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  1. @wtnhighlander How do you propose to build the base with wider aprons? Update: I got 8x 4" heavy duty triangle brackets from HomeDepot and removed the old smaller brackets I had. While installing the 7th bracket, i heard a crack! I checked the apron and I noticed that it is starting to crack under the screw. I immediately stopped and placed an emergency-measured 2x4 under the crack. While inspecting the legs, I noticed a small crack (Not sure if it was there before from moving) on the same corner of the cracked apron. Not sure what can be done at this point other than getting an iron made table base... @Monico the granite slab is 72" x 44" with a thickness of 1 1/4". It should weight around 450 lbs give or take. The faux marble that was on top of the table was around 90 lbs. By the time I think of another idea or get an iron table base, I made sure to tell my wife to stay away from the table!! Crazy thoughts are going through my head at night and I was paranoid all day! Thank you guys for your help, you are awesome!
  2. I have a lot of tools I can use, including a mitter saw. I've worked on some projects before so I think I have some experience woodworking. Always willing to learn more though... I fabricated a stand to be placed in the center of the table and bought 12 of Galvanized steel 90-angle to be placed between each of the leg and apron connection and corners between the aprons and middle posts. If the table kept wobbling after that then I will maybe add a couple of 2x2s under the aprons to make the legs more sturdy.
  3. Hello Guys, I figure I would share my ideas with the pros and hoping someone will be able to help me. I have replaced my countertops yesterday with granite and I decided to put granite top instead of the Faux granite top on my dinner table. The faux granite was heavy to remove but when putting the real granite on top it was way heavier! The table base looked well stable and structured that I thought it would be strong enough for the granite to set on top, however, after setting the granite on top of the table, it shakes easily and I'm afraid it is going to collapse! I have attached a picture of the table base frame. I'm thinking to add two 2x4 under the middle pieces to add central support and screw 90-degree metal brackets on every corner of the table (8 inside and 4 outside). Do you think this would be sufficient? Thank you!