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  1. I have a steel city 13 inch bench top planer. I know they went out of business. Had to replace the bearings in the motor and in the process I broke the brushes. ( I’m old so I get a pass ) Can anyone tell me where I can find a pair. Model 40100. Thanks.
  2. Bmac: Great job !! That tiger is unbelievable.
  3. Looks great. Your on the downhill run now. One thing I learned was to go slow it's not a race .
  4. Bmac those are real nice white oak logs. My guess is about 800 bdf. But Spanky it a lot better at telling that than I will ever be.
  5. Brian, good luck with the build. It was a hard build for me because that was my first Maloof style piece.
  6. I didn't know they reopened the Chattanooga store. I need to make time to go in between a project.