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  1. B1rdhunter, do you have QSWO flooring to? How many sq ft. in your house? I seen a pic of the outside an it looked huge.
  2. I have some curly W Oak, but no curly QSWO. If anybody has Curly QSWO it would be Garf Bros in South Shore, Ky. They are one of the big dogs in rift and QSWO lumber and flooring.
  3. I think, I could hide from my wife in that house! Looks great!
  4. @B1rdhunter do you have any pics of the new house with all the QSWO lumber?
  5. Well, he’s living it up on this vacation!
  6. Has the Houston Boy made it back home?
  7. If we just had Cousin Dave in that pic. That would be a crew!
  8. Dave, I think I have you beat on a beard now.
  9. The Houston Boy welcome anytime!
  10. Dave, on the last swinging bridge today, I tried to help Coop get that goose egg on his head. But it didn’t work.
  11. Dave, Coop didn’t get a goose egg on his head today. The girls from Texas ain’t afraid of a swinging bridge.
  12. Dave, we are going to Fall Creek Falls State Park today. If Coop gets his wife on the swinging bridge and she puts a goose egg on his head I will get you a pic.
  13. Bmac, Coop got the tiger hard maple board in the car.
  14. Bmac, I didn’t know that you was a bowl turner too.