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  1. elpansonloco

    Planer wired for 110v or 220v?

    Thanks. I'll crack it open to be sure but honestly wont know a 110v vs. 220v wiring system in the motor, guess I'll take a pic sooner or later. Would you know what model this planer is? There is no data plate except for the General Electric 115v/230v motor plate.
  2. elpansonloco

    Planer wired for 110v or 220v?

    I have a vintage cast iron Parks like 12" planer, couple hundred lbs in weight with a dual voltage motor. Problem is the plug is a commercial 3 straight blade with a 115/240v plug. Is there a way to tell if its wired for 110v or 220v without opening the motor? Like I said, its heavy and currently stored in a spot in my garage where it would be a pita to move. ps, before I acquired this planer I bought a Ridgid 4331 that I can still return but heres my dilemma, I can move around the Ridgid and the cast iron planer would probably have to sit outside since I dont have the room in the garage. I never used a heavy cast iron planer and just wondering if in the long run it will be worth having for occasional planing. It was given to me free.