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    Full Blown Beginner. I like Green and Green stuff. I’ve built some patio furniture and a simple cabinet. Converting garage to shop to play in.

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  1. Hi All: newbie here and first go at sharpening. Here’s what I’ve done thus far and was hoping someone could help if I am doing something wrong. The chisel I used was a Stanley Sweetheart 750 1/2 inch. New. From what I read it came to me at 30 degrees. I attempted to flatten the back on a X-Coarse DMT Diamond Duo Sharp Sharpener. I put black sharpie on the back of the chisel, spritzed the plate and moved over the stone in small circles over the face of the stone and when the sharpie was gone I flipped the plate over, put more sharpie and used the Coarse side doing the same. I did this same routine using Shapton Stones: 1000, 5000 and 8000 grits. I then placed the chisel in a Veritas MK 2 honing device set to 30and went through the grits. Also the micro bevel indicator was set with arrow facing down. Questions: when we talk about the secondary bevel is it distinct only by light and polish? Or should it be a distinctly different surface plane that was created? I can never tell in the sharpening videos and what I got from my final product did not appear to give me a second surface but a surface that looked very different from the remaining section of the area. Did any of that actually make sense? Is the secondary bevel different from a micro bevel? If so, how do I know I have both? Does it matter how much of the back has the polished finish? Whole thing? First few inches? Also... why are the handles falling off the chisels? They come off every single one so I’m assuming it’s purposeful but it’s irritating. What is the purpose of this? May any rate, any feedback is helpful! Thank you in advanced! Pic 1: the chisel I allegedly finished lol I am guessing I wasn’t giving even pressure on both sides of the honing device and that’s why it’s curved? Pic 2: polished enough to reflect camera ;-) but not sure if I need to go further down the back. Pic 3 and 4: comparison to chisel that hasn’t been done yet. Pic 5: profile of chisel I sharpened...allegedly. Lark
  2. Hey Guys: I had purchased these from Zoro same month but am just getting around to sharpening because I’m new to wood working and needed to read up. This is the side profile of the ones I received. I looks thinner than yours. Maybe you got a bad batch? Do your handles fall off? Mine do. But not sure if they are supposed too. Like I said... newbie. Never owned a chisel.
  3. Hey guys: total newbie here here but I'll leave you with this perspective.... What got me here and tied into fine wood working projects and learning from folks like you guys was first doing some things from sites like Amy Wilkerson's and even Fix this Build That. For me.... I had never heard of The Wood Whisperer or Makers Space etc. and was learning from YouTube and books and no one around me that new the skill. But through the start up videos you get hooked and keep looking for something more in line with what you are wanting to do and that lead me here so I think there is a time and place for these types of YouTubers but that's my .02 lol and I totally wish a tool fairy would come and drop free tools my way for sure!
  4. Hmmmm... I don't think I realized there was a difference in the sheet goods. I knew there was in the hardwoods so I was getting that from the hardwood dealer here. I see they have a ton of sheet goods there as well. Would getting this type of ply from a dealer help with the tear out? I had terrible tear out despite a new saw blade. Used some wood filler but you can see it clear as day in the finish. What I really do love about this is just how many things you end up learning from building something as utilitarian as a cabinet but its a total blast while you do it... even after you end up cussing a whole heck of a lot lol When you guys started did you find that you were "Naturals" at woodworking or that you had to really appreciate some struggle. lol Will absolutely check this out! Thanks for the resource!
  5. See, I have ordered a few things from Lee Valley Veritas but always groaned about price... not anymore. First class act right here. On both sides really but I can say now that if this is the level of customer service I can expect from Lee Valley... someone find my credit card and let’s pick out some toys!!!!!
  6. I will say that I enjoyed the speed so much that I don't mind the consumption. I've stained a few things here and there and hadn't been a fan of the time it took but I liked the spray gun. I think once I get familiar with what I'm actually doing it's gonna pay off having one. How do I know when to cut a finishing material and with what other material I should cut it? Are there hard and fast rules or is this something that eventually becomes a personal preference for the person doing the finishing? Thanks for your feedback!
