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  1. Start saving your egg money for some flat sawn curly white oak lumber. You need to call your sister-in-law and tell her you are coming south in the spring.
  2. You get gravy on your biscuit too!
  3. @Mark J can we talk about you turning a small bowl out of this curly white oak piece? I would like to have one bowl from the Famous Turner from Chicago.
  4. If I ever get one your phone will ring! It want be the Houston Boy or Bmac’s phone ringing!
  5. Around 16”....................They need to be atleast 24” and bigger to QS.
  6. Well.......I see that you are tighting up on me!
  7. The size of them! People Love Money And Want All They Can Get!
  8. That would be a pecker pole log.
  9. @Bmac you may want to save alittle more of your egg money. I will have some curly white oak lumber. Don’t worry about the Houston Boy getting any, he has all rooster’s and no egg’s!
  10. If I did have them, you would be getting that big check book out!
  11. I don’t have the logs or burls. The ole boy gave me one burl. But, he said he would sell them.
  12. @B1rdhunter you need to see the white oak burl slabs, the ole boy cut with a alaska chainsaw mill. I watched him mill the last one this morning. 3” thick and around 44” wide and full of burls. They are for sale.
  13. They are not pecker pole burls.
  14. @Gary Beasley the ole boy selling the white oak burls off the two logs. I got one. You want any?
  15. Gary, I didn’t get the burl logs, they was a guy in front of me on the logs and he got them.