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  1. Hi guys and gals... or should I say "Grüüezi"? I'm a beginner woodworker and need some advice. I am an American expat living in Switzerland for the past 14 years for work. In the two years before moving, I had taken up wood working and had put together a small basement shop. I completed some beginner-intermediate projects (blanket chest, table, crib). When I moved, I had to give it all up because of space. Most Swiss, like me, live in apartments without garage or basement facilities. So there is really no space to set up a personal work space to even set up a bench. Recently I have found a local shared community woodworking shop (my German is now good enough), and was able to complete a simple project (cutting board), so now I am hooked again. So I thought I would ask some general advice: Simple projects appropriate for a re-entry hobbyist, woodworking courses that would provide a good basic skill platform that I could build from, I do have seldom used balcony space at my weekend mountain apartment... I'm thinking that maybe I could build a small rudimentary bench and build small projects with handtools... any ideas about a weather-proof mini-workbenck that would be stable enough for small projects/hand cut dovetails etc?