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  1. After doing some research I believe you’re right. I watched a video on a drum sander and seen that they get very close to walls running parallel to wood floors but can vary in distance away from perpendicular walls. Looks like they didn’t do a good job blending the two areas together.
  2. Just for additional info, these are red oak floors and House was built in 1962. Not sure when carpet was installed.
  3. Here are some pictures throughout the home. As you can tell some walls weren’t affected.
  4. I know he used a different machine on all the edges around the house. Honestly the chemical reaction sounds like a more likely issue. I would just think the issue would allly to everywhere he used that edging machine.
  5. I just have a hard time believing that the edge sanding did it because shouldnt all the edges of the walls be this way?? And it’s a local company with over 25 years in the business and he said he’s only seen this once but never found a solution due to the customer’s hurry to move in. Luckily he’s not leaving me dry, he has said he could try resanding the whole area and re apply stain but I’m just worried the same thing will happen and I just go in the hole more. Side question: could heat cause this? Not sure if history of home but is it possible there was baseboard heat on the walls that this has happened? I ask this because of the fireplace being one area and only bedrooms being affected. Living room and hallway is perfect! This is why there is so much confusion.
  6. Okay so I recently bought a house in means of remodeling it to be our starter home. The house had carpet in all rooms when we purchased it but when we tore it up we deiscovered we had hardwood floors underneath. They were a golden color before having them sanded down by professionals and re-stained using Minwax Dark Walnut. The floors turned out great except.... there are some spots that’s are lighter. We first noticed it in front of the fireplace. Then we walked into each bedroom and noticed it again. The patch is on each bedroom wall that is perpendicular to the runs of the wood. It’s about 14”-18” off each wall. They have put down two coats of polyurethane down and you can even feel a difference in the top coat. It’s almost like it’s “stickier” in these patches. Everyone is scratching their head on this. Anyone have any thoughts??