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  1. I'm in! Looks like you have it planned as far as tools, and the space looks really nice. Looking forward to updates.
  2. Chip Sawdust


    We had the TP shortage for a while but then people came to their senses.... I recall during the Arab oil embargo (can we call it the "Arab" embargo any more? or is that racist?) there was a rumor of TP shortage and people were buying it up whenever they could. Weird, and that was before internet nuttiness.
  3. I'm no expert but my Dad was in the plumbing and heating business for many years (35 or so), and always swore by Lenox stuff.
  4. @Richard Brown See? Told you people who knew more would come along
  5. Another fine performance from the David Copperfield of woodworking. Thanks Derek
  6. This is an awesome opportunity for both of you. I'm so happy you get to have this with her and to share your knowledge and passion with her. I didn't have any kids and my stepdaughter is more interested in girls so my chance for grandkids is not looking good, so I'm extra happy to see this thread
  7. Looks like you married up, brother!
  8. Oak can be a bugger to work with but I love it. White oak that is. The only way you are going to bend it is by lots of steaming then quick to the mold. Oak and other dense woods need lots of persuasion to change shape. And of course you have to find another piece that isn't cracked; that one simply won't work for what you want to do with it. I'd look for something with pretty straight grain for steaming. Is the wood you're using kiln dried? Seems cracking with thin pieces shouldn't be that bad, but you may need to cut thin, steam and layer it up for lamination. People with more knowledge and experience will no doubt be here shortly.
  9. It's either the latest FWW or Woodsmith magazine has an English workbench that's quite similar to the one Rex shows in his video (which I've also seen). They added a couple things but it's really close to the same thing. Just FYI....
  10. Do you have the square chisels from LV for the plugs? They go pretty quickly with those; for me it was worth the investment, along with the sharpening cones they sell for the kit.
  11. It is beautiful work to be sure. The plans call for the number of plugs I see, which matches what I put in the bed I made. The cloud lifts are a little more tricky than the plugs At least they were for me at the time. All I had was a 9" Grizzly bandsaw; I certainly put it through its paces cutting those. There are fewer plugs in the footboard because of the desired lower footboard, naturally.
  12. I have used my woodworking bench for some car stuff, but I always put a blanket or some other surface on it beforehand. Grease, brake dust and wood projects don't mix, as well as metal bits. That stuff I do on another bench away from the wood working surface. I'm space-limited but those things are like lead/acid and ni-cad battery service; they don't mix well in the same room!
  13. Oh boy that looks nice Add me to the list of "I need to do that too" folks lol
  14. I have a DeWalt double bevel slider I got about 20 years ago. Cut a lot of crown moulding with it, made some boxes with really good miters. It has a 12" blade and is really smooth through just about anything I cut with it. A smaller one would serve well if that's the work you do the most of. I tend to get a little more than I think I"ll need -- in case I do.