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    July,2011 005

    Wife had a company come in and remodel our kitchen a few years ago, all the old cabinets made it out to the wood shop. Even though the new cabinets have plenty of room in the spice pull out cabinet/ drawer, we still had more than we could store, and remounted the cabinet to another wall.
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    I started out in the USAF in the 70's as a medical corpsman, used the (Old) GI Bill to return to college and get an RN, then a B school degree. Worked as a RN until 5 years ago when I retired, wife followed shortly after (she was an elementary school teacher). When I was in nthe USAF, was stationed at a small base, but had a great wood hobby shop. I spent my time between restoring cars in the auto hobby shop and the wood shop building a few pieces of furniture. The majority of the guys in both the fore mentioned shops were in fields that their hands were clean, (Dentistry and Medical)
  3. I have sold a few units so far, for anyone looking for a heavy duty metal blast gate, (no pneumatics) I am offering three 3",4" or 5" in a medium ship anything box for $50. I still have 6" and 8" left, but much bigger, would require higher shipping costs. However, considering an 8" with pneumatics and actuator on EBay goes for $650, I think you would be happy to get them from me at a significant discount. (need to get the spring cleaning going in the shop.
  4. Yes, they require compressed air (80lbs thru 1/4" ), and 110v to turn on/off. Thanks for your question.
  5. Added pictures to original post
  6. I have my dust collection system pretty much done, but I still needed a couple of 6" blast gates. So, I was fortunate to win an auction with a total of 24 blast gates in sizes from 3" ,4" 5" 6" and 8", they all are built from heavy grade steel. Because they came from a Tech HS woodshop they had pneumatics and actuators(110v) on them. I am going to list them in a week or 2 on EBay if I don't sell them to a fellow hobbyist here. I would like from $20 to $100 / OBO for the different sizes. I can also remove the pneumatics and sell them as manual blast gates for less. The 8" unit with extras weighed 8lbs, the smaller would be slightly less. I live in North Central Mass, but also travel to Maine and NYC often, so could deliver them if you are in either area. shipping is also an option, obviously. 3/9/2017 added pics of the actual complete units in 8" & 6" size
  7. I didn't see any mention on PolyIso insulation under your flooring. It would serve two purposes, added temp control, and if sized correctly (depth wise) would reduce floor deflection towards nil. I used PT 2x4's on the flat, and because I have occasional wetness, used Advantec underlayment, worked great. I screwed my floor, and it is sort of floating, I didn't attach the 2x4's to the floor, the size and weight holds it in place. Good luck!
  8. The assortment of pipes, wyes and elbows went yesterday. I hoped to find someone local intested in the 2hp oversized blower, if not soon, I will sandblast and repaint the unit. And then adjust the price upward, I am only looking for $100, or wood/tools in trade.
  9. davidrn

    Spice cabinet

    Decided cleaning out a corner cabinet made sense, had some left over maple and cherry. Used transtint and BLO, yesterday I started with Danish oil.
  10. To start, these are in N Central Massachusetts, so sorry, it does limit availibilty. I bought a shop cyclone system,but only used the cyclone,( already had the piping up with a thien baffle,) so now I have the extra blower. The motor is 110/220v 12.5 amp, 2HP, with a 13" x 4" impeller,,I also have a small assortment of left over dust collector piping, elbows, blast gates and wyes. I am willing to sell or trade for lumber or hand tools, If you have been thinking of setting up the next level in dust collection from your single stage , this would be a frugal way to get started. I will email pictures if you are interested, or you can call and ask questions, 978-857-8662 thanks, Dave
  11. I am a huge CL fan, and I actually got my dust collector system in a very similar situation as this ad. I responded to a closing shop ad, went to check things out, and talk to the owner. He was running a one man shop, doing special orders for several different interior decorators. The economy trashed that business model, and he sold everything, and went back to being a shop teacher again. I didn't really see anything I wanted except the DC, and the price was exceptional, I took it all down in two visits and got everything home. He did have a lot of nice tools, but nothing was that much better than what I already had, so I passed on any upgrades. It seems that if you keep an eye out, youwill find anything you are looking for on CL eventually. I agree with the comments about pricing on this ad, I am sure there is a lot more included, and this would be the type of shop to go check out, and after seeing everything, offer to buy what you want, if the owner insists on everything together, ask for them to keep your number in case it doesn't happen. I didn't even drive to see it yet,just called, someone local is selling a cyclone, with motor and canisters, on CL, I asked if he would consider just selling the cyclone alone, and if not, call me if the sale doesn't happen as a group.
  12. In my case, my shop is dual purpose, I park a sports car over the winter, and usually work in their if the weather is bad year round on the cars. So I left a 10x 20' space open from the barn door back, I am considering paint vs a thin pad or garage tiles. My barn door is sliding on the inside, so I had to leave a 12" gap between the end of the floor and the wall, so I used a 12' 2x6 PT and beveled the edge, and then the flooring holds it in place. I would think if you did the same at a car edge, a bevel ging you about a 1/2" at the leading edge would not fall apart with a car driving over it slowly. I did not glue or secure the PT sleepers to the floor.
  13. I am a huge fan of Karma and Craigslist plays into that system of coming upon a deal thats too good to pass up. I check materials and tools daily, I found a contractor giving away PolyIso, I emailed him, he told me I was third on his list, and would get back to me. Turns out he was restoring a 18th century building, and had piled all the PolyIso on the second floor in a huge pile, but you had to get it down from the second floor. The first two responders to the ad weren't willing to do the work of bringing it down, so I got it. I rented a large enclosed uhaul trailer, and spent 3 hours filling it, the pieces were not uniform in size, a prior owner of the building got odd pieces and put them in the ceiling. I ended up with 40% more than I needed, sold it for $50, the cost of the trailer. You can buy any size thickness PolyIso, but if its free, cutting up old 5/8" plywood for shims is a simple thing to pl;ace over the 2x4's. I did not paint the floor, left it open to breath, and no plastic, agaian so it wouldn't retain water any longer than needed to dry up.
  14. I researched a few different WW forums on this, went with 2" PolyIso,(free from CraigsList) 2x4' PT (flat) (with a 5/8" thick 3" wide plywood shim), no plastic, (I have a little leaking occasionally), and I used Advantech. Advantech is a T&G type of underlayment that can get wet at a new home site in rain and not have the type of damage as flake board. I left the floor to float, and have enough gaps that it can breath under the Adevantech. In the past, the floor got cold, and stayed cold all winter, now with a solid wood floor it is comfortable and much better on warming up the whole shop (24x40'/ 2 stories) when I put the heat on. If you can't get to the job right away, I liked using stall mats on thge concrete prior to changing. They are about 3/4" thick, and I found a bunch of smaller pieces from a girl that changed horse trailers, she had cut her mats into smaller pieces, 3x5, 2x6, 1x6, etc, I bought her whole pile for $20 off craigslist. I screwed the floor, so I could get at it if need be, no nails, no glue.
  15. I would suggest CraigsList, if you are near a city, then keep an eye out for shops closing. I was hunting for DC equiptment, and lucked out at the end of the summer. I found a custom one man shop that was closing, he was going back to being a shop teacher. I paid $400, and got a 3HP Reliant and all the metal pipes and fittings. I built a Thein seperator and the system is working great for my good size hobby shop. If you interested in what I put together for less than your budget, here is a shop tour I made of my new DC system.