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  1. Welllll......That Houston Boy a strutting rooster!
  2. I cut some curly white oak lumber just about every week.
  3. No, on the fancy wood. But I can sell all the blue collar wood I can cut in a week.
  4. Rick you still kicking too? I need to stop and see you but all I do is cut red oak, white oak and poplar lumber 40 hrs a week now and work on a sawmill to keep it going.
  5. I would like to know if the Houston Boy still kicking high?
  6. No wonder nobody else has any good QSWO lumber, you have done went around and got all the good. Now I know you buy just the best.
  7. @Coop He didn't work when he had a job!
  8. Cousin Dave you still kicking a little?
  9. @FallCreek I have one live edge slab of white walnut ( butternut) 10 ft long and 12" wide. I pm you my phone number.
  10. My luck has ran out on curly white oak logs.
  11. @B1rdhunter I still have 4 or 5 good curly white oak boards. Don't worry the Houston Boy don't like white oak lumber.
  12. Yes, I still have the Mayor of Smithville, Tn phone number.
  13. I don't have any live edge 2" cherry or walnut. I have some 4/4 cherry lumber but no walnut. I tried to call you but the call didn't go threw.
  14. @B1rdhunter I bet you're sister-in-law has forgot what you look like.