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  1. Have you tried using cauls? You can buy some, but I find a nice piece of scrap long enough to span the panel works just fine. I use 4 - 2 on top, 2 on the bottom - covered in packing tape so they don't get glued to the panel. A light tap with a hammer will release them if they do stick. Clamp them so they keep the panel flat before you tighten your bar clamps. As others have suggested, don't apply too much force on the bar clamps. You don't want all of your glue to squeeze out.
  2. I use the type d inserts. If possible, putting them in from behind gives a stronger hold because the bolt will pull it tight. This requires a thu hole. You can put them into the face with a little epoxy, and they're still plenty strong. Typically for a 1/4-20 insert, I use a 3/8 hole. You can buy them with or without the flange. If using the flange, a small countersink keeps it flush.
  3. Here's a few more project 1. "David Bowie is..." travelling exhibit done for the Art Gallery of Ontario. 2. World of Hockey exhibit for the Hockey Hall of Fame..lots of metal and glass in this one. 3. Blue Whale exhibit for the Royal Ontario Museum. A whale washed up off the coast of Newfoundland a few years back. The skeliton was preserved and put on display. The smart car is there to represent the actual size of the heart. .
  4. Here's the etching I mentioned earlier. The font was copied from the actual Stanley cup. Every year they have to remove some of the bands to make room for the latest Cup winners.
  5. I have a pic somewhere but on the Maple Leaf feature wall, we actually etched all the names of every Toronto Stanley Cup winning team into the dibond panels. I'll have a look to see if I can find it.
  6. Thanks! The company I work for does a ton of museum and exhibit work. We rarely do anything more than once. It's all pretty custom. I'm really proud of the sportcenter desk. That was built entirely by myself and my (now) lead hand. It was actually the last thing I worked on before taking over as shop manager.
  7. Absolutely. I'd like to mess around with a few colours before I decide anyways.
  8. Thanks guys. I've got a really good crew of guys I can rely on.
  9. Ya, I figured purple or a darker redish colour would be the way to go. Thanks, Dan.
  10. I was just going to scuff sand and veneer over top. I'd like the grain to show as much as possible, so dye it is. Thanks, Dan
  11. Would that hide the grain more? I could always use a different veneer . I just think walnut is such a classy looking wood.
  12. Does the purple show at all? I wouldn't mind a little colour, but I know the darkness of walnut kind of limits my choices. Thanks Brendon
  13. Thanks Ronn. That looks amazing!
  14. Thanks for the reply! I was planning on trying some scrap first anyways. I'm still not sure which ccolour i want.