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  1. Chip Sawdust

    Veneer Adventures

    Chestnut, what would we ever do without blue tape? This is looking good, you’re a quick study
  2. Today my wife reminded me that making our G&G bed frame took over a year *shrug* but she still asks for more stuff I’ll be interested to kibbitz on this project as well, so let’s get some sawdust flying! Haha
  3. Chip Sawdust

    Stringing, Fluting, Beading and such

    I cut a plug out of alder and just cross-grained the installation for the visual effect. Started trimming the high spots on the strings with the bevel down on a chisel, then went to my scraper (which I need to sharpen), then finished with my small block plane. I think it turned out well for my first attempt at this new avenue (for me) in woodworking.
  4. Chip Sawdust

    Stringing, Fluting, Beading and such

    Bought some black anigre online, pretty good price for three pieces that’ll last me ages... and that’s what I wanted to lay into the alder, rather than maple which has little contrast. Cut some stringing, finally cut my straight grooves with my new cutter tool, and started setting it all in place.
  5. Chip Sawdust

    Stringing, Fluting, Beading and such

    So I made some progress after getting a few more things lined up... I bought these blades for LN and although the trimmer set was back ordered for over three weeks I finally got the set. Got the cutter blade as well for straight grooves. Made a couple tools out of them...
  6. Chip Sawdust

    Popular Woodworking

    Uh oh....
  7. Chip Sawdust

    Hand tool cabinet in maple

    Sappelle with maple gives me ideas for the end tables I’m preparing to build. I look forward to seeing your progress on this,
  8. Chip Sawdust

    Popular Woodworking

    I subscribed to PW last year but like others I find its utility limited for me. Doubt I’ll renew. I did receive my print issue recently I get FWW (best in the business imho) and Wood. Wood is ok but if I had to choose only one I’d drop it and keep FWW. Taunton also sells superior quality books and plans. I’ve bought several.
  9. Chip Sawdust

    Stringing, Fluting, Beading and such

    Here’s some string installed. Maple in alder, not much contrast.
  10. Chip Sawdust

    Stringing, Fluting, Beading and such

    I don’t know much either Tom, I’m just watching (mostly) Latta’s videos and trying stuff out. This is all practice for the time being. But since I’m cheap, I tried to make my own straight line cutter using my marking gauge. Ummmm.... I need to work on that. It’s tough to do at home without a fixture and not really knowing how to do it. I’m open for suggestiOne from machinists! Here’s what I came up with for a cutting blade using a piece of old kitchen knife, a Dremel and a triangle file. It did make a groove, but it’s not there yet.
  11. Chip Sawdust

    Stringing, Fluting, Beading and such

    Using a scratch blade to clean up the corners. Also bought a Pfeil 3-10 gouge to do some curve clean-up work. Made a platen to protect the wood from pivot divots while cutting arcs with the radius tool. Backed with sticky sandpaper and held with a little c-clamp. It’s transparent so I can find my marks through it.
  12. Chip Sawdust

    Stringing, Fluting, Beading and such

    So I transferred my drawing to a piece of alder for practice.
  13. Chip Sawdust

    Stringing, Fluting, Beading and such

    Yeah and while I can spend money on tools like a madman, I’m trying to go cheaper here. I only bought their radiusing tool and the extensions that go with it. That was about $100 shipped. But the rest I’m doing as much homemade as possible, including making a cutting blade out of an old kitchen knife. That’s what I made my marking blade out of and it seems to hold an edge. We shall see
  14. Chip Sawdust

    Stringing, Fluting, Beading and such

    That’s true Tom; planning takes as long as doing! One thing Latta said was stringing gives the eye more form to follow, but in doing that it invites closer inspection. So yeah, there’s small error margin. That said, he also said there’s a bit of fudge factor in it as well, which I am finding is there, yet in small tolerances.
  15. Chip Sawdust

    Stringing, Fluting, Beading and such

    I ordered just the blades for a string sizing tool from LN but they’ve back-ordered them for three weeks (so far). I think if I ordered their tool I’d have it already, but I can make to fixture for them in 20 minutes, and I’m sure they know that. They sell the blades for $15 but the tool is a bunch more ($65) so I think the $50 is good wages for my hobby