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  1. Coop, my helper want work when it gets hot.
  2. Working, poorboy has to work.
  3. @B1rdhunter I have stumble up on two big white oak logs. They have burls all around the log.
  4. I have never seen anything like that. Gary you would need to ask the school boy’s about how it formed! I guess, I will send it to the pallet shop.
  5. Would you call this pecky chestnut oak?
  6. You will need to stay up all night and not nod off, to get in front of that Delaware boy.
  7. I had been holding that since last summer waiting on the Iowa Boy. You know what mama said, you snooze you lose.
  8. Well Kev, got all the curly walnut, but you got all the curly white oak.
  9. I would like to just smell of that bottle of pills that make you feel like a youngish chicken! I go to bed feeling like a old man and get up feeling like one too.
  10. That Houston Boy!!!
  11. Bmac, I hope to get the butternut cut this week. 5/4 and 6/4
  12. I posted ole....... Are you a spring chicken?
  13. Bmac, do you have any pics of the curly white oak lumber planed? I wanted the ole boy in Iowa to see it.
  14. I have throwed the towel in on getting any Iowa money! I can sell lumber in Montana, Houston, Delaware, but I can’t sale one board in Iowa!