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  1. Chip Sawdust

    Need jointer, planer, and bandsaw have $900

    Yeah the 734 tries to blow its chips but doesn't succeed very well, or at least mine didn't. The DC is pretty useful for the rest of the shop and is more or less a requirement either way, I think.
  2. Chip Sawdust

    Need jointer, planer, and bandsaw have $900

    OK well for my $900 I'd still buy the Dewalt 734 planer ($350-ish). It's reliable and just works. However, you need a dust collector to use it. Under $200 at Harbor Freight. So there's $550. I have the Cutech jointer, that was about $300 if I recollect correctly. So you're at $850. For a little bandsaw, Grizzly has a 9" one that's actually pretty good ($200) except the fence, but you make your own jigs and don't try to resaw with it. I know that goes over your budget but those are tools I've bought. I've gone with a better table saw, better band saw but the jointer and planer work great in my hobby shop. Oh, and later I bought a $200 Wynn nanofilter for the dust collector because I don't like inhaling 5 micron dust. You really can't run a planer without a DC; I tried it, ejecting the sawdust into a bucket doesn't work well at all Anyway, maybe that will give you some ideas to chew on.
  3. Chip Sawdust

    Greene and Greene Desk

    Do you have Peart's books? I bought them a while back but this piece seems to bring a lot of elements together that he was skilled at illustrating.
  4. Chip Sawdust

    Absolute beginner, becoming frustrated

    I second Dodgeram on the Ridgid table saw. I bought a nice dewalt portable and with its rack and pinion fence and a good Freud blade it was pretty good. Just not quite good enough. Not wasted money but now a TS collecting dust on a shelf. The Rdgid cost $550 and will probably do me fine for the rest of my days. Mit took me ages to collect everything but after the dewalt ts I bought a small dewalt router with the plunge and regular bases. Less than $200 on Amazon. Then a few router bits. I built my workbench while working on a rickety foldable picnic table. Added a couple of bench vices. Drilled some dog holes, and it’s still working (although another one is somewhere in my future). I bought my DW734 planer next. It was almost half the cost of the 735 and as far as I can tell just a fine job. But with the planer comes the requirement for a dust collector. Harbor Freight $160 new, and later on a Wynn nano filter for $200. I’ll add a cyclone someday. This year for my 60th birthday I splurged on a Laguna 1412 bandsaw, and wow that’s a great thing to have. But all this has taken 3-4 years. There are hand tools and then there are great hand tools. Bought some Kobalt hand planes at Lowe’s, don’t do it! Bought one Lie-Nielsen hand plane for what seemed like a lot of money but it’s like the difference between driving an old truck and a sports car. Study, budget, choose wisely. Spend time on forums like this. It’s a great hobby and watching family use the things you’ve made brings satisfaction you can’t measure in dollars.
  5. Chip Sawdust

    My Garage Shop - Tour and Reorganization

    I've looked at those John, and after reading Thien's page I didn't think they quite came up to par with what his théories were. Then again, it's gotta be better than the straight shot you get with a HF DC. *shrug*
  6. Chip Sawdust

    My Garage Shop - Tour and Reorganization

    Yeah if I can get decent performance from a Thien setup I'll do it. The Dust Deputy for $200 isn't a bad deal, I've almost pulled the trigger a few times. But I'd rather spend the money on quartersawn white oak
  7. Chip Sawdust

    I'm building a shop!

    Robert I just finished reading this whole thread and I'm very happy for you! I used to live in Magnolia, and have a good friend up in your town. That shop will be wonderful to work in and serve you very well for many years. I'm proud of you for all the work you've put into it and admire the finished product. I imagine by now you've moved tools into it and have started making sawdust
  8. Chip Sawdust

    My Garage Shop - Tour and Reorganization

    It's always Inc of fun to set up a shop. But I find after two years in my new house I'm still setting up. Never quite done I have the Ridgid contractor saw, I forgot the model number. It's quiet, smooth, and has plenty of 110V power for a 10" saw. And a 4" dust port on the bottom. I have the same DC; put a Wynn Nano filter on it and it suits,y hobby fine. A cyclone would be smart, but also takes a little CFM from the system so I haven't done that yet. I'm not likely to spend the $$ tbh. I can empty the bag into a lawn and leaf bag and after three years owning it I'm still on the first bag You can never make enough use of wall space. I don't envy you having to move in three years....
  9. Chip Sawdust

    The Nut House V2

    The BX is a nice saw but I gave up the whole 220V the thing so the 1412 was the thing for me. I love the ceramic guides and I've resawed some pretty thick, green logs with it and had no problems. It's the most expensive tool in my shop and I think I got my money's worth (bought it in sale in June). Now I just need a lathe and a drum sander and and and....
  10. Chip Sawdust

    The Nut House V2

    The one that just came out
  11. Chip Sawdust

    The Nut House V2

    Wait the plans were in Wood mag not FWW....
  12. Chip Sawdust

    The Nut House V2

    This is the least organized end of my long, narrow shop but this is an idea for a extension table for your Laguna that will be quick, free, and solid. Held in place by C clamps, with an angle on the bottom and a hinge for fold-away storage if I ever take it off. Also, there's a plan in the latest FW mag for one but I hate drilling into my machinery if I don't have to. The fence is for resawing; ignore that part
  13. Chip Sawdust

    The Nut House V2

    Wow, just caught up on this thread and am amazed at the transition you've made from the beginning till now. I envy most of the tools there lol but is that bandsaw a 1412 or the 220V version with the brake?
  14. Chip Sawdust

    Designing a Chair then Building it

    I agree with ok; I can’t finish anything in that amount of time! the grain matching is beautiful, it’s something I like to do in my work when possible. The straight-on shots still make the back look — something about proportions — but all the other shots it looks good so it may just be the camera lens fooling my eye. I like the extra shaping on the back of the back, looks good. Overall a lovely piece and it certainly deserves a spot in your foyer. And it looks great with the table.
  15. Chip Sawdust

    Advanced Woodworking Section

    Heh - in my day job I keep telling people I know all the answers, but mostly it's because I know who to ask!