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  1. Seems it would give a little less pull on the front of the stroke and a little more push in the back end of the stroke. But I’ve never paddled a standup board. In my canoe days my paddles were straight, and the old J stroke was de rigueur. But again, that’s sitting down.
  2. Chet next time just send them to me!
  3. I would’ve freaked out - I tend to keep everything, “just in case.”
  4. I’m still waiting to see where the motor mount goes...
  5. Watching old F1 recaps on YT while making progress on my Ferrari model
  6. Just before all this Covid stuff we did respirator mask fitting for those of us who do accident investigations. There was an N-95 laying around afterward they used for a demo and since I work wood I asked what they were going to do with it. Get rid of it, they said. It's home, brand new, and wow don't I feel rich!
  7. Yeah I just heard that on the radio today while I was out getting Mama's prescriptions. WA state and all...
  8. With that many dogs you could run the Iditerod!
  9. I have a box I made 30-odd years ago to store shotgun shells in. The lid at some point along the way decided not to fit flat any more. I'm just going to build a new box and use that one for ... shotgun shells. It's not that fancy. Curly's idea of wetting and shimming it seems like the best bet if you can't re-make the lid with the material you have. It's worth a shot and if it doesn't work, you know what you have to do. Live with it or use it for shotgun shells
  10. Back in the day I wondered out loud whether the torque would be off by using flare nuts or crows feet, but learned after doing a bit of math it was pretty minimal. But yeah, those are really the only tool to use on a flare nut unless you're in a hurry and it's something that's been disassembled recently/often.
  11. Ok Mark with that kind of setup you’re way past a tablet or phone! I think you’ve found your solution.
  12. @Bmac I was teasin you about having it done because you tend to get stuff done so quickly. This would take me a year and a half, and I’d have to save up to buy all the clamps you’re using! Now where are you gonna mount that 5HP outboard? Doesn’t look like you’ll need a long shaft so that should be easy to find.... I’m thinking this will be fun to waterski behind due to the small wake.
  13. Geez I'm late to the game but I have and use both. Canon has Canon Connect, a wifi connection to your phone or tablet, by the way. My iPhone 8 takes great pictures as well and can do limited, onboard post-production work. The iPhone with Apple watch or some bluetooth remotes also works well if you want to be in the picture, grab a tool or whatever to show what's going on - you can have three or more seconds to set it up once you set the phone/camera on a tripod. Options abound. Personally I'd avoid a table just for size, but i portability isn't a concern, they have pretty decent cameras that work just fine for posting on the web. So - what John said....??
  14. We like to take walks as well, but last time we went out, someone came from the other direction and never budged one inch from side to side, forcing us to cross the road to stay away from them. We would do that normally, since we overall just don't like people, but c'mon, people....
  15. We’ve decided to do extreme isolation this week. Went outside to get the mail but that’s it. Teleworking and not going to the store, even.
  16. They do donate profits to vets I know that. So it doesn’t surprise me.
  17. Did a little more on the Ferrari today. Put a little heat in the shop, brushed some sawdust out of the way and prayed some red paint. A friend of mine says you can't spray in the shop because the dust is ionically charged to attract itself to the paint spray. I didn't buy it, and I think the results speak for themselves. I'm not a professional and maybe not that picky in some things, but this is a Ferrari and I am a tifosi from way back so this has to be decent, if not perfect.
  18. Boy ain't that the truth! That said, if you're a newbie with it, I see great things in your future
  19. As I've been telling people I work with, this is a dynamic situation and subject to change from week to week. We don't know what we don't know, and that's a lot, it seems. Meanwhile, I discovered this little humorous take on it from the BRCC folks (no I'm not affiliated, just thought it was funny):
  20. Geez I thought you'd already be done! Looking dang good Bmac.
  21. That's very cool. Makes me realize how far I'll never get in my lathe and turning abilities. Takes more than skill, takes imagination and talent. I have the former, but not the latter two
  22. Not sure how a finger joint jig would work for you so I'm not sure my idea will help, but have you thought about a series of spacers next to your fence, and removing spacer(s) after each cut to move the piece over to its next position? Might take a pile of spacers but it would control the process.