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  1. Peepaw


    If you need design help I can help you. Otherwise what everyone else says, it's expensive and there is a learning curve.
  2. Hey guys, late to the party. If you wanted to use the router and create mortice and tenon, what about making the legs oversize, machining the mortice, then cut the outside of the legs at the appropriate angle and bring to size. No special jigs. Just throwing it out there.
  3. Isaac, your comments about thickness on a smaller workbench is very reasonable. My concern is about weight of a small workbench particularly for planing wood. Right now I have a kind of a 2' X 3' torsion box out of 3/4 plywood on plastic sawhorses. I have to butt it against a wall to plane anything. Do you have any similar issues?
  4. Good morning Mark J. In cad this would be a simple loft function. There is a plugin I guess is free called curviloft. Do a search in youtube for sketchup loft and you will find it. Basically there are two sketch planes, one for the bottom of the leg, one for the top. Draw your profiles on these planes and the loft command does the rest. The lines connecting the corners is a helix. same thing as a screw thread. It's actually pretty easy if you need help I can draw something up in Solidworks and translate it out to something sketchup can open. Making the twist is a whole other matter. Can't help lol.
  5. Coop, I think all cherry. Better safe than sorry. Ron, about the gap, the idea came from FWW magazine August 2017 No. 262. Will be buying the rocking mechanism and mattress. There may be minor changes to accommodate. Thanks guys.
  6. Thanks for the reply guys. The posts will be mortised into the feet. There will be a "sandwich" of walnut or sapele about 2" or 3" at the bottom and the top tying the posts together. A recess would achieve the same look and be much easier. That's definitely a consideration. Really need to do a build journal. As lazy as I am I probably forget to take pics till the end. I will make an attempt though. My daughter is somewhat of a photographer, she really needs to take the photo's. I think the tenons showing on the end of the cradle will be a good contrast, end grain vs. long grain. You think all cherry or cherry and walnut/sapele?
  7. Hello everybody. I'm going to build a cradle for my grandson and need help. Hopefully the images are clear. Could everyone weigh in on the design? Maybe tweak a feature or a proportion? Also I'm planning on using cherry as a main wood. Maybe walnut or Sapele for an accent. What are your thoughts? Thanks in advance, you guys are the best. By the way this is designed in Solidworks.
  8. Just kept layering it on...and on and on. Light sanding between every 3 coats or so. Did Eric's Arm-R-Seal finish over it. I really need help with this. It's almost impossible to not sand through the milk paint especially on the corners. If anyone has any advise please help. Lol. I'll only admit to you guys!! Thanks!! My biggest fear is if the proportions I design everything in Solidworks. It is easy to adjust proportions, get a cut list and detail out every component. I kinda envy the guys that can work with a basic sketch. That's a skill to work on, Thanks man. I'm glad I could er, ah, ahem...piss you off? Thanks!! I've watched all your videos. Really liking the workbench with your son. Will you be detailing the milkpaint process?
  9. Looks good. I like the simple, clean, elegant lines. Kinda digging milk paint also. Looking forward to seeing the finished project.
  10. Thanks everyone. The key is...move the camera back so the viewer can't see the gaps, mismatch, glue globs in the corners lol. You're right Chestnut I can't compare to some of the things you've done. Or anyone elses. Just doing the best I can for myself...AND swmbo!!
  11. Ladies and Gentlemen. Thanks for the warm welcome everybody. This is not a jounal but a finished project with a little background. Being an injection moldmaker and designer I thought woodworking would be easy. Biiig mistake. A manufacturing background prepared me for woodwork only in a basic understanding of setups, jigs and the such. I've built garage shelves and easy stuff. In the last year or so built guitar pedalboards for friends mostly out of HD clear pine. My wife needed some plant stands so I used leftover pine for this project. Plant stands?? I'll make shaker tables...with a drawer...handcut dovetails...Sapele drawer fronts and top...oh yeah, milkpaint. Learned a lesson about making a plan and following it. Tapering the legs, cutting blind dovetails m&t joints were all new complete with jigs, tools etc. Oh yeah, everything is done on the back porch till I can clear out a work space. ANYway, here it is, with the typical gaps, nicks and errors. It'll get better. Please critique.
  12. Thanks for the warm welcome everybody. I feel like I'm talking to celebrities! Going on a cruize in the morning. Just missed the hurricane. Praying for the people that took the brunt. When we get back I want to post pics of my first real project. Plant stands that turned into shaker end tables.
  13. Welcome from a fellow noob. I have a couple guitar projects that have been collecting dust for a while. Look forward to seeing your projects.
  14. Long time lurker. Finally coming out of the shadows. Looking forward to being a part of this community.