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  1. applejackson

    Sawstop folding outfeed table

    I need to post the resolution to the above-listed issue. I was able to resolve the issue. I dont know exactly which adjustment did it, but I took the outfeed table off the saw, and played around with the clamps that fasten it to the rear rail. I also took the faces off of the fence and adjust them. In the end, I did have to remove the plastic caps from the tubes that make the OF table, but I WAS able to get it seated below the plane of the able and am now able to use the saw without the outfeed table set up. Sawstop DID call me and worked with me on the issue. When I wrote the post above this one, I was not happy with their response. After they contacted me and worked with me on this problem, I a now can say that i AM pleased with their service.
  2. applejackson

    So this happened today... New SawStop.

    @Robert Morse regarding your missing part, are you assembling in the order described in the manual or are you skipping around? I ask this because when I strayed from the steps in the manual, I thought I was missing a part too (can't remember which one specifically) only to find it later, packed in with some other parts). So there might be chance that your missing part is in there somewhere. And no offense meant. You night have unpacked everything and it really is missing. Definitely possible!
  3. applejackson

    So this happened today... New SawStop.

    @Chestnut I am no engineer, but I will take a shot at explaining it the best I can. The aluminum cartridge clamps onto the blade. The force of the spinning blade gets absorbed by the cartridge mainly in the area circled in red. The cartridge mounts on steel studs in the machine. I am sure there is some of the force that goes into the machine, but I believe that the vast majority of it goes into the cartridge. Here is a video that shows it in slo mo:
  4. applejackson

    So this happened today... New SawStop.

    @Isaac +1 to @gee-dub. We did a hotdog demo in the store and then when my own saw tripped the brake, both times there's simply a pop and that's it. I've heard from ppl who have a SS in a school or work environment where the brake has been tripped multiple times and it's just fine. All the force is absorbed by the cartridge. It doesn't appear to have any negative effect on the rest of the saw at all.
  5. applejackson

    SawStop inadvertent brake activation causes

    @Bankstick, @mat60 After my inadvertent brake triggering, I was understandably upset. It ruined s brand new blade and I had to replace a $80 cartridge. But having said that, I do not regret the purchase one bit. The fit and finish on the saw are simply excellent. It's by far the nicest tool I've ever owned. As with any technology that's brands new, there are going to be things that happen that we didn't see coming. And even without the flesh sensing feature, there is always a period of getting to know a new machine -especially when that machine is the center of the shop. I hope this thread doesn't discourage anyone from purchasing a Sawstop. I am a few weeks into ownership now and am getting more comfortable every day. I've accepted that I have to be more deliberate in evaluating what I'm about to cut for moisture or imbedded metal. That's new. But if there's any doubt I simply run the piece through on bypass mode and they tells me if I need to keep it in BM or not. I've taken the cheap replacement blade off and resumed using my "good" blades.
  6. applejackson

    SawStop inadvertent brake activation causes

    @Tom T Today I got my zero clearance throat plate from Infinity Cutting Solutions. To install it, you lower the blade all the way, turn the saw on, and raise the running blade through the plate. Anyway, I was thinking about your issue while I was doing this and REALLY hoping it wouldn't trip the brake as I moved the blade up. It did not do it. But after I tripped the brake the first time, and killed the brand spankin' new blade that came with the saw, I went and bought a $30 combination blade to use while I get acclimated to this new saw and the brake. Please keep us up to date when SS gets back to you after their analysis. I am very interested in this one! And, sorry about the WW2. That's a nice blade.
  7. applejackson


    @collinb I'm still not great at doing them completely by hand, but... What I had to learn is that for me, and I suspect for most others, is that they don't always look picture perfect right off the saw. But you'll be surprised how much they clean up with sanding etc. I'm working on some box joints right now and the difference in them off the router and after sanding is almost night and day. Plus, you can fill gaps by cutting plugs/fillers and tapping them into place. What you've got in your picture are pretty decent, and if you cut them to sit just proud of the surface of the workpiece, there's a good chance they'll look great after a little sanding and a little love. Good job!
  8. applejackson

