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  1. No wonder nobody else has any good QSWO lumber, you have done went around and got all the good. Now I know you buy just the best.
  2. Gary, have you got done with the tiger hard maple platter? I would like to see a pic of it.
  3. Coop, I need to go up on my lumber.
  4. Tom that don’t look like the factory oil cap? Ok maybe I should have read your post about it.
  5. Last time that I was in town here gas was $1.19 per gal.
  6. Well.....and just think, I have meet the famous woodturner.
  7. I will say one thing about the ole boy. He’s got me beat with a chainsaw.
  8. As of today we have one case of it here in the mtns.
  9. I took a load of pallet cant’s (4”x6”) (4”x8”) and lumber off this morning, but it maybe my last load. He said 4 factories have closed that he makes pallet’s for.
  10. Coop, she want let me have the ipad anymore. I may need to go buy my own ipad.
  11. In Tennessee we have 1,203 case’s as of today. The number one automaker here, has shut down the two plants in Tennessee. So my wife is here at the house, Spanky and I are trying to hide from her.
  12. I cut over a 100 bdft of ambrosia maple lumber today in the rain. Sold 100 bdft of it to a woodworker. Rick, the table looks good.
  13. I can remember when $600.00 would buy you a new 066 stihl. I also, remember gas at 28 cents per gal and a new pickup around $3,200.00 and I’m younger than Cousin Dave too.