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  1. I have never seen anything like that. Gary you would need to ask the school boy’s about how it formed! I guess, I will send it to the pallet shop.
  2. Would you call this pecky chestnut oak?
  3. You will need to stay up all night and not nod off, to get in front of that Delaware boy.
  4. I had been holding that since last summer waiting on the Iowa Boy. You know what mama said, you snooze you lose.
  5. Well Kev, got all the curly walnut, but you got all the curly white oak.
  6. I would like to just smell of that bottle of pills that make you feel like a youngish chicken! I go to bed feeling like a old man and get up feeling like one too.
  7. That Houston Boy!!!
  8. Bmac, I hope to get the butternut cut this week. 5/4 and 6/4
  9. I posted ole....... Are you a spring chicken?
  10. Bmac, do you have any pics of the curly white oak lumber planed? I wanted the ole boy in Iowa to see it.
  11. I have throwed the towel in on getting any Iowa money! I can sell lumber in Montana, Houston, Delaware, but I can’t sale one board in Iowa!
  12. My last blue light special sale! Tiger Hard Maple, Curly Cherry, Curly Black Walnut, QS White Oak 13” wide, Tiger Soft Maple.
  13. Gary, have you got done with the tiger hard maple platter? I would like to see a pic of it.
  14. I have hunted Mountain Grouse here and they are hard to kill. They would come up and fly behind a tree and be gone.
  15. Coop, you do know if you miss a pheasant, they will cut your shirt tail off in Iowa. So, you may want to bring a few shirts.
  16. Hey, I had a woodworker come from west tennessee to get a cross tie, Coop saw that too!
  17. I would like to go pheasant hunting with him to, but I can’t see the end of a gun barrel anymore.
  18. Just my Luck...... I still want get any Iowa money!
  19. I don’t have time to cut lumber for everybody. I have a pallet shop and a hardwood flooring factory that will buy all I can cut, plus all the cross tie’s I can cut. Plus I’m a old man!
  20. Hey, if you ever come see your favorite sister-inlaw, come and see the ole poor hillbilly.
  21. I just wanted to let everybody know that Ole Spanky has quit cutting woodworker’s lumber. @B1rdhunter if I can come up with the right curly white oak log for you, you will be hearing from me.
  22. I have some 8/4 QSWO lumber.
  23. Coop, I need to go up on my lumber.
  24. I would like to get some of your money someday. Maybe I can come up with one, but I can tell you, it want be cheap for a white oak log that big. I have never seen a curly white oak log that was good that big before.