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  1. There are some available on Ebay, but I don't know what size you need. 3-Step 6-Step
  2. Woodcraft sells a similar connector that is intended to connect the two pieces through a routed channel rather than a drilled hole: Wood River joint connector The advantage is that you can completely disconnect the two pieces of the top without moving it at all. Of course, if you use dowel pins for alignment, you'll have to move the top away from the corner a little bit to separate the two, anyway.
  3. We've done business with Chewy for about four years now - mostly for food/treats, but also some prescription meds and a bed or two. Food orders routinely arrive two days after I place the order - I guess they have a DC near by. Only a couple of occasions to call Customer Service (none of them a Chewy screw-up) and they were very easy to deal with.
  4. I have a couple of these mobile stands - one for a DeWalt planer and one for a small bandsaw (height works out just right for me). One potential drawback of adding the box is that it will force you to mount the pivot wheel outboard of the stand, as shown in your second picture. I found that to be a tripping hazard and remounted mine in the inboard position. Inboard is a little less convenient to operate, but I don't crack my ankle on the mechanism anymore. It also limits the footprint of the stand to just the dimensions of the frame.
  5. Oops - once again failed to notice the date on the original post!
  6. Looks like we call them 45* angle irons here: https://www.garvinindustries.com/sfl62?gclid=Cj0KCQiA-rj9BRCAARIsANB_4ACzOgLRBspuhc8A-8JhrdPkrwOW9l-CZYWR199vteEd21wQ27ekOwcaAh4AEALw_wcB Of course, we still measure things in inches and pounds, too.
  7. I don't think that a 6" overhang is too much with a 1" or even a 3/4" top, in terms of strength. I'm wondering about the stability of the table. At only 32" wide and a 6" overhang on both sides, the base is only going to be 20" wide (or maybe a little less because of the aprons). That's probably okay if this is a hall table or sofa table, but if the client is planning to have people sitting at the table, I'd worry about it being prone to tipping.
  8. Not that particular cabinet, but to put casters on something similar, I put a piece of 3/4" plywood on top of a frame of 2x6 lumber, laid flat, and attached the casters to the 2x6's.
  9. +1 I think there's a good reason you don't find cabinets like this available commercially.
  10. I received an email from Grizzly Industrial with a coupon code for $25 off a purchase of $125 or more. I won't be able to make use of it. There are some restrictions (see below), but it doesn't say anything about non-transferrable. If you can use it, let me know, and I''ll PM you the code. *Valid for one order. Cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion. Cannot be used towards previous purchases. Not valid for purchase of gift certificates, Bartlein Barrels, DeWalt, Festool, Makita, Milwaukee, Next Wave Automation, Porter Cable, SawStop, Shaper Tools, and Teknatool. Coupon va
  11. I missed this part of your original post earlier. I would stick with the 6/4 for your rails - not only to resist bowing, but you'll want that thickness to accommodate the bed bolts. Not sure if there's a standard, but I would go with 7" or wider on a queen size bed, both for rigidity and appearance - you don't want it to look skimpy. Also, regarding the bed bolts, there are decorative covers available that disguise the counter-bored holes for the bolts, but also allow easy access for dis-assembling the bed frame: https://www.horton-brasses.com/searchadvanced.asp?searchfor=bed+bol
  12. I think you would want to use a glued M&T joint for the head and foot rails, and use the bed bolts only for the side rails - so there's just one bolt through each post. The bolt would pass through the tenon of the head/foot rail, but that shouldn't be a problem.
  13. G Ragatz


    Calipers are not a daily-use tool for me. I had an inexpensive digital model, but as others have said, the battery always seemed to be dead when I needed it. I picked up an iGaging 6" dial caliper a year or two ago (~ $25) and have been happy with it. It has both a fractional scale and a decimal scale on the dial - one registers 1/64" and the other 0.01". The fractional scale is the outer ring on the dial, and so it's easier to read - and I'd generally prefer to work with the fractions anyway.
  14. G Ragatz


    I don't watch much TV news, but the New York Times has done three stories on the storm and its impact over the past week. The first, which ran right after the storm was fairly brief. The one that ran a couple of days ago was a pretty extensive article - including lots of photos (in the on-line version). What a mess - best wishes to all with the recovery! https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/15/us/midwest-storm-farms.html