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  1. Thank you everyone! I’m learning something new everyday! I have discovered just when you think you have mastered a skill.... bam, curve I know Cleveland well... use to work at the gym up there. I don’t know much about west TN. I’ve been to and through Nashville a couple times but usually stay east. Doraville, not sure I know that location but good heavens been to Atl too many times to count.... thank you again for a warm welcome! I’ll add a couple of picture of a few things I’ve done. Only been at this about 3 months and already learned enough that I want to tear apart my first couple things and redo them but I’m sure I’ll feel the same way in another couple months about they stuff I’m doing now! Woodworking is a very humbling hobby!!! The second pic is our Great Danes bed made from scrap lumber....
  2. Hello from NW Georgia. I’m just a bit south of Chattanooga TN. Just enjoy woodworking as a hobby but enjoy expanding my knowledge and skills....