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  1. Ok I think I’m starting to catch on i modified my flip top bench and put this long piece of equipment on that. It gets almost a whole wall in my little shop area. Relocated the band saw, still need a place to mount the planer and jointer. But for now I need to build a couple drawers for the “new” bench and continue with the reorganization. It’s a mess right now so I can’t get my next project started.... As for dust collection, so far I’ve waited till I’m done turning then grab the hose end from the TS and start vacuuming up the area. So no dust collection during the work, although I will have to try something.... eventually....
  2. An elephant emitting hearts from its trunk! Who’d have thought it?
  3. Right now I can’t swing $90 for a project like that. I’m still buying lathe stuff It IS a dark hole! Which is why I avoided getting a lathe for so long.
  4. Dust collection is the next thing after I get the turning bench set up. I’m thinking a sliding hood that has a handle sticking out underneath the lathe so I can move it along, keeping it opposite of my tool rest and behind. Also maybe a barrier to keep chips from flying even beyond that, so I may make a small “wall” behind the lathe. The turning bench will be against a shop wall, no doubt. If anyone has ideas on any of that, I’m wide open to suggestions
  5. So it’s not as small a lathe as it was, the 24” extension came in, now I have to reorganize the shop! But i can finally do something with these branch cutoffs....
  6. I finally received Raffan’s book and after reading the sharpening chapter I went directly to the shop and started grinding. I’m not half bad at a grinder by hand/eye, so in the end I was able to put a nice fingernail shape on my 1/2” spindle gouge, as well as all the other chisels with their recommended grinds. Worked much better This wood is quite green and I almost feel moisture on my face from it in some areas, but there is less fuzz now than before. Also, curly shavings instead of dusty ones. Its weird taking an edge from the grinder straight to my work. With joinery I set up and spend good time getting that razor’s edge; this is completely different.
  7. Wifey wanted a place to hold her iPad so it didn’t take up surface area on the table. Not very “Federal,” but functional.
  8. I ended up drawing a circle on the flat side, marking some lines across it that I drew part way up the side, then ran it through the band saw at the various points. I have a 5/8” blade in the band saw so circles aren’t very tight. It wasn’t as good an idea as your cardboard tip but I confess to being a bit boneheaded sometimes. I wish I could post a video here as I want to do a time lapse on the next blank
  9. Ok so I set up the G3, pre-shaped a bowl blank, roughed it out and have a basic shape. It’s not gong to make the grade due to some flaws I can already see, but as an experiment on using the G3 and my bowl gouge, it’s teaching me a few things. This crack is going to kill this bowl I can see... I drew a few lines on the bottom for grip, but mostly “just to see.” The inner surface is half fuzz, anyone got ideas how to smooth that out?
  10. Thanks Mark I’ll do just that. Good idea, thank you. @K Cooper it’s fun though! And no more expensive than a table saw to be frank... That said, I just saw Amazon delivered my G3 chuck today so I can’t wait to head home and see that little gem i ordered a copy of Raffan’s book and they sent me a book about making bandsaw boxes! Couldn’t care much less about that, so re-ordered and it’ll be here tomorrow. Then I’m hoping not to look so much like a noob with a lathe (even if I am)
  11. I’ll start by waxing and see how it goes then i took my “huge spindle” and turned it into a couple potential bowl blanks. Anyone recommend cutting some 45 degree corners to ease the shaping?
  12. Thanks guys I truly appreciate the input. It’s all a bit of an experiment, and while the grain is running wrong (I knew that but had ideas about it), it’s never going to see the light of day inside the house. I sure don’t want to see that big thing crack and cause “great badness” though! I eventually got bored with it today and had other things to work on. I was astonished at the pile of shavings and how fast that stacked up! does anyone wax their tool rests, or go so far as to file them, send them really smooth and then wax them? I’ve heard other methods. Today I put some table saw wax on the rest, buffed the backside of my gouge and waxed it too. It had some sap on it and I found it not moving smoothly along the rest. That was my big fear today with the heavy piece, that I’d get a catch and incur physical pain somehow
  13. Once I get the lathe bed extension I’ll be building a more permanent spot for the whole thing. Right now it’s next to my mortiser as that’s the only free bench space I had when I brought it home. It works, but for sure with a 24” extension it won’t work no mo’
  14. Thanks Mark it’s on my list to join those AAW folks for sure. Meanwhile today I put a small green stump on the lathe to see what I could do with it. Made a LOT of shavings, not sure how much progress. At any rate, green wood and a possible bowl will take, as I understand it, a year or more to complete. It’s an experiment....
