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  1. Thanks Bankstick, I’ve been wanting to build it for many years. I have a little MEC600 for loading the 12GA and that’s it. A friend wants to trade a piece of furniture he wants to spec out for me and trade and over/under Beretta, so I’m not sure if he wants a table or a Federal sideboard! But I’d love to have that shotgun!
  2. That’s always been a problem eh? I’m in better shape now for sure. There may be minor improvements along the way as I use it but for now I feel like I’m in the lap of luxury
  3. No progressive. If I were loading ACP or other semi-auto calibers I may have bought one of those, but that’s why I have buddies!
  4. So the fitting has been done, the drawers made and I glued up the inner parts of the frame last night. Today the outer parts went on, so that glue is drying. Now, people will think this isn’t purist, and I agree (but it is a utility piece even tho it’s in the house) bit I used one on the backside where nobody will see. Cheaper, but I don’t like working pine as much. I ripped pieces from a 2x4 and of course they bowed.... so there’s a droop on the back that will have to be straightened when I attach the back. I was hoping “creative clamping” would ameliorate the situation but no joy. Here’s what that looked like, and I’m here to tell you while it was fun to figure out, it didn’t make much difference It looks straight across but only because of the stub under the center and the clamps holding it down to the bench. I loosened one clamp and the end leg rose right back up off the bench. *sigh*
  5. I think this is the answer as well. As for marking, when I make dovetailed drawers I use colored chalk and just scribble the color on the ends that mate up. That’s what I’d probably do to mark this kind of board. Thanks for all the suggestion gang! This is an awesome forum *thumbs up*
  6. @JohnG I saw it on Paul Sellers’ website, in one of his blogs but for the life of me I can’t find it today...
  7. That’s good to know. I sharpen everything a lot.... which is to say mostly my chisels need it more than anything else. Well, turning requires a lot of grinder work but not much honing so it's pretty fast. I’d love to have a chisel I could sharpen oh, once a month the old saying is you get what you pay for but these days I say you pay for what you get. Maybe those chisels could prove me wrong?
  8. So I’ve been working on a hutch to go with the bench. It’s taking time as I’m just slow these days, plus other projects get in front of it. But I have the frame made, the drawers made (all dovetailed for my first attempt) and am closing in on the details. This hutch will have lots of room for all the paraphernalia and supplies needed for reloading plus space for books and miscellaneous other stuff, so I think it’s gonna work out well. I’m sort of “designing-as-you-go” on assembly, despite having made drawings ahead of time. I’m trying to use scraps but that makes it somewhat difficult when you need a certain size for a certain piece. But it’s coming along.
  9. So Chestnut how is your dovetailing going? I feel I finally reached “dovetail ability” and have found I can reach most areas with a bevel edge chisel. I have a 1/8” mortifying chisel that actually gets in there well, and a 5/64 chisel I made for cleaning out stringing grooves if it’s stubborn grain. my full dovetails look better than my half-blinds but they’re all much better than the last time I focused on trying to make them. Something clicked in my brain finally!
  10. Saw this on a website but no hints on how to make it. It’s one piece of wood for an apron with a drawer in the middle all from one piece of wood. Typically one would rip the apron wood above and below the drawer then glue them carefully back together after cutting the drawer face out of the middle. There was no indication of a “seam” in this picture, and the gap was tiny! Anyone have hints for me? I’m ever so curious. :)
  11. Ok I think I’m starting to catch on i modified my flip top bench and put this long piece of equipment on that. It gets almost a whole wall in my little shop area. Relocated the band saw, still need a place to mount the planer and jointer. But for now I need to build a couple drawers for the “new” bench and continue with the reorganization. It’s a mess right now so I can’t get my next project started.... As for dust collection, so far I’ve waited till I’m done turning then grab the hose end from the TS and start vacuuming up the area. So no dust collection during the work, although I will have to try something.... eventually....
  12. An elephant emitting hearts from its trunk! Who’d have thought it?
  13. Right now I can’t swing $90 for a project like that. I’m still buying lathe stuff It IS a dark hole! Which is why I avoided getting a lathe for so long.