the upper and lower assemblies. Could this be a camber issue? Something else? It seems to run ok but I feel like the blade should be seated on the tire. The thinner blades I've used previously (1/4", 3/16") did not have this issue. They stayed more or less in the center of the tire. I understand that the wheels are not flat, but rather there is a high point in the middle, but I still feel like this bigger blade should be seated better than this. On the lower wheel, the teeth of the blade end up completely off the tire. Thoughts?
  14. applejackson

    Hanger bolt chicken/egg question

    @riqmar because the woman who is paying for these legs used a threaded insert and specifically asked for a hanger bolt to go into the inserts that are already installed. That's why.
  15. applejackson

    Best blade for tapering?

    @Byrdie sounds good, and I wasn't doubting you. It was just one of those things where I was thinking about it and didn't know if it would work out or not so I went with something that felt a little more comfortable. Thanks and take care amigo.