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  1. Coop, I still have you a cull piece of the tiger hard maple.
  2. Real woodworkers make there on wooden hinges! Just joking Coop! You made a pretty box too!
  3. The guy said, it blew up on him turning.
  4. I got a table top and a cross tie out of the white oak log.
  5. Here’s one of my bowl’s I got back to.
  6. Coop, check out this box a guy made for me. The guy has some good tiger hard maple.
  7. Mark J, here’s two cow pee poplar bowls.
  8. Quartersawn lumber better than flat sawn any day. But you need big logs to QS lumber.
  9. Bmac, check out this white oak table top that I cut today.
  10. Bmac I’m not sure but I think I have two board feet more than you.
  11. Bmac it will be a few days on pics.
  12. Cousin Dave I hope I didn’t make you mad. Keep posting about the lamps. I will try to not pick on you so much.
  13. Bmac, I have the red gum (sweetgum) lumber out of the kiln. But it’s like Tom King said the inside on the outside and the outside on the inside. I guess, I need alittle schooling on drying sweetgum lumber.
  14. I don’t have a cousin that would give me a drink of free water..........on a hot summer day. Boy, I hope I don’t see Cousin Dave broke down on the side of the road...
  15. Boy Cousin Dave, you’re not tight forsure, to put two light bulbs in one lamp.
  16. Cousin Dave, you are the man on lamps. Just send me the Iowa tag on the wall. Do you need my address?
  17. No, 7 1/8 Houston Hat, no tiger hard maple lumber going back to Houston. I will just send it to Cousin Dave.......
  18. Well....... You mean the world famous Houston Hat Co. out of 7 1/8 size hats. Just move up in price, they have that size! Did you have them measure your head and the size was 10 1/4. I would call that a Big Head!
  19. It’s a shame Cousin Dave’s side, got all the brains and my side didn’t get any. I like the lamps.
  20. Dave, Coop bringing me a Houston Hat, it will take a truck load of lumber to pay for the Houston Hat.
  21. The Houston Boy has deep pockets! I can’t get my hands in my pockets.
  22. Dave, I have the red gum lumber in the kiln. I want to have it kiln dried, so I can get some of the Houston Boy’s money.
  23. Coop, I have one Yankee Cousin that I like..........