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  1. Bmac, I have seen the really really good stuff. He has it at someone else's house . I helped cut a lot of it and even have some of it...
  2. That's a lot of good firewood for my stove..
  3. Rickey are grapes ready ? I can’t spell musk:;()$&. I’ll leave it at that ..
  4. I need a larger a/c unit. I can't get it below 70* in the shop... I may have to go help cut crossties were it's cool, like late October...
  5. Coop: Went by Spankys yesterday and he had two fans blowing on him...
  6. Yes I was sweating but all Spanky did was push buttons with a fan blowing on him... Someone had to do the work..
  7. The Tiger is starting to show.
  8. Did he have one??
  9. I’m not in any hurry for it. I have 1500 bdft in my shed that’s dry. Plus it’s cheaper if you buy the log uncut and get It cut..
  10. No I always watch Rickey do it.
  11. Bmac it's air drying.
  12. The Curly Cherry logs made it to my house. It killed me and my wife unloading it. 3 or 4 pcs of 4/4 the rest 9/4. My brother doesn’t know it but he is going to come over next Sunday and help unload the Tiger Maple log.
  13. I’ve decided to make a Krenov cabinet with the tiger maple. Only wood I don’t have is some Apple, Pear, Peach or Plumb. Any one will do . I’ll decide the combination of wood while it is drying..
  14. You can have the right side because it was cut on the left side of the mt ..