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About Me

Hi, my name is Doug. been into crafting things from wood for about 15y now. Still just as into it as I was in the earliest days. 

During the week I am a software analyst, and  on the weekends I work for one of the bigger Woodworking Supply stores. The discounts are sweet, but it leaves me lacking in free time to spend in the shop. 

I consider myself an intermediate skill set. I am not advanced and none of my projects are going to grace the cover of Fine Woodworking any time soon. With that said, I have a fair amount of confidence in my ability to craft and to problem solve in the shop. 

I strive to be a blended woodworker. when I started out, it was strictly machines for everything. Now I find myself doing more handtool work, esp w joinery.  

When I am not in my shop I enjoy hunting, reading, DIY stuff around the house and any activities with my beloved soft-mouthed Labrador - Lou or my beautiful wife Sarah.