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  1. The Tiger is starting to show.
  2. Did he have one??
  3. I’m not in any hurry for it. I have 1500 bdft in my shed that’s dry. Plus it’s cheaper if you buy the log uncut and get It cut..
  4. No I always watch Rickey do it.
  5. Bmac it's air drying.
  6. The Curly Cherry logs made it to my house. It killed me and my wife unloading it. 3 or 4 pcs of 4/4 the rest 9/4. My brother doesn’t know it but he is going to come over next Sunday and help unload the Tiger Maple log.
  7. I’ve decided to make a Krenov cabinet with the tiger maple. Only wood I don’t have is some Apple, Pear, Peach or Plumb. Any one will do . I’ll decide the combination of wood while it is drying..
  8. You can have the right side because it was cut on the left side of the mt ..
  9. That’s just wrong . Sell my right side lumber..
  10. Yes Coop that's all for the flooring mill. I would guess there is around 1 million bdft on the yard.
  11. For those that haven’t seen this is how the start air drying the oak lumber before it gets to the kiln.
  12. I should have been more specific and said only to people that live in Houston...
  13. Someone must know my password. You know I wouldn't say such ...
  14. That's going to be some great quilted tiger hard maple.. After mine is dry, if I sold any it would be $ 20.00 bdft or it will sit there.