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  1. I'm wanting to use Marc's plans for a outdoor sitting bench to build a smaller version to use as a shower bench. My questions are do you think it would be a good idea and what would be the best choice of wood to use? My thoughts would be to use either teak or cypress. Another thing would be what kind of finish should I use?
  2. Everything seems to be healing just fine. I've been making limited appearances in the shop every day. I'm using this time to get a PM 100 up and running that I purchased last winter. It is in a whole lot better condition than I thought. I can't find anything wrong. I've just got to finish the electrical tomorrow and fire it up. Thanks to everybody for their thoughts and concerns. We all need to be reminded about safety. My boss to me that I need to be more careful. I told him that I'm always careful however what I forget is not to be stupid.
  3. The company that makes that tape measure is called FastCap. I have one of their flat back and I use it a lot. They have several tape measure variations including one that is called story pole. It has a area along the tape that is meant to be written on, however it is not flat backed (floppy). They also have another that is called burn one. I want to get one of those because they don't even use a hook.
  4. Last night I was watching woodworking videos on Utube and several guys were cutting dados exactly the same way I was when I mangled my fingers. Some of these were VERY experienced woodworkers. There was one guy using a Sawstop that was doing thing that'll keep me puckered up for a month. Anyway........I've been woodworking since the early 80s and some of you guys make me feel like a beginner. I can't get over how good some you guys are! Thanks for being such a resource. All I can do is watch videos for now.
  5. I've got 3 routers but I'm ALWAYS open to adding tools. That's really a good idea, thanks. I've got a Bosch 1617 plunge and really like that thing. It would be cheaper to buy bases rather than routers!
  6. Check out the "Stumpy Nubs" website he talks about the scary sharp method. It's VERY effective. I can't remember but I bet Mark S. does too.
  7. Have ya thought about buying a extra base for 1 of your existing routers or picking up a good used router off of Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist or Pawnshop?
  8. Since it was so shallow I (idiot) didn't use a push block. Didn't I say I was a moron! I went back out to the shop to hose it out and vac the table saw. It's kinda hard to do things 1 handed.
  9. The biggest reason I sharpen everything myself is the more often I resharpen the less time it takes to sharpen, less metal you remove making tools last longer and cut a whole lot better. You will have to use less pressure, they will cut better (cleaner) and be safer. (See my post from this morning {Stupid Idiot})
  10. I had to cut a few slots in the side of a cabinet. 1/4 inch wide X 1/8 deep using a 1/4 dado blade. What could go wrong, right. @#$^&$#^ on the last cut, had a kick back. Ring finger on my left hand is about 1-1/2" shorter, pinky about 1/4" shorter. Don't EVER think it's such a small cut you don't need to be as careful. Over 30 years and this happened #%$@#$@&. BE CAREFUL. At least there was so much nerve damage it doesn't hurt. Be glad to get back into the shop.
  11. I have had a terminal case of re-arranger-itis (Stumpy Nubs), meaning that I will have it until I die. To help with this I make all tool walls using the French cleat system. That way I can move anything anytime I want with minimal effort. If you over anchor the cleats it will hold quite a bit of weight, securely. Springs a coming and the fish are biting.
  12. Has anyone had experience with the Parks 130 planer? There is one on Craigslist I'M looking at.
  13. Goober

    15" Planer

    There is a Grizzly GO550 on craigslist for $450. Looks to be in good shape. Do ya think it would be worth putting a spiral cutterhead on it for figured wood?
  14. Goober

    15" Planer

    I am looking for a planer approx. 12-15". I have been seeing a few of the imports (pretty much all the same design) with the motor mounted on top (not lunch box style) that are a pretty good price. I have heard that this design is a pain to get to the cutter head for blade changes. Have any of you guys had any experience with these? It makes me think that this may be why they are priced lower.
  15. I'm still working on the shop and have a question about dust collection. I have a 2HP Grizzly coupled with a Oneida Super dust deputy XL and a Wynn filter. My tools are a 10" cabinet saw, 14" band saw, 12" miter saw, 3HP router W/table, and a 15" planer W/standard knives. Should the main trunk line (approx. 30' on ceiling) be 6" or 4"? There are 5 drops w/blast gates that will be 4". Whatcha thank?