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  1. G Ragatz

    Hinges for glass doors

    I had the same thought about the glass thickness - and if you go 5/16 or 3/8, you're probably looking at a 40-45 lb. door. Pretty sure the shower door hinges could handle that with two hinges per door. The concealed hinges, I'd guess you'd need at least four per door. I believe they also have versions of those hinges that don't require a hole in the glass.
  2. There are smaller sizes of the Brusso hinge that would reduce the cost (not sure how large/heavy your doors are): https://www.brusso.com/jb-103/ https://www.brusso.com/jb-101/ But you'll still have the visible knuckle, as wtnhighlander points out. There are swing restraints available that would help you avoid damage to the case with the Sasso hinge: https://cabinetdoorrestraint.com/ Not exactly "elegant," but you only see it when the door is open.
  3. G Ragatz

    Moving shop cross-country...how do my plans sound?

    I think I'd pick up some of those heavy furniture mover's blankets to wrap around the DP and BS before you crate them. Home Depot sells several different brands, not terribly expensive. Good luck with the move!
  4. G Ragatz

    New shop and beginner woodworker

    And you can download the plan for free.
  5. G Ragatz

    First woodworking project ever.

    For me, it's always helpful to look at examples - just Google "wooden toy box plans." You should get lots of hits, including pictures and, in some cases, (free) detailed plans. These should help you get a sense of what "look" appeals to you, as well as a sense of size/proportions you like. The detailed plans will give you some ideas about different options for materials, joinery, etc. and help you to come up with a design of your own that fits your taste, your budget, and your current skill level. I've done several projects that are "hybrids" of design elements taken from two or three different plans. It's nice not to have to create the detailed plan from scratch, but also nice to know that I've made the design "my own."
  6. G Ragatz

    Need some help and guidance....

    Until I issued a "cease and desist" order, my wife used to like to buy me various "5-in-1" or "10-in-1" tools as gifts. The design sacrifices needed to get all those tools into one generally meant none of them worked very well (exception: a Craftsman screwdriver with 6 tips that store in the handle - perfect for our "miscellaneous" drawer in the kitchen). My guess is, you'll find the same with this bench. Even if you find detailed plans for a beast like this, you'll probably have to modify them in lots of ways to accommodate your specific tools. And when you start modifying the design for one of your tools, it affects at least one of the other tools ... As food for thought, here are a couple of examples of somewhat less "all inclusive" benches that might give you some ideas: https://www.woodmagazine.com/project-plans/workshop-jig/tool-bases-stands/on-a-roll-mobile-tool-bench https://www.instructables.com/id/Multi-Tool-Flip-Top-Table/
  7. G Ragatz

    Another Dust Collection Option

    I just recently ordered a "Super" Dust Deputy to create a cyclone first-stage for a Delta 1-HP DC. The Delta has a 1-micron bag that seems to clog pretty quickly. Hoping the DD will cut down on filter bag maintenance without reducing suction too much. Will let you know when it's up and running.
  8. G Ragatz

    Hanging Kitchen cabinet doors

    I believe it's called a screw dowel (or screwdowel). Try googling hinge plastic dowel - it should generate some options for ordering them on-line (probably pay more for shipping than the product). Once you identify the product, you can probably call some local hardware stores to see if you can find it.
  9. G Ragatz

    Bread Board End Question

    Handsome top. Try googling "farm table breadboard ends." You'll get a lot of pictures. Look them over, and see what appeals to you. There doesn't appear to be a common standard - some where each end is close to 20% of the overall table length, and some where each end is maybe 5% of the overall length.
  10. G Ragatz

    desk dimension/design and other questions

    My thought on the pull-out writing surface was that it would still have a drawer front, to maintain the symmetry of the design. It might also be possible to make the writing surface a "lid" on an actual drawer, so that you could lift it off and still have some storage space under. Rabbet two edges to keep it in place. Thinking about your revised plan, I think the organizer drawers will still be too small for 8.5x11 paper, after accounting for the thickness of the walls of the drawer, and the fact that you need a little space to get your fingers in, or you'll never get the paper out. Your idea of making the organizer and desk drawers the same width makes sense to me - and then position the organizers so that the drawers are aligned vertically. Also, I agree with Chestnut - if you have the space in the room, a little wider desk would ease some of the constraints on the design. I don't think another 4-6" in width would make the desk look mis-proportioned.
  11. G Ragatz

    desk dimension/design and other questions

    It’s a handsome desk. I agree with the suggestions above to align the outside edges of the organizer boxes with the outside edge of the legs. I like the size of the overhang on the top as you have it – but if you want to make the top thicker, I’d keep it to no more than 1” and put a wide bevel on the underside of the overhang to keep the edge at about ¾”. You might want to give some thought to what you would be storing in the organizer drawers. At only 8” wide, you won’t be able to store 8.5x11 paper in them. If it were me, I’d sacrifice some width in the cubbies, if necessary, to get a wider drawer. It might also make sense to make the organizer units wider overall, as long as they’re not too deep. From the photo, it looks like they’re wider on the original desk – maybe 17 or 18 inches, and maybe 10 or 11 inches deep. Personally, I’m always looking for more surface area close at hand at my desk. To that end, I’d consider making one of the desk drawers a pull-out writing surface instead of a drawer (but that’s just me).