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  1. I’ll have plenty more if Spanky will cut that maple log now his mill is going ...
  2. Looking in my lumber stash and found another 100 bdft of tiger maple.
  3. Lumber Jocks has posted that Charles Neil has passed away ..
  4. Where do you guys buy your resaw king blades ? Also does highland ever run free shipping ?
  5. I need another log of it, for just in case. I have saved my egg money.
  6. I don’t have one now but I am going to buy one after Christmas. I will get a woodslicer also. Maybe one of them will cut 300 bdft of tiger maple without problems.
  7. Bmac do you use a resaw king blade ?
  8. Richard is the state doing something to the Smithville Hwy ?
  9. Spanky I forget to get that the other day. Thanks for planing it for me.. I’ll get it Saturday.
  10. Bmac: Great job !! That tiger is unbelievable.
  11. Bmac, I have seen the really really good stuff. He has it at someone else's house . I helped cut a lot of it and even have some of it...
  12. That's a lot of good firewood for my stove..
  13. Rickey are grapes ready ? I can’t spell musk:;()$&. I’ll leave it at that ..
  14. I need a larger a/c unit. I can't get it below 70* in the shop... I may have to go help cut crossties were it's cool, like late October...
  15. Coop: Went by Spankys yesterday and he had two fans blowing on him...