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  1. I think B1rdhunter was talking about killing the two tree’s not the Houston Boy and whoever that guy is in the pic with the Houston Boy.
  2. B1rdhunter, you still on the good pain medicine?
  3. No, they need to be around 24” on the small end to quarter saw.
  4. @B1rdhunter well with two new knee’s you should be able to dance a jig or two when you come down. I got a load of mtn logs today, maybe we will have some curly white oak.
  5. @B1rdhunter I will start working on your curly white oak order. But here’s the deal, you will take the curly white oak by and show it to Cousin Dave. I would like for Dave to see some Hillbilly Lumber in person.
  6. Don’t forget your checkbook this time!
  7. Bmac I think the next rocker needs to be curly white oak. But you will need to be big buddies with a sawmill guy that cuts alot of white oak to get 10/4.
  8. @B1rdhunter I was planing lumber out of a junk stack today for drying sticks. I run up on two white oak boards in the stack. Just maybe I put them in the junk stack so the Houston Boy wouldn’t find them. Cousin Dave it’s Coop’s time to get picked on.
  9. It will take two Houston Hats for you to get one board of it!
  10. I have a few piece’s of that curly hard maple that’s not in the house and she don’t know I have it. Rathole Money!!!!
  11. Bmac it will need to be springtime to find anymore. I looked for that log three years, It may take three more years to get one that good.
  12. You may need to come see Ole Spanky, I still have some.
  13. @B1rdhunter are you a curly hard maple guy?
  14. Bmac, that rocker needs to come back to the mtns of Tennessee . Hey, you done a great job on that rocker! I was hoping that you wouldn’t be disappoint with the wood.
  15. Spanky

    Roasted Wood?

    No, I haven’t heard of that. My little homemade kiln want go to 350. That would be just alittle on the warm side for me.