  15. Ha, you guys are awesome, thanks! I did order the Nova G3 chuck and one set of jaws. The bed extension was cheapest from an outfit called Tomboy, never heard of them but lowest price I found and free shipping for a factory bed extension. Should have it all together by midweek. In Spokane, WA and there is a turning guild/club here so I’ll be hunting them down. Found some à richard Raffan vidéos and bought one of his books, so should have a little more under my hat soon. Im trying to figure te best way to put spiral flutes on a column, lots of techniques out there. It’s not simple but the coolest stuff rarely is... anyone have experience with that? Im also going to do stringing, maybe banding, on some turnings. Sort of combine my Federal furniture techniques. Some Hepplewhite and Sheraton furniture had those things combined, but you don’t see too many in plans and designs these days.
  16. Uh oh! I hear it’s a dark hole....
  17. Haha, one good turn there is a woodturner’s group around here; they used to meet at Woodcraft - apparently I’ll need to see how that shakes out when it’s all said and done. They may end up meeting at the local AFB as I’ve seen pictures on their site of that shop. I’d need a drool cup to go there, but...
  18. Also have Richard Raffan’s book Turning Wood which should be here soon. In this age of online videos I’m hoping to have less of a learning curve. So far it’s been quite satisfying and I don’t know a darned thing!
  19. Sounds like you found the right woman! I have hot hat exact grinder for quite a while in 8”. Has a grinding wheel on one end right now and a buffing wheel on the other side. I used that for polishing ebony bits for my G&G work. I like it, and got it on sale so bonus!
  20. I bought these cheap gouges they seem ok - my sharpening station is nearby and so far they seem to hold an edge better than I thought.
  21. I actually bought a set of gouges after Woodcraft only ended up having one 1/8 parting tool. I know, sets are frowned upon but I wanted stuff NOW! So I have a large and small gouge, another (non-Damond) parting tool, a spindle gouge, scraper and... all in all there were 8 tools so I have 9 total. I’m not much into the bowl thing but that could change on a whim. I think I’ve settled on the G3 with different jaws, but starting with the dovetail jaws also looking at a steb or cone drive for small stuff as I was turning some small spindles yesterday and clipped the 4 spilling drive the large cones with. So far I’ve turned white oak, pine and sapele with it and I’m happy with it. It’s not a massive machine but it’ll work for table and stool legs, chair bits and I have an awesome Sheraton end table with turned legs I’d love to build. A 24” extension is on the way as I’ve already seen the limitation of an 18” bed for some of the things I want to do. I’m lucky my wife just smiles and says “be happy” when I buy tools That’s my first attempt at anything with the lathe. I think it’s gonna be fun
  22. So our local Woodcraft is closIng So I went there for a 25% discount on .... anything ... and walked out with a Rikon 70-1218VS lathe and some gouges. A bed extension is coming soon as well since I’ll want to turn table legs. Anyone have one of these? I think it’s base on the 70-100 but has a 3/4 horse motor and the variable speed. I was t gonna get a lathe, wasn’t gonna, wasn’t gonna.... now I’ve taken the dive into the brave new (to me) world of wood turning. The last time I used a lathe it was on automotive brake parts. Looking at a drill center and a Nova chuck setup; it has 1”. X 8tpi threads and apparently those are the best. Or are they? im open to all input and suggestions as this is a new area for me. I’ve mostly made G&G furniture and have ventured into Federal period furniture. Not much turning in G&G but some of the Hepplewhite stuff I’ve seen has turned elements, and there are many half- and three-quarter sections I’ve seen as decorative elements on various pieces I’m interested in building. That’s kinda why I’m shooting for.
  23. Ah Peart, yes thanks! I have those chisels and some of his books too. He’s up here in the Northwest too if I recollect correctly Bob I appreciate all I’ve learned from you, it’s made a big difference in my woodworking, thank you.