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  1. Sharon will put a goose egg on that head for you!
  2. I can see some in the first tread. I have some super good curly white oak lumber but it’s going to Bmac. If I come up with anymore and you can talk your wife out of a quilt or two we may workup a trade. If you ever come see your sister- in law.
  3. The Houston Boy needs to be here today with his knee knockers and flip flops on!
  4. Here’s a pic on top of the mtn.
  5. @wtnhighlander the big city Houston Boy maybe a southern country boy after all.
  6. That would be good with some homemade gravey, big homemade cat head biscuit’s.
  7. One Iowa boy free with his money and one Iowa boy tight with his money.
  8. Coop, what did Dave say about helping you out on the bathroom and patio? It will be hard to get all the salt off his money.
  9. I think, I will stay with the Mennonite Houston Hat.
  10. After you pass 50 years old. You are like a old truck you have a lot of wear and tear. You need to go to the shop for repairs 2 to 3 times a month. I have been out in the sun all my life, all day long and have sun damage skin that’s turning into skin cancer.( But it’s the good skin cancer) The doctor wants me to wear long sleeve’s and a Huge Houston Hat now.
  11. You are wanting me to get that big goose egg on my head.
  12. You better go see my cousin in Eastern Iowa. He has the money in a rathole, but good luck on getting any of his money.
  13. @B1rdhunter are you kicking high now?