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  1. Thanks for the inputt. I think I will go for a tooth 20mm wide, 25 mm deep and 20mm spacing between. So I had planned to do this in one go, but I need to adjust as I go. You are correct this will make a lot of chips I might even put the hole arrangement on a angle? Maybe 30° so they will more or less fall off ?? But I do have a very good woodcollection so it might not be nescessary. I haven't used and dont own a spiral bit, but now is maby a good time to invest in a couple of good whiteside bits. But down or up cut ?? Best regards. TR
  2. Hello.Thanks for ideas I have been thinking of this and I am going to try the following. I did not get to upload images here so I put them on a web site I have, not much yet but the images is here. (http://www.farsflisespikkeri.com/nye.html) I will cut 3/4" plywood strips at 2" high. I will make a jig like a box, that has sides with pre made notches in it that will give me accurate spacing. Then the straight edge part will pop in to these notches. For clamping I am going to try something I have done before with a firehose. Basickally it is a hose that i have a car tire valve in
  3. Hello. I was wondering if anybody had a idea on how to make dentle molding. I have just recently finiched my Jugent home and are going to install a 3 piece crownmolding on the wall/ceeling. But I need a lot of dentile mouling at least 120-150 ft. So it will bee a major pain to make all those teeth. How can i do this so that it does't take all of 2015 I also have planes to make a paint pipe dipping system so that I can get quick paint inn all the teeth corners. But that is another matter. I would appriciate if anybody could give mee pointers. I have a fully equiped woodshop,
  4. Hello, long time since I was in this forum and an answer is in place The answer is yes, the colour does fade. It is still quite interesting, but now a more light brown colour. You can see it on my web page, link under. It is cut after aprox 8 months of drying as a log. http://www.farsflisespikkeri.com/skurlast.html Best regards T.Robertsen
  5. Ok some progress in the cutting.. I do not have to much time these days as I am in the final lap of my new home build. A jugent house and I have used almost 6 months on the roofing alone.. http://villarobertsen.blogspot.no/ But any way here is some oppdated pictures of the maple log. It is hard to saw and it would probably have been best too cut it "green" but time is not my friend. The smell is also a bit peculiar, smells like mild vomit ha ha ha, is this what it is supposed to smell ?? The log is 26" Wide and 102" long and I cut them in 4 1/2" thick boards. Heavy monsters. No they
  6. A new url for this : http://www.farsflisespikkeri.com/skurlast.html
  7. If anybody was waiting to see the mentioned bloodbeech when it was cut, here are some pictures. Sadly it seems that the red colour has gone It also have some decay in the senter. TR http://www.farsflisespikkeri.com/timber-to-be-sawn.html
  8. Yes should have ! But in my place and in this country even, cutting things like this is not normal. I know of a saw mill in the south part of Norway ( aprox 400miles away) And the transportation cost alone would make this log in to fire wood So I rather take my chances and cut it my self. Ok not cheap this either since I needed to buy a saw, bar, chain and the Granberg attachment. But this is tools that I will have after the end of this project and that is allways nice. And even how badly I cut this, some wood wil come out of it. And if I am lucky it will be sufficient to make my own rou
  9. Hello again. This has been a long wait but finally I got started with cutting this big maple. My granberg arrived the other day ( ordered it in november) so ordering from the states takes time Anyway, I desided to cut this log in to 4 pices ( quarter saw it) and do this along the checks wich if you look closely divide the log in to 4 natural segments. This make for a angled cut with the mini mill, but I kinda got it. The mini mill worked well, but it should have had 3 screw holes in the aluminum track segments not only two. The bar flexes a bit. Now the next thing is to lift of th
  10. Hello again. Since I am building my own home at the time, things are slow on my woodworking side. If anybody are interested check out my new Jugent home here: http://villarobertsen.blogspot.no/ Any way, I finally got my Sthil MS 660 saw and have started cutting my big maple log. I was worried that since I have been waiting for as long as I have, the log had gotten too hard. But no problem. And in my mind waiting have been a positive thing. Now I can clearly see where the large checks are. As a consequence I will try and cut it in 4 quarters along its natural checks that is quite visibl
  11. Hello again. What about OSB and plywood sheets ? I see that a 4x8' , 23/32" thick OSB sells for $ 14,87 at homedepot.com in my country it sells for aprox $45. This price difference is also and even more in plywoods. The transportation is not a big deal, I allready take all my handtools and such from Rockler by container boat, and it is not expensive ! 1 powermatic 18" drillpress did cost me $500 delivered on my door after 5 weeks But homedepot.com do not ship sheet gods, only "pick up i store" If not i would have bought my self quite a lot of both OSB and Ply in different sizes and f
  12. Ant tips then of a good beefy drumsander.? Seems to me the ones I have seen are bench sized. If it where to come in 220v it to would bee nice. Thanks
  13. Hello. I order my Arm-R-Seal from the states and get it shipped to Norway by myus.com or jetcarrier.com. It works like a charm. TR