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  1. Here I was crying about it being 18* Tuesday morning.
  2. Boy if you and cousin Dave lived down the road from me. I would get some of Dave’s rathole money and I would salt it down.
  3. @ B1rdhunter are you kicking high now?
  4. Last week I cut three curly cherry crosstie’s and I sold the curly cherry lumber that came off the logs to RIW.
  5. He called me last week talking about birdhouse’s.
  6. Boy it was cold on a ole poorboy cutting crosstie’s today and that’s no Houston Tale.
  7. I would like to hear a Big Houston Tall Tale.
  8. Just took alittle time away from the woodworkers. To much of anything will make you sick.
  9. Cousin Dave you still kicking in the snow?
  10. Bmac you need to come down with that monster 084 and I will let you cut some timber on the side of the mtn all day long.
  11. Happy Birthday Ole Timer!!!!
  12. Dave you getting any snow?
  13. Raining here like a cow peeing on a flat rock.
  14. Gary, I can’t get your neighbor to answer the phone, he has a new girlfriend. I guess, a new girlfriend will do that to a old man. But, I still have your wood.
  15. Coop, my wife has got tired of shoveling sawdust on her days off. So I put my Houston Thinking Hat on and came up with a blower for my mill.
  16. Even a ole country boy needs to get a few brownie points with the little woman. I can get two ataboys today and by tomorrow they are gone.
  17. Coop, thanks for the card with all the money in it.
  18. @B1rdhunter are you starting to kick your legs alittle now?
  19. I didn’t know you had a basket full of egg money. I need to get some of that. I can’t get any egg money from Cousin Dave. I think his hens has quit laying.
  20. I need to buy some of the tiger hard maple from you . I think I can sell some of it to Bmac.
  21. For a guy born in 1929 you would think he’s been married longer than 48 years by now. He was 90 this year.
  22. Well all I can say, Cousin Dave and I don’t trade our wife like some people trade’s car’s.
  23. Cousin Dave, I was sure they was a couple of oldtimers on here, but I didn’t know that it was you and me.