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  1. That clock is so fine !! Mission is my favorite.. love the wide plank floors..
  2. I thought we were kin !!!
  3. I have put away all my egg money waiting for this time of year to buy tiger.
  4. You know I don’t listen to her !! I do need at least one more tiger log but I’m willing to take all you can find. You know the lumber market is slow right now and I wouldn’t want you to have to sit on any..
  5. Coop I have security cameras on my tiger maple. Spanky was looking at it awful hard last time he was here...
  6. @FallCreek welcome to the forum. I’m live close to Spankys place.
  7. I’m still working. The boss LOVES his money more than life itself...
  8. Bmac, go to sammaloofwoodworking on instagram and look at the rocker they made from curly maple. It’s so fine ...
  9. Went to Rickey’s today and got my cross tie lumber. I really didn’t need it but its a little curly. Only 125 bdft ..
  10. I’ll have plenty more if Spanky will cut that maple log now his mill is going ...
  11. Looking in my lumber stash and found another 100 bdft of tiger maple.
  12. Lumber Jocks has posted that Charles Neil has passed away ..
  13. Where do you guys buy your resaw king blades ? Also does highland ever run free shipping ?
  14. I need another log of it, for just in case. I have saved my egg money.