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  1. That looks great John, nobody will ever notice it except you
  2. From that photo Derek the drawer fronts look amazing
  3. Me too. I thought the 1” piece of wood against the bandsaw fence was brilliant. I would not have thought of that.
  4. Haha I don’t know about duct tape, but you’re right, the AA hulls are absolutely the most durable. I don’t know how many times I’ve reloaded those, but they’re like the Times watch of hulls. Or the Eveready batteries. Something like that One of my shooting buddies who also had a 12GA gave me all his hulls, not AA but now I have even more empties to load, whew! Now around 750...
  5. I love that Browing although I’ve never shot one. The Beretta was very kind to me today for the five trap rounds and i found I hadn’t really lost the skill too badly after holding off for so many years. I hit a lot more than I missed, and importantly, with that gun I nailed the very first one so ahhh... satisfying!
  6. I can’t really say with today’s prices because I bought most of these supplies 15 years ago. I stopped shooting for a long time, but with this new to me shotgun today I went out and did five trap rounds! Since I didn’t buy this stuff recently I call it all free right now Free is good. Ask me again in a few months. More than that actually because my $46 jug of red dot still has a lot in it and I have two jugs of it. I’ll have to buy wads and later on some shot, but I had 75# of shot sitting around that I’ve lugged around through three or four houe moves. I’m still not through the first one as I only loaded 250 rounds in the past few days and 25# does more than that many rounds. For trap I load about 1-1/8 oz/round.
  7. I finally got around to loading some trap shells for the Beretta, which is the first time I’ve loaded shotgun shells in ages! But the dovetail/wedge idea worked like a champ once I mounted my little Mec600 on it. So far I’ve only loaded 200 of the 5-600 hulls I've had laying around forever, but that’s enough to go shooting this weekend - finally. A little illustration of the setup... I’m using components I bought over 10 years ago so to me it seems like free stuff That jug of Red Dot has a price on it of about $46 of that gives you any indication of its era. The wads and lead are as old. The primers are pretty new, bought sometime during the Obama administration
  8. Very creative Derek. Beyond my capacity to figure out. I’ve never seen Jarrah so of course have never used it, but it sounds awesome. Probably the closest I’ve come to it is wenge? Although it appears to be much more open-grained.
  9. Thanks @Coop, it’s going slow, but I did start on the drawers a couple days ago so there’ll be updates soon. I also got another 1/4” plug cutter so I may try the berries on the door again. Going to have to take it real slow in that red gum wood. That Aussie stuff is tuff!
  10. Those are nice chairs, and it appears they are in the right hands if they ever weaken Oh and the chairs you’ve made, awesome I AM stealing that design.... when one day I may make a dining table and chairs! My wife loves them.
  11. I thought about investing in a $400+ Incra fence system, and my wife even agreed to it (I love that girl!), but this works and is safe. Latta emphasizes turning the saw off and letting the blade come to a complete stop with each cut. He acknowledges that seems like overkill but says “get over it,” as it’s the safest way to do it. ymmv
  12. I copied that directly from a Steve Latta video. He has some precautions about it but you’re 0.040” from the fence with a blade that doesn’t wobble. I’ll get a picture of my push stick for ya ok here’s the push stick. Mine is rather long (personal preference) but the most important area is where the corner meets the wood inboard of the blade (between the blade and the fence). If that deteriorates, make a new stick. This one, after much use, is still in excellent condition.
  13. Do you use a Dremel for routing string grooves, or hand tools? Here’s a fairly simple inlay I started with... just a test piece.
  14. I use a circular saw ripping blade since they’re thinner, and made an insert for that. For a push stick I just used MDF and it works great. Nothing special about it except if the part that pushes the strip gets broken you need to re-cut it. That part has to be fresh. It’s lasted a long time. I wouldn’t call it a jig, but I did build a small bench that goes on top of my bench for working on close-up stuff like legs and other stringing/banding projects. It works great. I made an angle block in the vice that holds tapered legs really well. I got that whole idea from Steve Latta but I wish I had thought of it It’s indispensable to me now.
  15. @Chestnut I love the cattail design! I may want to steal it.... I wish I was that creative. You're doing excellent work, as usual. I’ve been following and figured I better post here so I don’t lose track!