  7. I took a good look around the cabinet and didn't notice any runs and now that I look back on some of the other items I stained they were quite a bit smaller so that's likely why i was shocked that I used the full can on one project. Duh me. Size matters. lol Can I ask... when you get a sheet of veneered ply at a home center, in this case the maple is this "ready to go" for finish or do you still have to prep it a bit? I was confused about this part. I knew there was absolute potential I could burn through the veneer if I wasn't careful but I was scratching my head with... well how do I remove the pencil marks and little scuffs here and there so they don't come through the finish? Would I have needed to lightly sand prior to laying down a coat?
  8. Hey Guys! First, thank you so much for actually taking time out to respond and help! I've taken some photos of the cabinet but I don't think you will be able to see what I'm talking about as I was only able to take the pic with my phone. Let's also pretend like we don't see the glaring grain error on the drawers. I'm learning a ton! I love this cabinet and hate it at the same time mainly because I actually built it but all the errors drive me nuts. At any rate: Not sure if you can see some of the fuzzy's i was talking about that got caught in the finish. They on on the side panel. Pretty sure it was from the wiping rag I used and I didn't even stop to think that acetone would mess with the shellac so... another lesson learned there. I'm on a roll! :) There are like these small patches of rough spots that occur throughout the front and sides of the finish. Oddly not the top. I'm wondering if I just didn't get good coverage. You can kind of see the lighter corner in the second pic towards to the corner. Thats where it gets rough. Well I learned alot from building this that I wont go into here because I know this is about the finishing but knowing where I'm at know does anyone have any suggestions on getting a durable coverage from a not so good start? I've read somewhere that I may be okay with the Shellac down as the first coat then can go over again with something else. I think Ronn mentioned a wiping Varnish. Any opinions? Should I do a light sanding and blow it off (learned my lesson on Acetone lol ) then apply the Varnish? With a Varnish do I dilute it and apply several coats of thin material or lay it on thick out of the gates? Thanks again for all of your help. I truly appreciate it and sorry for the sucky pictures i know they were less than informative. Lark
  9. Hi All: new to wood working. When I say new I mean new. At any rate, I decided to build a base cabinet for the wood shop that I’ve decided to convert my garage to as I go about this journey. I have always been fascinated with building but never allowed since I was the girl in the family. Now that I’m done with school and pretty stable in my career I have time for hobbies other than my current ones. At any rate I’ve been learning mostly from books and online and a Makers Space. So back to the cabinet. I have a question about some finishing issues... was I really supposed to go through a whole can (quart) and only have two coats on? I used shellac. I was finishing maple. The main wood was ply with maple veneer and the top was edged in a chunk of rock maple. Total cabinet dimensions are 61 inches long 20 deep. I didn’t do the back or inside. I lightly sanded using 120 mostly because I had some tear out I had to fill and fix. I used acetone to wipe the dust off and then sprayed the finished from about 6-8 inches vertical then horizontal on each face. I let it dry for about an hour and came back and noticed that there was a white fuzz all over the darn thing. Im guessing this was the rag I cleaned the dust off with and didn’t realize I was leaving this behind. Kinda surprised because these rags don’t leave anything behind when I stain with them. I sanded lightly with 220 and it seemed to at least knock this down and I started to spray again and managed only the top and the front and then ran out of shellac on the sides. Did I perhaps have the gun set incorrectly amongst other things? I was using an Earlex 5500 and it was my first time using Shellac or a HPLV or paint gun lol I’m having a total blast with this stuff but hard to learn since I don’t know anyone who does it so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but a whole can gone seemed odd. Also the finish that was on just didn’t feel quite smooth. When I first sprayed it, it looked like a touch of orange peel but then seemed to settle out. But after the second coat it is still kind of ... well not Silky smooth. Any constructive help would be appreciated for sure! Thanks!