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  1. Thank you k cooper, I appreciate the advice. Yes the top pieces are definetly real wood so I’m trying to stay optimistic!
  2. It’s actually a magnolia market table and is very expensive when brought brand new...unfortunately the previous owner (who I bought from) let it get rained on and that’s where the lifting came from. They already refused me a refund. At this point I am just trying to figure out how to get it in functional condition
  3. My husband picked it up and didn’t closely inspect it so they weren’t willing to refund me because they thought it was in great condition. Here is a photo of the bottom, the rest of it seems in good shape. I would just like to fix it enough to make it usable since it’s only one corner.
  4. Thank you! It looks like it is lifted enough for me to squeeze glue in. I was pretty disappointed because the seller did not disclose. The bottom is solid so I guess it’s possible if I drill a little to let glue in
  5. Hello, I just bought a magnolia market table second hand. Apparently it got rained on and a corner of it is now warped. I love this table and would like to fix. I was thinking I could use wood glue and clamps and flatten it out some? Please let me know your ideas.