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  1. Dave, when I get time I want to show you some of the curly white oak lumber, I have cut, cutting cross tie logs. No, Coop it’s not for sale!
  2. Spanky

    Cordless Chainsaws

    A mtn man’s size chainsaw!
  3. Boy, after cutting crosstie’s all day, I don’t want to pick on Cousin Dave! Dave you still kicking high?
  4. You know me well Coop! Gary, anymore butternut bowls coming up soon?
  5. I don’t know about working with it. But it cuts good.
  6. Coop, I have been cutting sweetgum tie logs all day. I have alittle red gum lumber now. Coop, I can see a box or two in the red gum with a tiger hard maple top. I may need to send alittle to a guy in Delaware to.
  7. Dave are you still fishing?
  8. Gary have you turned any on the tiger hard maple?
  9. Spanky

    Sued for cutting tree

    The one tree in your pic, has no logs that you could get any money for at a sawmill.
  10. Spanky

    Sued for cutting tree

    The going rate on price for soft maple logs in Tennessee $350.00 per thousand feet of logs. 0.35 bdft.
  11. I don’t like a thin cutting board. Around 1.75” to 2”.
  12. Here’s alittle in a cutting board.
  13. Coop I will let you look at it, if you come in. But I want show it to Dave.
  14. Dave check out this kiln dried 4/4 tiger hard maple lumber. But this pile not for sale.
  15. Cutting crosstie’s a job! It’s like logging a steep mtn tract of timber. It’s hard work! I just want a job like Dave! (Play at working and part time)
  16. No, they have to order four of them.
  17. I don’t think golfing would be my cup of tea. I guess, I will just unload the tiger hard maple lumber out of the kiln in the morning.
  18. A injector spring broke in one of the injectors on my mill motor. So I think, I will go try golfing with one ball. Dave will they let you golf in overalls and work boots and a Black Houston Hat?
  19. Dave are you still golfing?
  20. Gary, I want one tiger platter. I may need to get a couple more bowls from you.
  21. You will be ok! If you was use to hardwork it wouldn’t kill you!
  22. I will be cutting crosstie’s full time next week. Woodworking die’s out in the summer months and want be back till late fall. Part time woodworkers want to play at working! Dave, come on down we will see how many oak 7” x 9” x8’ 10” crosstie’s you can stack in 10 hrs. You want need to go to the gym after working all day!
  23. Bmac, I’m not sure if this tiger hard maple good enough for you? Here’s a couple pics of a short 4/4 piece that I have kiln dried.
  24. Have you seen Bmac arms? The guy chops wood just for fun.
  25. I have the peach lumber kiln dried. But you will need to work some overtime to get peach lumber! You know the story on the peach log!