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    I am interested in hand and power tool woodworking methods. My current focus is learning how to build fine furniture as most of my previous experience is in rough outdoor carpentry.

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  1. Hi Kenny, Thank you for your service. I wanted to reach and out say hello as a fellow peach state woodworker! McDonough, Ga.
  2. Hello Everyone, Excited to find this forum and it has quickly proved to be a great source of information. I really appreciate the quick responses. Currently based just South of Atlanta, Georgia. I am building a workshop in our basement. I have many power tools but have recently decided to take on hand tools. Looking forward to meeting some fellow woodworkers. Feel free to contact me if you are also in the Metro Atlanta area. Lee
  3. Hello everyone, I wanted to tap into the minds of all you astute woodworkers. Sorry for the unintended Bart Simpson nature of my title, but it is in fact a serious question that I am hoping you will provide insight on. I have not found much discussion on this topic, other than purchase a pick-up truck. Let me stop you there, as a fond truck lover myself, owning a truck to be used once in a while to transport plywood and rough cut lumber is no longer a practical option for me as fuel prices, insurance cost, and the skyrocketing price tag of even compact trucks takes this out of contention at the moment. Moving on, I would like to know how the non-pickup truck, or prior non-pickup truck owners, have modified their vehicles or trailers to safely transport materials from the lumber yard to their place of work. We own a SUV, Ford Escape, which has a good payload. But my almost one year old daugher's high standards for travel omit much of the vehicles capacity. I am considering purchasing a utility trailer, thinking about 10 foot in length, to fulfill my needs. Also considering making a rack on the trailer for sheet goods so they stand vertically. Making it easier on myself. One benefit vs. a truck is I will have the material low to the ground and have much less risk for shoulder injuries. Have any of you done this or perhaps have a better solution? Feel free to share photos of your wood transportation processes. It would be much appreciated. Thank you for reading.
  4. Hi Jonathan, I have the Dozuki "Z saw and I've been really impressed with it. Cuts are easy to start and its balance is good for long cross cuts and even dovetails. The blade is well supported by the metal top rail support keeping the say moving forward when the wood tries to pinch the blade. Very pleased with my investment thus far. Hope the feedback helps. Good luck with your project.