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  1. Chip Sawdust

    Advanced Woodworking Section

    Heh - in my day job I keep telling people I know all the answers, but mostly it's because I know who to ask!
  2. Chip Sawdust

    Another Dust Collection Option

    Interesting thread. I have the HF DC and a Wein Nano filter that seems to work OK for my weekend purposes. I've pondered a main runner and drops, rather than moving hoses from one place to another. I have 20A breakers with no problems. I also hooked up a cheap remote which has worked fine for over a year so it's not such a pain to walk over to the DC switch and turn it on and off. There are other switches available, but this was $15 or so and works fine. I like the creative approach to your DC system, thumbs up for that!
  3. Chip Sawdust

    Advanced Woodworking Section

    My skills are perpetually locked at the bottom of that curve!
  4. Chip Sawdust

    Designing a Chair then Building it

    Looking down on it the perspective is good. Straight on the back looks smallish. I sadly have no suggestions on what one could do with it, other than make a prototype, larger back and seeing what looks good. It might also depend on the look of what will surround the chair, its environment. That could change my mind. Either way, I admire your skill in putting something like this together.
  5. I'd like to bump this thread as I have the 734 and think it works great. I'm still on the original set of blades after three years of making furniture as a hobbyist. Never any snipe, always a smooth finish and I couldn't ask more from a power tool. That said, I do wonder about replacement blades and what y'all are doing with this planer
  6. Chip Sawdust

    Designing a Chair then Building it

    I am totally digging this series, Bmac. I eagerly await further progress. And I envy your ability to get it DONE.
  7. Chip Sawdust

    Designing a Chair then Building it

    I need to build dining room chairs, but the table first. And some other tables and a desk before that. And some mud room cabinets. And a second list.... I envy your skills, it looks great!
  8. Chip Sawdust

    Another Broken Bandsaw Blade

    I hear ya on the smoother cut thing. I bought a Laguna 5/8" silica blade with my saw and it was really smooth with a fine kerf. Not as highly touted as the RK but I was pleased. I still want a RK at some pont.
  9. Chip Sawdust

    Another Broken Bandsaw Blade

    I've used a Timberwolf 3/4 for resawing on my 1412 and although the finish wasn't smooth like you'd want for veneer, it cut easily through 12" ash logs and cherry. Some will say a 14" bandsaw isn't good for a 3/4" blade but I tend to go more with what the mfg says will work, and it worked fine on my saw. I also cut with a 1/2" TW blade and it worked too, albeit a bit slower than the coarser pitch of the 3/4" blade.
  10. Chip Sawdust

    Eastern Washington area

    I have Lincoln City t-shirts i don’t know if I have much expertise to share; I know how to make mistakes though so I can go on and on about those!
  11. Chip Sawdust

    Hock Plane Kits

  12. Chip Sawdust

    Veritas Low Angle Block Plane

    I have several tools from LV and they are a good value for the dollar. But if you buy from a retailer (WC for example) they won’t honor offers on their own website. Example, dovetails saws. I bought one from WC and LV offers the other two for a discount. But... I didn’t buy direct from LV even though I sent them a receipt. Therefore the offer was null to me. Just so you know... Turned into a sale for Lie-Nielsen.
  13. Chip Sawdust

    Bandsaw blade choices

    There’s another thread about a fellow who broke a RK blade. I always wanted one for my 1412 but that was off-putting. Now again I think I may want one. The price slows me down. I bought a Laguna 5/8” silica blade, I forget their model name, that is a nice, smooth cutting blade for $35. When it wears out I’ll prolly get the RK.
  14. Chip Sawdust

    Arts and Craft Sideboard

    27% of the cost I believe it. But it’s awesome stuff and you gotta put it all together so you don’t ever look at it later and wish you’d done it different. If you ever get tired of it PM me
  15. Chip Sawdust

    Eastern Washington area

    Here’s the actual woodworker