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  1. @FallCreek how close are you to spanky ?
  2. Spanky what month does tiger season start?? Is it May ?
  3. @coop as spanky would say it’s only paper..
  4. @coopThe honey do’s are about done. I built a new 14x28 shop and have been trying to get it finished. No woodworking since last September. @Mark J my wife calls it 3/4 time..
  5. Good to see everyone is still here. I retired in July. Working harder now than I did when I had a job.
  6. I have a steel city 13 inch bench top planer. I know they went out of business. Had to replace the bearings in the motor and in the process I broke the brushes. ( I’m old so I get a pass ) Can anyone tell me where I can find a pair. Model 40100. Thanks.
  7. That’s ok don’t ask me . My wife said i could have it . But now it’s to late ,it’s a cross tie . So so wrong..
  8. Everything was going good until you talked to my wife. Now I can’t spend $0.50 a bdft for lumber and I have to ask for permission to go to your house..
  9. It’s just wrong to cut a tie out of figured lumber ..
  10. That’s ok I’m still squealing but I have 375 bdft of it ..
  11. I’m still squealing..
  12. Yes and I’m still squealing like pig ..
  13. Chestnut you would have had a nice time in the maple pile. That was all that was there just the dark heart wood logs.
  14. I will have to stop by and check it out .
  15. That 300 bdft of tiger sure will look good in my pile . Pictures to come.