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  1. I went to the log yard this week and found three tiger hard maple logs. So I called RIW to come to the log yard and look at them. He said he had been saving his egg money. All he could do was cry like a baby and suck on his thumb. He wouldn’t even buy one! One of them was super good for 5 ft on a 12 ft log. One was smaller and in the middle of the stack but tiger on both ends of the log.
  2. Bmac, I have the tiger hard maple log cut. It had a brown heart so I cut a 7” x 9” crosstie out of the center. Boy, I hope that tiger hard maple crosstie go’s to Houston so Coop can drive by and look at it.
  3. Bmac check this tiger hard maple log out. I think it will be a good one, I will know soon. If I come up with anymore you and Coop are on the top of the list.
  4. No......The ole poorboy has a rathole too.
  5. Would you belief that’s a six month old dogwood tree.
  6. That would be store bought.
  7. Coop, I may have a cant hook for sale now. You need one to show to the big city boy’s.
  8. I just got it hooked up today. Everybody that has one said they worked good. If I can just save enough money to buy the automatic lumber stacker.
  9. Coop, check out the new toy.
  10. Gary, I should have a couple of scrap piece’s for you out of this tiger maple log.
  11. Could this be a Tiger Hard Maple?
  12. Hey Cousin Dave, check out Live Bearded. You need some of that Duck Butter.....
  13. Coop, are the Martin Boy’s paying the rent on the new house?
  14. Nut, if you will call me, I will explain how the log buying works.
  15. Nut, for low grade walnut logs, I would say around 0.75 to $2.00 per foot on the doyle log rule. 4 clear sides on a butt cut log $1.00 to $2.00.