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  1. Yeah, they cut on the pull strock so I find them easy to get started and control
  2. Yes, it allows me to not do a climb cut and always rout with the grain for the cleanest safest cut
  3. I have found the gyokucho brand even though relatively inexpensive to be really well made, sharp and cut great. As far as teeth, I haven't found a good resource which explains the best use for each tooth configuration. The different websites marketing teams think they'll sell more if they throw "dovetailing saw" on everything.
  4. In this project I design and build a bench incorporating Japanese style architecture, as well as in lay some bow ties/butterflies along a crack I carve as a decorative feature. Depending on how you argue the semantics of what joinery is, their are 5 or 6 different types of joinery in this project. Used a dado blade to cut the bridle joints on the tablesaw I tried to find piece of walnut that had grain flowing in the direction of the decorative arch Hollow mortiser left the walls of the mortise rough so I cleaned them up with a chisel Angled tenons to match the taper on the legs. cut with a combination of dado blade and a Japanese handsaw Hand chopped with chisel and mallet planed flush
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