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  1. I have a 1617 and it has a soft start feature, or at least i thought it did. I didn't get the plunge base with mine; it resides mostly in the router table. The plunge router I use has LED lights, but only takes 1/4" bits, which is a limit one wouldn't want much of the time. That's the little DeWalt; good router overall, can't complain. The 1617 comes out when I need to dado something long, but generally does its best bat imitation, hanging upside down in the table
  2. Yesterday for the first time I went to the range and watched some F class shooters hit bullseyes at 600 yards. Fascinating that the physics of it can be figured that closely. The money they spend on equipment is less than what I spend on woodworking stuff, but not by much!
  3. Bmac when I watch your projects progress I get a little envy that you get after it till it's done, while i have stuff on my bench that's waiting waiting waiting for me to get back out there. I have too many dang hobbies.... That said, I really enjoy watching these things take shape, and so far it looks fantastic!
  4. Had I got out of bed and answered the door, that would've been my MO as well, Rick. As it was, I watched from my Ring cameras and then stayed awake for another hour or so to make sure he didn't come back. Hmmm, so they rotate, or revolve?
  5. Science and faith, there's a great combination. Lots of people seem to think those are exclusive from each other but they're actually quite well aligned. I don't drink much beer any more, but I'd have a rum and coke with you while you have your beer I'd like to go to PA some time and visit Steve Latta's college - we just might meet some time
  6. When I lived in Houston back in the stone age, they said this about the weather: It's either hot, wet and miserable, or cold, wet and miserable. The humidity is constant for sure. I always said air conditioning is what made Texas the great place it is.
  7. Lets see the mess o' fish you already caught with it! Looks really beautiful. I love boats but have never built one. One of these days that will be part of my woodworking repertoire.
  8. I've seen a few little sparks from my Laguna guides but it's never bothered me. As for power loss, I would think it's so minimal as to be not even noticeable. The saw has never slowed down even on wide resaws.
  9. No he didn't! But the other night we had someone ring our doorbell at 9:40pm (we were sleeping) since UPS dropped off something we'd ordered at his house. Turns out it was the neighbor across the street. I don't know about you all, but I think 9:40pm is way too late to go to someone's house that you've never even met.
  10. Today in the mail absolutely nothing came related to woodworking.......
  11. So today I went to the range. Shot three of my magnum rifles, shoulder got sore, didn't go shoot trap after that But I found out the bolt action bullet speeds were identical to the semiauto which pleased me no end. Ye olde chronograph is getting a workout.
  12. I've used graph paper and measured the size of various tools/cabinets prior to setting up my shop, that works well too and for me is always easier than a computer program - because I don't have such a program . But if you have a program, heck yeah!
  13. I agree Tom, hammers on engine parts would be an extremely rare thing. If it was a junk engine I was taking apart for parts salvage, maybe. If something was seized, but yeah - they require finesse and proper technique/tools.
  14. Love the grain on that board! I'd put it someplace prominent.
  15. Love those fatty tires Mick
  16. @Chestnut thank goodness you're too far north to plant kudzu
  17. I bought a Laguna 1412 two years ago for my 60th birthday. I knew it was made in Taiwan when I bought it, and the data plate on the saw and the motor both say that. I think overall, Taiwan QC is more consistent than Chinese QC (which is almost an oxymoron). It's been a sweet, sweet bandsaw, never has hiccuped on me in any area. Customer service was fantastic - I called them at one point, spoke to a person, and said the table catches wood sometimes when I pass it across the blade change groove, and without any prompting they shipped me a new table. I had already just run a file across the spot and fixed it. Anyone need a 1412 table? So yeah I recommend them and their customer service based on my personal experience. Don't know about any of their other tools.
  18. He messed up! Could've cut it a foot lower and got some more board feet! That second saw he grabbed is a monster!
  19. Aside from woodworking, I have seven guitars, a tenor sax, keyboard and a bunch of amplifiers and software for my music habit, er, hobby. Then I have a small arsenal of firearms for shooting sports, although I'm not a hunter. I just like to shoot, reload, study the physics and chemistry of it and have enjoyed that for most of my life. There used to be a boating hobby, but I've dropped out of that in the last 10 years or so. Want to buy an old sailboat? I love to drive fast cars but I don't own one. Well in its day it was fast, a C4 Corvette. I used to fly quite a bit but that hobby has gone the way of boating. I have tons of camping and hiking gear; who doesn't like to get out in nature and take some pictures or collect weird stuff you find? So yeah, photography too. I have too many hobbies so I've pared them down to what I can still do if I ever retire.
  20. I went with this one in 6 zone because I only have 5, but they well a 12 zone: But a good friend of mine who has a higher-end smart home bought one of these; it's very highly rated based on the tons of reviews I did before I went with the less expensive Orbit (which works fine after 2 years). It has up to 16 zones if you want: I like being able to run the sprinklers whenever I think the yard needs an extra dose of water and I don't have to get off my lazy butt to go out in the garage and make it happen. I can also douse anyone who is in the yard and I am feeling mean
  21. I have a love/hate relationship with drawers. With that said, you've got good advice here already
  22. Cyclones aren't economically available where he's at, he said. It looks like a good enough unit, should have lots of airflow. I have a bag on mine and the bottom tore once; I taped it and went on. The bag was mostly full though so nothing blew out into the shop. I used the same bag for five years before i punctured it with something when passing by. In a closet, I would think that opportunity would be rare to impossible. Mine sits next to my bench and bandsaw in my tiny shop. As for ventilation, if you could put it outside that would be ideal, but that's not often an option. So a grid in the wall to the outside about 1x1M (as a WAG) would be sufficient for most dust collectors that size. Might even get by with less.
  23. For my birthday my wife bought me, among other things, a laser beam.
  24. I'm in! Looks like you have it planned as far as tools, and the space looks really nice. Looking forward to updates.
  25. Chip Sawdust


    We had the TP shortage for a while but then people came to their senses.... I recall during the Arab oil embargo (can we call it the "Arab" embargo any more? or is that racist?) there was a rumor of TP shortage and people were buying it up whenever they could. Weird, and that was before internet nuttiness.