    SawStop inadvertent brake activation causes

    I haven't heard of this happening. It doesn't logically follow that moving the blade should trip the brake. The only thing I can think of is that the blade needs to be spaced correctly from the cartridge, using that yellow spacer tool. Maybe your blade was too close to the cartridge and moving it affected that? That's the only thing I can think of. You should definitely contact SS and let them know.
  9. applejackson

    Garage temperature control

    I use a ventless propane heater in my garage shop in Minnesota. As long as it's above 10 degrees it heats it to about 50 degrees. It's a two and a half car garage with some insulation on the walls and ceiling, but not tightly insulated by any means. I use a 30lb bottle that's easy to transport and I'll get roughly 24-30 hours of heating out of it. I also use a small fan to blow the heat around. Works very well.
  10. applejackson

    Delta Cabinet Saw Dust Collection

    @Ronnie BroussardBroussard at Rockler we sell a dust collection shroud for mounting onto your table saw. There's also a smaller one too.
  11. applejackson

    New Jointer Vibration - What's acceptable ?

    @Chestnut you are not alone in this one. I can be prone to getting sucked into a rabbit hole of chasing something that in the end doesn't matter all that much - like having a nickel stand up on its side on a jointer table.
  12. applejackson

    SawStop inadvertent brake activation causes

    Thank you @JohnG - I appreciate the encouragement. I made a pretty big deal out of this - I guess I was really disappointed that a brand new and expensive tool didn't seem to work right out of the gate. I guess I will chalk it up to something to learn from and as you mentioned - hopefully someone else can benefit from this in the future. Thanks again.
  13. applejackson

    Proper Depth of Cut on Table Saw

    When I was first taught how to use a table saw by my grandfather - a long, long time ago, I was instructed to set the height of the blade so that the bottom of the gullet would just clear the top of the work piece. I think his reasoning was that the gullet would carry sawdust out of the work piece. (He passed many years ago so I cannot exactly ask him). So this was what I used for years and years and never experienced any issues that I know of. Fast forward to 2018, I bought a new blade - a 40 tooth Freud Premier Fusion Combination blade. I was reading the literature that came with it and it instructs you to set the height so that only about 1/2 of the tooth clears the top of the work piece. So this is quite a difference. And, I will say that the geometry of the teeth on this saw is kind of funky. So anyway - I thought I would solicit the opinions of the woodworkers on this forum: How high to you set the blade when using the table for ripping or cross cuts? Do you vary it by blade, or do you use the same general settings for all blades? Thanks AJ
  14. applejackson

    SawStop inadvertent brake activation causes

    Well here is one of the more embarrassing posts I have ever had to write. But I need to write it. I took the outfeed table off this weekend. I played around with flipping the clamps that attach it to the rear fence rail. I also pulled the faces off of the fence and worked on adjusting the fence. I cant say exactly what changed, but when I reassembled the problem with the fence tubes being proud of the table wasn't happening any longer (I did have to remove the plastic caps that cap the end of the tubes.) So I probably should have waited before taking this problem onto this forum. The table still doesn't collapse all the way, and it never will, without making some adjustments (IE cutting some of the tubes and remounting them). I am not planning to do that as the real problem I was facing was not being able to use the saw without setting up the outfeed table. So, in sum, one of the many adjustments I made must have cleared the issue, and I feel foolish for having posted this issue before really making a serious run at correcting it.
  15. applejackson

    So this happened today... New SawStop.

    @Robert Morse I recently bought the same saw, only with the 36" fence. Setup was really made easier by the care and thought that SS put into making the manual and color-coding the hardware. The only area where I needed another person's help was installing the brackets that hold the fence rails. They are supposed to be set so the top of the bracket is parallel with the surface of the table. I was able to use an F-style bessey clamp to make this happen, but another person would have been better and easier. I am impressed with the it's tolerances right out of the box. The only thing I wish I had slowed down and taken more care in setting up is the black, extension table. It's ok for the time being, but this spring I am going to have to take a day to adjust it a little bit. The saw itself works flawlessly. Good luck!